this is me asking for advice

**Thank you to Chic Mama for sponsoring this post.  Because Lord knows, I need all the advice I can get!**

Apparently crazy mood swings are a part of pregnancy.

I knew this, but holy crap, for some reason I was NOT prepared for this.

I mean, we spent sooooo long talking about having another baby, trying to have another baby, and waiting to pee on a stick to see if we were having another baby, that I sort of blocked out the crazy that happens when pregnancy actually occurs.

Earlier this week, I told you how I do not do well with change, and how I am afraid Eddie doesn’t either. Then on Tuesday I had my second ultrasound.

For the first time in the history of all four of my pregnancies (first 2 were miscarriages), Cortney was not able to come to my appointment with me.

I know, I know…most dudes do not go along to every single appointment.  Well, Cort always did.  Maybe it was because the first two pregnancies didn’t work out.  Maybe it was because he knew I needed his logic and ears when I was pregnant with Eddie.

Anyway, he didn’t come yesterday.

And I was alone.

I sat there on the exam table with the sheet wrapped around my wait, barely covering my buns, thinking about all the bad things that I could find out.  What if the embryo hadn’t grown?  What if they couldn’t find a heartbeat?  What if they found something else wrong?  What if….

And I got a little nauseous thinking that Cort wouldn’t be there to hold my hand.

The doc and nurse came in.  My legs went up.  The black and white screen flipped on, and there was my little bean.  Perfect measurements with a heartbeat of 177 per minute.

I even got a picture.

And just like that I was alone again to get dressed.

And it hit me…this baby thing is FOR REAL.

In 30ish weeks we will have a little bundle.  There will be the hospital stay and the recovery.  We will have to get the nursery figured out and Eddie’s room finished.

I have to find get out the swing, the bouncy seat, the baby carrier and car bases, the activity mat, the saucer, the….BOTTLES.


The past couple days have been a blur of me remembering what this house looked like when Eddie-The-Newborn invaded it.

He took this joint OVER.  Even more so than all the toys now.  Newborn stuff was everywhere.

How is it all going to fit this time with a toddler who is beyond spoiled has a lot of stuff?

I lost my mind with Eddie.  No really, that is what PPD was like.  I lost who I was.  Is that going to happen again?

Am I going to miss this baby’s infancy again?

What is about to happen to me?

People?  I need your words or advice or SOMETHING!

Those of you with more than one child?  Tell me something about adding one more.  What was the best thing you did?  What was totally not necessary to worry about?



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