I’ve Got Mail…to send

Holy Snap!  Did you see the calendar?

That’s right, as I start planning which pie I am going to make for Thanksgiving, I also get smacked in the face with… HOLIDAY CARDS!

I am a die-hard sender of traditional paper holiday cards.

Seriously.  Cort sort of has to lay down the law on how many I can send out because I would put us in the poorhouse sending cards to everyone I have ever met.

I think it’s because I love getting mail. All year I love it, but to open a holiday card and know I was on someone’s list just makes me smile.  To know I was thought of when that card was signed and addressed.  To think I made the “cut”.  I know sending cards can get expensive.  I know too, that people can’t send them to everyone.  That is probably why when one shows up in my mailbox, I just get such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Every year I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to pick out which card (ok cards…I usually get more than one design) to send to our family and friends.

For the past couple years, I have been getting our cards from Tiny Prints.

I have already spent more time than I should scrolling through all their beautiful designs this year imaging what would be the most lovely card to open from the Sluiter family.

Will I send this one?

I don’t think I’ve ever sent a vertical card before, so it would be a first.

I do love to send a folded card rather than flat.  They are easier to display and I have more room to write a personalized note.

So  maybe I will get this one…

Mailing a square card is extra postage, but look how cute!  I haven’t seen the results of our latest family picture yet, but I am SURE I can figure out four shots to add.

Hmmm…or maybe I will get this one…

I mean…so cute.  Right?  Four Sluiters plastered across that card? What could bring you more holiday cheer?

Maybe this one…

Oh it makes me happy thinking about one of these cards ending up in mailboxes across the country (ok…maybe even other countries!  Sluiter Nation has friends EVERYWHERE, after all)!

It really doesn’t matter which card I choose, Tiny Prints always does an amazing job of making my holiday cards look perfect.  And they are always running promo codes…check it out.

Need more of an incentive?  This weekend I am doing a quick giveaway for $50 towards your Tiny Prints order!

Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below for your chance to win a $50 credit toward your total order (shipping not included & cannot be combined with any other promo offers).

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Disclosure: I was compensated in the way of store credit to sample Tiny Prints holiday cards for the purpose of this review.  No monetary compensation was given beyond that. Tiny Prints is providing the spoils of the giveaway, but they did not provide my opinions.  Those are all my own.