when the momma needs her mommy

So life happened again.

And by life I mean a kidney stone.

This time the pain started around noon on Monday.  I took enough Tylenol to choke a horse get me through my afternoon classes, but then I went right home.  I went to bed and didn’t come out until after 7pm.  That was when Cort told me to get in the car and go to the ER. 7 hours of pain was enough evidence for him that this time? It was worse. (I had this pain twice before…once I went to the ER but felt better while I was there.  The second time I stayed up all night until it went away).

So I sucked up my anxiety of going somewhere scary (to me) by myself, and drove to the ER.

They got me right in, although they were very busy.

While waiting, I was texting with Cort and he urged me to call my mom. I told him that I would maybe do that.

Then I listening to what was going on outside my room: a boy had a broken hip and his family was around him.  A very VERY old lady was dying and her very VERY old husband was on the phone with their minister.  There were family members there taking turns being with him and his wife.

I felt very lonely.

So I called my mommy.

After hearing that I was all alone and had just thrown up in a trashcan with no one around, my mom put her pants on (she was in her jammies already), grabbed her book, and headed to keep me company.

Just after she arrived, she told the nurses that I had been sick and needed a bucket.  She then fussed around me making sure I was comfy.

I’m not going to lie, having my mommy show up when I was sick and scared was the best thing ever.  I mean, best thing besides NOT being sick, of course.

Before having kids, I used to call my mom whenever I was sick.  It was just my reaction.

It’s not that Cort isn’t good at taking care of me, she was just the only person who had ever made me feel better.

Since having pregnancies, Cort has always been the one to take care of me, and my mom would be back up to take care of the kids if I was down and out.

But Monday night it was just me and my mom.

After my CAT scan, my mom and I spent over an hour alone together waiting for the results and we talked about everything from what my dad was doing to untold stories of her past…things I had never asked about like my grandparents divorce.

Even though I was in a ton of pain, and my mom would have normally been home in bed, it was really quite great to spend that time with her.

When I threw up, she would take my bucket and carefully wash it out and dry it and give it back.

She would make me lie back and put a cold, wet washcloth on my forehead.

She would ask “how much longer?” to the nurses about the results of the scan and when my pain meds would be coming.

She giggled at me as the pain meds were administered via IV and I got all goofy.

And after four hours in the ER, she drove me home with my bra and prescriptions in her purse.

Turns out I have a 4mm kidney stone and a pretty swollen right kidney.

I spent all of yesterday {Tuesday} in and out of consciousness while I took pain meds, drank water, and puked.  It was…not glamorous.

My mom came over for an hour after the boys got home but before Cort did and played with Eddie so I could stay in bed.

Today I have at least showered, moved around a bit, eaten some jelly toast, and not puked.  Yay!

I am still dizzy from lack of real food and tired from my body battling this thing, but I plan to go back to work on Friday.  And I told Cort to go ahead and go to class tonight, that I thought I could take care of the boys for a few hours by myself.

We will see.

But I know that if things get really bad, I can call my mom and she will hop on over.

Leave it to painful kidney stones to remind me how lucky I am.

Also? Thank you, mommy. I love you.