a scheduled life is a clean life

You may or may not have heard, but we finally traded in my teeny tiny 2003 2-door silver Chevy Cavalier for a REAL mom vehicle: a shiny red 4-door 2007 Saturn Vue.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  This has really been needed since Eddie was born three years ago, but it just wasn’t in the budget to add a car payment (both of our vehicles were paid off) while paying for Cort to go back to school.

Well, we had to bite the bullet when Charlie arrived.  It was becoming ridiculous to try to figure out who should drive the Blazer (which can fit both boys) any given day since my tiny Silver Bullet could only fit one or the other.

In preparation for this purchase, we had to make some sacrifices.

One was a cut to our personal allowances.  The other?

The cleaning lady had to go.

Cortney blessed my sanity over a year ago by hiring someone to do the cleaning bi-weekly initially so that I could have my weekends (during the school year) so I wouldn’t be so stressed out, then it was more to help me out when I was too pregnant to bend, and even more recently it was to help me after Charlie was born so I could concentrate on healing and bonding with him and not on vacuuming.

But things are going great, and I am finding that since Charlie is such a good baby, I can do the cleaning myself and save us that money each month.

Money that could go toward a car payment so I can have a real mom vehicle.

Per my Type A personality, I sat down and created a daily list for cleaning, errands, and laundry that would be manageable and still give me my weekends to NOT do housework.

Lots of people on the twitters and facebook were intrigued by this, so I thought I would share.

I also thought that someday, when I wonder how I managed to keep a clean house while having little kids at home, I’ll be able to look back and be amazed at my organization.  Or laugh at how crazy I was.  Something.

The lists began when I had Eddie and couldn’t use the stairs to do laundry.

Cort knows I am very specific about how I do each load, so I made him a cheat sheet of what goes in each load, what the water temp should be, and what sort of things go in (what kind of detergent, bleach or no bleach, etc).

Again, I started with a laundry schedule that is four days, so no laundry on the weekends:

yes, this IS taped to the dryer.

This also helps the other people in the house to know when certain things will be washed.  For instance, Cort’s shorts go in the Monday cold water load/non-delicates.  This way he knows if his shorts are in the laundry basket before Monday, they won’t get washed OR he will have to do them himself.

Once I had these days figured out, I assigned days to the rest of the housekeeping chores.  My weekly schedule looks like this:

cold water laundry (delicates and non-delicates)
sheets laundry (every other Monday)
clean bathrooms

Eddie’s laundry
Charlie’s laundry
dust entire house

whites laundry
towels laundry
clean floors (vacuum carpets, mop floors)

warm water darks laundry
change sheets (every other Thursday)
clean kitchen

Daily I have to load/unload the dishwasher and wash up the hand wash items (including bottles).

Usually I do errands on Tuesdays and Fridays and treat myself to Starbucks on those days as well.  And I get groceries on Saturdays.  Sometimes I take Charlie in the Moby, sometimes he stays home with daddy.  Depends on what Cort and Eddie have planned on Saturday and what time I go.

That’s it.

This schedule gives me a day of leeway with Friday since I don’t have anything planned on Friday.

Of course I am writing this on a Tuesday after a holiday yesterday where I did NOTHING but play, so I am busting out all my Monday and Tuesday laundry today while writing this post.

But I do everything with this little man following me around the house as my audience, so it sort of makes it fun times.  Or at least it gives me someone to talk and sing to while I shake my booty clean the house.

"you missed a spot, mommy!"

Tell me…how do YOU clean all the things?  Or do you let it all go to hell and then tackle it?