Posts that Make me Go BOOM! {12}

It’s Saturday again.

Wait.  It’s Saturday again?  Really?


I am not a fan of how quickly these weeks are going by.

Anyway, in the blur that was this week,  I did a wee bit of reading (and writing).

Here are the most noteworthy of what I read this week:

First, Tracy of Sellabit Mum wrote I Hold These Truths Only Until They Aren’t True Anymore… dispelling the idea that her life is perfect and lucky just because that is what she chooses to write about.  Not only did I giggle a lot, but I appreciated the fact that she gently reminds us that we can’t judge anyone based on their blog…because we don’t know the rest of the story.

Alison of Mama Wants This! wrote a post asking the simple question “why do you blog” in her post, This Is About Blogging. This is actually something that has been bumping around in my head ever since I wrote about how blogging is not my business a couple months ago.  And I have a draft that I have gone back to no less than a scazillion times about why I have this space.  The conversation in the comments is really heated in some places on this post, but it’s a really timely question for a lot of bloggers, in my opinion.

And lastly this week, I stumbled upon a link to a blog called AndersonFamilyZoo’s Blog by a woman by the name of Jen who is healing from cancer and has chemotherapy.  She is currently bald and wearing it proudly.  The post that was shared, Bald on the Run, is one where she asks for specific prayers and mentions that she reads comments during chemo.  How can you not go tell her you’re thinking of her?


Last week I forgot to tell you that I had a post at BNV about bullying: Bullying: Not Just A Lesson For Kids.

Today I have a post up about what I think about my 2-year old using my Nook and Cort’s tablet: Toddlers and Tablets

And I finished a book this week and then wrote about it:  American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell