I was a senior hottie…again!

Ok, so.

There is this thing that my bloggy friend Liz did last year.

It involved showing you what I looked like in high school.

It was pretty rad.

So she is doing it again this year.

And I’m playing along again.

Get ready…because…


Last year I purposefully chose pictures that flattered my grunge-inspired over-sized sweater look.

This year?

I am letting it all out.

This was the end of Senior Year. I am not sure how those legs supported my body.


this was actually junior year. I had bang envy. Can you tell? (also? hello, mom jeans)

senior year again. Me and the besties dressed for a '70's dance. yeah. we had no idea what the 70's were about. clearly.

and of course the classic senior picture. through a fake barn window. Class of '96, baby.

and because we are comparing this year…

taken on Sunday. This is as recent as it gets, and yes, Ed has the super smile going. (also? shut up about the weeds)

I just realized that by looking at these pictures, you would never know I had a YEARS long blond phase.


Anyway, I have no idea what category my pics fall under.

You tell me.

The categories are:
Hasn’t Changed Since High School (pfft)
Should Have Been Prom Queen (we didn’t have prom queen, but if we did?  BAM!)
Are You Really The Same Person (other than the more weight/bewbs and less unibrow? clearly)
Most Likely to Date Jake Ryan (I love the movie, but have no idea what this category means. I mean, I’m not Molly Ringwald)
Senior Hottie Sweetheart (the catchall category when none of the others fit. Um, probably)

So…what do you think?

Be honest (Mark, I know YOU will be the most honest), I can handle it.