Sponsor Highlight: mL photography

Some of our biggest supporters are our friends.

Am I right here, people?

That is why I am so happy my lovely friend Missy and I can support each other.

I blog my face off and she snaps some pretty snazzy pictures.  It’s what we do.

Ok, “snazzy” might be an understatement; Missy happens to be a whirlwind of awesome behind her lens….

and my family may have been lucky enough to have her as our “personal” photographer…

…all the way from back when Eddie was just a bun baking away in my oven…and Louis was still an “only child”.

She has grown her little side project exponentially over the past couple years.

She knows just how to capture everyone’s unique personality in her photos so that no one has the same pictures on the walls.  In her words? “I ain’t no Olen Mills!”

Did I mention she’s funny?

And that she is amazing with little kids?

Somehow in the midst of what I think is a total photoshoot fail, she gets the perfect shot…

you would never know he was drooling, spitting up, and being all around uncooperative this WHOLE shoot, would you?

every. dang. time.

And just when I think she can’t get any better…she also offers Christmas cards!

(Sluiter Nation MAY have gotten this very design and MAY have them ready to mail already.)

I am so blessed to have her advertising here on my little bloggy blog!

And just in time for the holidays?  She has some specials for you…YES, YOU (well, you as in locals…or can make yourself locals).

Taken straight from the lovely photographer’s mouth…

“what  better than a fabulous photograph of your favorite people as a gift for Christmas?

Therefore,  through the end of November, gallery mounts, mini  mounts, canvas prints, circular prints, finished albums, wall  calendars, magnets,  collages, and styrene mounted prints are all 20%  off!”

You didn’t think that was it, did you?  Oh no…she has something BIG a’brewing too!

“[mL photography] is  so SO very grateful for amazing clients, friends, and family this past year. wowza. it has been incredible. therefore, in honor of all the fabulousness I have been blessed with, tis time to bestow some upon all  of YOU.

the big announcement is finally *here*..

beginning november 29, there will not be just *one* super…awesome christmas giveaway, but  *TWELVE DAYS*of them(!!), true ellen  degeneres style. MUCH more details to follow. dancing is definitely  necessary. and some serious happy laughter, too.”

Dudes.  This is big stuff.

Need more information?  Want to see more of her work?  OF COURSE YOU DO!  So go to her website and “like” her on facebook.  You don’t want to miss any of these fab giveaways!

Because pictures? Are a way to look at memories.  And memories make fabulous gifts.

Oh hey…Top Ten Tuesdays on Tuesday is Top Ten Christmas List Wishes: Internet Edition…don’t miss it…start YOUR list now so you can link up!  Because I may want to take your ideas and add them to my list.

Sponsor Highlight: Twenty-five Design

Again today I have a super sponsor to highlight for you!

The beautiful Torie–the creative genius behind Twenty-Five Design

Torie makes the absolute cutest hair accessories ever!

Torie and I met in the blogging and twitter world.  She has the most adorable little one-year old girl, Rylie, who I think Eddie would fall in love with if he ever met!

When Torie and I first starting chatting, I thought all she did was make baby bows.  Boy was I WRONG!

This past July, I was in a pickle with what to do with my hair for a wedding.  Torie popped up on twitter and saved the day!  She let me custom order one of her super sweet head bands that went perfectly with my outfit!

I STILL get a million compliments on this!

Besides the items in her shop, you can customize your order.  She offers “game day” headbands so you can look cute while you support your favorite team!

I have one in the Wyoming Park’s school colors!  I wore it to homecoming and I wear it on Fridays when I get all dolled up in school spirit!

Besides making headbands with her adorable rosettes, she makes a variety of other lovlies that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

How cute would this be to pull the wisps out of my face?  And I LOVE the color!

Ah!  And how cute is this ring?  I’ll tell you…it’s WAY cute!

And my absolute favorite in the shop right now are these beautiful necklaces!

I drool every time I stop by to “window shop” in her little Etsy Shop!

Twenty-Five Design is quickly becoming an up and comer in the Etsy world and I am so privileged that Torie has chosen to advertise with Sluiter Nation!

Everything in the Twenty-Five Design shop is perfect for a stocking stuffer for any lovely lady in your life.  So get on over there and start shopping!

Psst…Tune in for Top Ten Tuesdays…Twenty Five Design makes my list for my Top Ten Christmas List Items: Internet Edition…and she may just be offering YOU a little something to help YOUR Christmas shopping!

But go “window” shop now…so you can have YOUR list all ready to go for Top Ten Tuesdays!

Sponsor Highlight: Bird E Studios

Did you notice that Sluiter Nation now has some wonderful sponsors?  They are all over there in the right column of the blog!

And since the holiday shopping frenzy is coming up, I wanted to share with you why each of my sponsors can be the perfect fit for YOUR holiday shopping needs!

First I need to start by saying that I own products from each and every one of my sponsors that I have purchased myself.  I am super picky about who I want to advertise here.  They have to be “small” businesses that put out a product that I would use and love and that I think my readers would use and love.

So my first sponsor to jump on the Sluiter Nation blog?  Is Erika from Bird E Studios!
I met Erika via twitter and we became fast friends!  She even provided some super cute stuff for my Back To School Giveaway Bonanza.

Recently I must have won some sort of jackpot, because Erika agreed to come on board and sponsor Sluiter Nation!

Erika makes the uber-cute baby and doggie accessories over at Bird E Studios.  The first thing I fell in love with was her bibs.  I die of cute overload whenever I see them!

She sent Eddie this one:

She must have caught on that I am raising a rockstar 🙂

The bibs are a great size for a toddler.  I keep this one in my purse so he looks cute while eating out.  It’s got a front pouch (to catch rouge cheerios), and it has a terry-type back…super soft!

She also makes super cute stuff for moms!

How often have you pulled a diaper out of your purse or diaper bag and it was so mangled that you weren’t sure if it was going to stay on your sweet baby’s booty?

Erika sent me this lovely:

It is cute AND practical!  It keeps all of Eddie’s diapers nice and neat and in tact.  And?  I get compliments every time someone sneaks a peek of it in my purse!

Erika also makes things for the puppies in your life!

She has really awesome collars and leashes that almost make me wish I had a dog!

So instead of getting a dog (because that would be the last straw for my dear Louis), I bought collars for all of my doggie “nieces” for Christmas!

I am so proud and honored to have Bird E Studios advertising on my blog!

Erika has some fabulous new products out  just in time for your Christmas shopping (or self shopping…momma needs some fun stuff, right?)!

She will be adding gift sets soon and little girl dresses and coats!  I can’t WAIT to see those!!

In the meantime, you can find adorable stocking stuffers for baby, puppy, AND momma!

So go forth and shop!

And if you hurry?  You can get a special discount!  Erika is offering Sluiter Nation readers a 20% discount on your ENTIRE purchase from now through November 19!  Just enter the code EDDIE at checkout!

What are you waiting for?  Get started on that shopping!

Tune in next Tuesday for Top Ten Tuesdays: The Top Ten Things on my Christmas List: Internet Edition

Keeping Our Business Local

This past week I blogged about how Cort and I just purchased our gear for running from Gazelle Sports in Holland.  Lately we’ve been making more of a concerted effort to shop more locally.  We have some of the greatest unique shopping downtown Holland, and it’s ridiculous that we don’t spend more time down there. 

So today Eddie and I packed up the stroller, grabbed my mom, and headed downtown to the Farmer’s Market.

We got there just before 10:00am, which seemed to be the best time.  Lemonjellos (a GREAT local coffee joint) had a nice little booth at the “beginning” of our journey. (that is my mom pushing Ed up there on the right, by the way.  you’re welcome, mom).  It wasn’t too busy when we got there, so pushing Eddie through the crowd was pretty easy.

Right away there were TONS of beautiful perennials for sale.  Had I known I could have such a variety to pick from at such a low price, I would have waited to get mine!  Next year for SURE!

And then there was the yummy produce….it pretty much speaks for itself….

those strawberries and asparagus totally came home with me.  YUM!

Did I mention the GORGEOUS flowers?  I have to admit, I think coming home with a fresh bouquet might just be my favorite part of the Farmer’s Market.

And of course they sell other things too…like smoked meats, maple syrup, jewelry, dried flower arrangements…

…and wooden outdoor furniture (see it in the back behind the pointing baby?).  Eddie loved looking at it ALL and chatted it up with anyone who would listen (which was usually cute old ladies).

My mom and I also stopped to buy Dutch Bros. bread.  I got the Dutch Crust Bread.  Um…YUM!!!!  Sandwiches for lunch this week!

They even had a cooking show going on.  I don’t know what these guys were making, but it looked great!  Every week they have a different “demo” going on by someone.

And there are street performers, of course (hopefully I will be doing a post on Holland’s Street Performer series soon!  Stay tuned…stilts are sometimes involved!)

Eddie and I had a great time with my mom a the market (see my sweet flowers?)  We will definitely be going back again…soon!

By the time we were getting ready to leave, it was getting pretty crowded and it was hard not to completely take someone out with the stroller.  Cort had given me $20 to spend and I bought strawberries, asparagus, shucked peas, and flowers, and still came home with 50 cents!

Now, if I could get myself off “spending lock down”, I could take you, my readers, to more cute places in Downtown Holland.  But for now, I hope you can enjoy the Farmer’s Market!  I know we did!

Friday Finds

I love the Gap.  No, correction.  I love the GAP OUTLET!  They always have the most comfy, cute clothes that actually look good on me and my not-so-fit-mom-bod.  Well, in my humble opinion they look good, meaning they don’t make me look like the two-ton cow I feel like.
Recently I “liked” the Holland Gap Outlet fan page on facebook.  Best. Move. Ever.  This is how I found out that this whole weekend, everything in the store would be 40% off.  My arm did NOT need to be twisted.
So today, on my day off, I counted up my allowance (perhaps a budget post to explain this in the future?  don’t know if that is interesting or not…), and decided I could spend $100 of my money on some new summer stuff.  So off I went.

Deals is an understatement.  I walked up to the cashier thinking I had maybe gone over my limit.  I walked out skipped out of the store with a bag and a receipt for UNDER my limit. Of course I was so giddy with excitement, I tweeted this info and my friend, Grace, who lives in beautiful Mexico was excited to know what I got.  She doesn’t get to the Gap often, so this is for her!

First, I stocked up on some of my favorite Gap wife-beater-esque tank tops.  These things are so dang comfy.  They are form fitting, but still seem to hide the fact that I still have muffin top.

I also got these two shirts.  The yellow one because my husband tells me I look nice in yellow, and because it has a cute opening in the back.  The green one because it has ruffles.  I like ruffles.  Both super light-weight and comfy.

Then there were jean shorts.  I have the HARDEST time finding shorts.  They are either too short and show off way too much of my cottage cheesey, spider vein thighs, or they are way too long and make my knees look all knobby.  These are a nice length.  Plus they fit just right as to not contribute to the muffin hang-over issue.

Comfy cargo “surplus” shorts.  Um…surplus?  Yes, I have that.  Sold.

And the best find…a bathing suit!  In the ugly hunt for a bathing suit, I have finally owned up to the facts that
A) I just can’t wear anything that comes in two pieces…at least not until lose some weight.  Even though there ARE people at the beach who show off the rolls, I do not want to be one of them.
B) no bathing suit takes off 30 pounds.  sadly.

The best part about this bathing suit is that I wasn’t looking for bathing suits.  Gap Outlet had ONE one-piece so I thought, “what the hay, I’ll try it on”.

It’s not my favorite.  I don’t automatically look svelte and stunning, but it works.  And with the discount, it was only $17.  Seriously. I could wear it once and it would be worth it.

My total bill for all that?  $98.53.  The receipt told me that I saved over $67!  Cort was so impressed, he left and bought his own bathing suit for a whopping $15.

Sluiter Nation is ready for the beach!

Note:  I did not post this because of any compensation.  I just really love Gap Outlet this much.