red with pride

It was a typical Sunday evening in Sluiter Nation.

Cort had made a “take and bake” pizza from our local Meijer deli  for our dinner, and we were in the clean up process.

Plates were being cleared and rinsed, Eddie was being wiped up, and in the middle of it all the phone rang.

The house phone.

The house phone never rings unless it’s one of our moms or our grandparents.

Or a telemarketer.

“I’ll grab it,” I said.  I was expecting a call, but I thought it would be on my cell.

The caller id showed a cell number and area code that I did not recognize.




And then a pile of giggles.

I was on speaker phone in a car and two bloggers whom I had never met were dying of excited giggles.

I quickly indicated to Cort that it was for me and I wandered into our bedroom to take the call without distraction.

I knew this call was coming, but I had no idea what it was about.

The butterflies in my stomach were raging.

Can I call you this weekend?  I have something I would like to ask you.

I gave out my phone number without a second thought.  I trusted her and respected her.

Yes, she is a role model to me as a blogger, but I also look up to her as a woman and a mother, so when she asked if she could call me?  I put aside my hatred of the phone.

I smiled at their giddiness to be on the phone with me.  I wasn’t expecting both of them.  And I immediately knew what it had to do with, but had no idea what the question could possibly be.

“We’ve called to ambush you!”

More giggles.

I was dumbfounded, but trying not to sound dumb.

“Yay!  I love an ambush!  What’s up?”

My voice sounded weird to me.  I was trying to be cool.

I am so not cool when I am trying to be.

Both of them started talking at once.

You don’t have to make a decision right now…we want you to think about it…talk it over with Cort…we just want to put this out there…we want to make some changes…do new things…you’re so energetic….your writing is so lovely…you are exactly what we need…but we know you are so very busy with your million blogs, being a mom, and teaching…but you are exactly what we need…you are so lovely.

All I heard was “We love you.”

I have struggled with owning the title writer for quite some time.

I have hit publish and then checked in on my posts with my hands over my face, just barely peaking between my fingers. What would people say?  Would they even comment?

In that instant, I sat up tall on my bed and looked at myself in the mirror while they kept gushing.

A smile broke out on my face and I interrupted them.

“Yes.  Just…yes. I don’t need to talk about it with anyone. I am so honored…and proud. Yes.”

We kept chatting for another 20 minutes about ideas and when the partnership would take place, but I was hardly listening.

I must have sounded very simple to them, and I am sure they hung up the phone wondering if they made the best choice.

But the fact of the matter was that I had been blown away.

In a simple phone conversation, many of my insecurities were swept under my bed.

I am proud of my writing and proud of where it is going.

I am proud to be part of the leadership at The Red Dress Club.

Thank you Cheryl and Nichole.  You will never know what that phone call meant to me.