the day I took it all off

Sunday we had family pictures taken.



And then last night, at my hair appointment, I cut it all off…

It’s way shorter.  I think I got about 10 inches chopped off.

I am still getting used to it.

It feels like something is missing.

But getting ready in the morning just got WAY easier.

So what do you think?

Cute with the short hair or double up on prenatal vitamins to get the length back?

*I wanted to donate my hair, but it was too colored and had highlights. So it was a no go.*

Secret Mommyhood Confession

I judge.

That’s right.  I’m a judgey judgerson.

Don’t be all nervous.  I am not judging you.  right now.  Chances are I did though.  When I first met you or read your blog or emailed with you or read a comment you left.

Some people call it “first impressions”.  That is just a nice way of saying “judged”.

I think we all do it, am I wrong?

I mean, I fairly certain my brain is hardwired to make a judgment the first time I “meet” someone.   Isn’t everyone’s?

We all know how I judged every person in the Olive Garden a couple weeks ago.  And as many of you said in the comments, it’s all about making first impressions.

I started thinking about that, and I realized that I judge everyone and everything…at least once.  And I have been beating myself up over it.

For example, this morning I went to Shoe Carnival to get myself some cute black shoes to go with the outfit I want to wear tonight to Cort’s cousin’s wedding.   I judged everyone in there on what they were wearing.

I immediately put it out of my head (because I am not a total jerk), but for a split second, my mind took in what they had on, what kind of shoe they were looking at, and even how their kids were acting.

Admittedly, the woman with the tatrumy toddler?  I gave her the “oh honey…you are so brave” look.  But my FIRST thought?  “Ugg…screaming kid” because I had just left one of those at home.

And I know people were judging me too.

I have a zit colony the size of DC on my jowl chin and I hadn’t done my hair except for a messy bun.  I was wearing an old hoodie (in an attempt to be bulky enough in the collar to cover up my zit colony) and blow out boots (yes, I bought new boots).

If I saw me?  My first thought probably would have been, “it’s Saturday, not Slopperday” and then I would have immediately dismissed it.

But I left the house that way anyway.  Because hopefully, people are like me, they  judge and dismiss…unless given a reason not to.

I know people who are all like, “I totally withhold ALL judgment until I get to know a person,” and I have to call BS on that.  How can you not make SOME sort of immediate judgment when you first encounter someone either in person or in the blog world?

We size up what someone is wearing.

We hear the way they talk…the words they choose.

We see people’s writing.

We know what they choose to share.

I think because I know I do this, I am assuming everyone else does too.  That is probably why it is a very rare thing for me to be caught shopping in my pajamas.  Yoga pants and sweat shirt, sure, but not my jammies and slippers.

I am also conscious of it on my blog.

Sure I write for me.  But to say I ONLY write for me is a total lie.  I write for you too.  I like you. I like what you have to say.  So I think about YOU when I write.

And I always think, “what if this is the first post a new reader sees?”

Because I know blogging is a fickle place.  If I visit a blog for the first time and I am overwhelmed with ads or widgets in the side bars or music is blasted at me or if the content is hard to read or if the content is boring…I am probably not coming back.

And I know you are that way too.

I judge.

And you do too.

It’s how we know we like someone or don’t.

It’s how we decide to follow a blog or not.

It’s the reason first impressions are important.  Because I the world is judging.

Now pardon me…I have a zit colony to expunge.

Revised to Say….

I don’t mean to sound like all judging results in negative decisions.  We judge things based on what we see/read/hear, but then we make decisions based on those judgments.  Not everyone that I “judge” is deemed a bad person/mom.  Most of the time it’s just the opposite.  In fact, unless you prove you’re not wonderful, I judge that you probably are!

Where Does He Get that HAIR?!?

This blog has been a wee bit on the serious side lately–I realize that.  Even when I am talking about positive things, it’s with a bit of a serious tone.

So we need some lightening up around here, yes?

Yes, I thought so too.

So I thought I would tackle a reader (and pretty much anyone we meet) question….

Where does Eddie get that HAIR?!?!

Almost every single person who sees Eddie asks me this question.  And since putting that new family picture up there at the top of the blog (THANK YOU, Missy!  Muah!), more and more people have been commenting on his curly blond locks compared to our dark tresses.  So I am here today to set the record straight!

First?  I can tell you were he DIDN’T get the hair….

I have clearly…CLEARLY…always had super straight hair (and an outstanding fashion sense).  however, it was blonder than it is now.  Well, now it’s darker due to umm…a little help.  But my TRUE hair color is brown.  But as a kid, it was MUCH lighter.

Now…take a peek at this guy…

Oh hello blond curls!!  Yes, that’s right, at one time Cortney had blond, soft curls.  And chubby little arms and legs…just like someone else I know…

Admittedly Eddie’s hair is not that curly here….I had just plastered it with sunscreen


So now we know where the hair came from.  But how about we take a minute to look at it’s future, shall we?

If Eddie’s hair truly is his father’s hair, here is what he can look forward to….

The curls?  They keep growing.  They are really not this red…it’s just good old early 80’s photography!  Maybe I will get Eddie’s hair cut before this happens…but maybe not.

They start to get a little tighter as the boy grows.  And a wee a little browner.  And that little green jacket?  Shut up!  Eddie is SURE to have style!

Even tighter curls.  Even browner curls.  Even cooler jacket.  The boy knows outerwear, people.  He so does.

Tight curls and baby chicks?  What is that?  Bunnies?  And I love the carefully posed hands on the open book.  Super chic.

I purposefully skipped the early adolescent years.  No one needs that.  And Cortney?  Would not be pleased if I posted that.  So here is high schoolish age.  Those curls?  Super tight.  Totally brown.  The transformation is almost complete….almost.

In college?  He went ahead and did this….

Yes, that is his actual hair.  My man?  Can grow a MEAN afro!  He is one studly white man with a fro!

Cortney apologizes to Eddie daily for the hair.  He says there are two haircuts:  short and long.  And if long goes bad?  It’s a fro-lett.

yes that is an afro mullet.  don’t mock.  Cort MAY have had one that matched his dad’s….

Maybe the fro is in Eddie’s future?  If it is?  He will DEFINITELY impress his friends.  He will be the hit of the sports team he is on (if he is on one.  his choice.  totally.)

Hopefully he will learn to embrace the curls like his dad has.  Hopefully he will love what he has in common with the man who loves him most in this world.

So yes, Eddie gets his cute little ‘do from his daddy.  And I think he also gets his heart-melting smile from him.  And his kind nature.  And his….

oh wait.

This was about hair.


So to answer your question:  Cortney.  He gets his hair from Cortney.