Old School Blogging…The Fridge Edition

I am so excited to be co-hosting this month’s edition of Old School Blogging with my friend Elaine of The Miss Elaine-ous Life.

This month we want to know what is on your fridge (or in or on top of, whatever).

I giggled when she told me this month’s meme because the front of my fridge is always a train wreck and I will admit this is what it looks like when it’s CLEAN.  Yikes.

Ok, so let’s start.

This is what it looks like:

2013-08-05 15.38.08

Let’s start with the front.

We have numerous pictures that have been sent to us–mostly of kids (some related to us, some not), but there is a school picture of my best friend, Tonya, up there.  She’s a teacher and so she gets pictures every year too, so of course  I have it on the fridge.

I also throw birth announcements up there. Currently the same Tonya’s new little man, William, has a prime piece of real estate right there by the handle to the freezer.

Then there are the millions of magnets.  Sluiters apparently cannot say no to a tacky magnet, so there they are. They range from the ones Cortney has gotten from bowling (they do this instead of patches now, I guess? Weird.) to homemade ones (the scibbled Noah’s Ark) to souvenirs (the buffalo butt from Wall Drug in SD).

Then there is our “All Out Of” notepad.  I won one of these years back in a blog giveaway and we loved it so much we have reordered a zillion time.  Next to that is our menu for the week.

We also have a letter opener, the poem “Footsteps”, some chip clips, a couple comic strips, the non-emergency number for the county cops, and a coupon for a free donut hanging up there.

Oh, and two magnet toy things: a barn thing and an ABC thing…without the magnets that go in them because I got so sick of stepping all over them on my kitchen floor that I put them in a baggie and threw them in the toy room downstairs.  What?

The top of the fridge is like a collection area for all things that no one knows what to do with, but aren’t ready to dump yet.

We have crafts from Bible School and daycare shoved up there, wii remotes so Charlie can’t reach them, the candle that used to be in the center of the kitchen table but that Charlie kept grabbing for, a pile of movies, m&ms, Boogie Wipes, my purse, the bill basket, and some unidentified crap.

And yes, I said the fridge is CLEAN right now.


Ok your turn! Let’s see your fridge! I doubt anyone has as much crap junk stuff as I do, but I’ll let you try.

Post a picture and link up!