Big Boy Steps

I spent hours folding tiny boy onsies and sorting burp clothes and bibs and receiving blankets in the nursery

I vacuumed and cleaned and vacuumed again.

I placed each item with love:  the small blue and white lined wicker basket full of board books, the giant teddy bear, the fire truck.

I set up the changing table with a soft, polka dot changing pad cover, a cozy hand-knit blanket, and a small basket filled with wipes, lotion, a tiny comb, two different thermometers, and butt cream.

I filled the diaper holder with teeny tiny swaddlers.

I read all the books out loud to my growing tummy.

I hot-glued ribbon to white wooden letters: E D D I E and hung them on tiny hooks above a perfectly made crib.

And then I put a teeny tiny baby in the room and it was a complete nursery.

Today I moved the trucks that have collected on the floor into a traffic jam-like arrangement in front of the toy box that is over-full with trains piled on top.

I put a puzzle with missing pieces on the nightstand next to the unused baby monitor.

Melissa & Doug foods were shoved under the crib and Little People were thrown into an empty diaper box in the corner.

Books have over taken the small wicker basket and are lying all over the floor and on the monkey bean bag chair.

The crib mattress is as low as it goes and now has a pillow and blankets in it like a regular bed.

All the tiny things are shoved into the closet to make room for the toddler clothes that I have to shove into the changing table drawers.

Today’s shirt and shorts are hanging out of the laundry basket where chubby toddler hands threw them when asked to put the away.

This room is not a nursery anymore.

But it’s not a Big Boy room either.

Very soon it will be time for another big step.  It will be time to pack up the toys and clothes and shoes and books and move.

To make this into a nursery again.

For the next teeny tiny baby.