Are my roots showing?

The other day I posted some Then and Now pictures comparing what I looked like in high school to now. I mentioned at the end of the post that with these comparisons you couldn’t tell that I had gone through a REALLY LONG blond phase.

Some comments were made that it is hard to imagine that I ever had blonde hair.

Funny, I had it for so long, sometimes I catch myself in the mirror and I forget that my hair is so dark.

I went blonde in college.

me with my friend Phil. This is actually post-college, but not by much.

I was blonde when I got married.

my sisters in law with me the day before I become a Sluiter

In fact, I was blonde until my pregnancy with Eddie.

summer of 2008...just before getting pregnant with Eddie.

It was then that I decided that I just couldn’t keep up with being blonde anymore.  Between the rapid hair growth due to my prenatal vitamins and my lack of wanting to spend tons of money on my hair, I went back to my dark roots.

taken shortly after finding out I was pregnant...the process begins...

By the time Eddie arrived, I was a brunette again.

Just a week or two after Eddie's arrival. I have not gone back to blonde since.

Now the only roots I worry about are the grey ones.


Anyway.  I have other roots.

My writer roots.

And I am talking about them over at Erin’s place.

Remember Erin?  She was over here on Wednesday.  And now I am at her place.

Please go visit and read about how I came to be writing things down instead of just talking at people.