sounds of a day

local news anchors reporting the weather, traffic, global events.

Cort’s ipod alarm music choice.

Sports Center

my shower and then his shower.

Octanauts…creature report!

da da da da da.

sleepy yawns and whines.

bye bye’s and more whines.

my engine turn over.



Mrs. Sluiter…did you get my…do you have grades done…he said…she said…did you hear…what about…I know this one….whine whine whine….laugh….that snappy sound teens make with their mouths…OMG!….Mrs. Sluiter…Mrs. Sluiter…MRS. SLUITER!


feet shuffling the halls.

coats and backpacks shushing in and out of doors and around the room.

typey typey.


sniffle sniffle cough cough.

papers rustling.

pages turning.

pencils scratching.

music…wait. music? TURN THAT OFF!


click click click.

pen to paper.

papers shuffling.

engines and music.


muh muh da da da da.

singing to music.

doors slamming.

coats and boots and bags shuffling.



water running and formula container shuffling.

juice pouring.

Wild wild wild krats!

water boiling.

oven beeping.

phone buzzing.

door slamming.


Da da da da! Mmmmmm!

plates and cups and forks and spoons and knives.


num num num.

I don’t want that. I don’t yike that. I won’t eat that. this is de-yis-us!

daily reports.

what did you do today?  did you have a great day?

work talk work talk

running water and snapping lids.

baths running and naked boys giggles.

running feet.

splashing water.

high pitched squeals and belly laughs.

snaps on jammies.

bottle sucking.

pipey sucking.

Octanauts…creature report!

you and me…solve a mystery…with Huckle!

nigh night.

shuffling feet.

stories read.

stories told.

fears shared.

reassurances given.

slow breathing.

Pipey sucking.

running water.

sheet situating.

humidifier humming.

slow breathing.


How do you like my new design? It’s not all the way done yet, but the big changes are here!  Yay!

watching the leaves fall


See that tiny figure in this picture?  That would be my Eddie.

Last night after dinner, he wanted to go outside, and after about 20 minutes of not seeing him running anywhere in the back yard or driveway, I went in search of him.

I found him in our side lot with his little folding chair right on the edge of where our lawn meets the weeds before turning into the line of trees.

He had set himself up as if he was just sitting back watching something…and he had been sitting that way for awhile.

“Hey bud. Whatcha doin’?”

“Hi mom! I’m watchin’ the yeeves (leaves) fall.”

It was quite warm and humid yesterday and he had a layer of sweat on his little forehead.

“You’re just watchin’ leaves fall?”

“Yup,” and then he went into a string of questions that must have come to mind in the time he had been sitting there:

“Why is that sign on that tree?”
“What does it say?”
“Why are those leaves red and those orange and those green?”
“Why do some fall?”
“Where is the sun going?”
“Do the deers live in there?”
“Where do they go?”

I was going to tell him to come inside.  I was going to change laundry around.  But I stopped and got eye-level with him.

“I love you, Eddie.  You are so very smart and I am so very proud to be your mom.  I will miss you so much tomorrow.”

“I am proud of YOU, mom.  And I’ll miss you too.”

Later that night at bedtime he asked me to “yay by me a yittle bit and talk.” (Lay by me a little bit and talk).

And so I did.  We talked about leaves and deer and school and pillows.

When I left I squeezed him tight and told him how much I love him.

This morning I found him crying on the steps.

“What’s the matter, bud?”

“You’re getting ready to leave!”

“Yup, but I promise to pick you up from Renae’s and take you home for a snack.”

“And juice?”

“Yup. And juice.”

“Have a GREAT day, mom!  I love you!”

Then I left most of my heart behind in the bodies of two little boys.

And went to work.

Tales from a {not so} Liberated Working Mom

In order to have the things we enjoy like food and housing, both Cort and I are working parents.

I don’t really talk that much here about what it’s like to be a working mom, although I have done quite a lot of talking about being a high school teacher.

I love my job.  I think even if we could afford for one of us to stay home, I would not choose for it to be me.


The lovely Tracy over at Liberating Working Moms interviewed me recently about what it is like for me as a working mom.

I would be honored if you would head over there and learn about my experiences.

I’ll be back here pigging out on leftover Christmas treats grading essays that I brought home with me.

See you there!