Posts that Make me Go BOOM! {12}

It’s Saturday again.

Wait.  It’s Saturday again?  Really?


I am not a fan of how quickly these weeks are going by.

Anyway, in the blur that was this week,  I did a wee bit of reading (and writing).

Here are the most noteworthy of what I read this week:

First, Tracy of Sellabit Mum wrote I Hold These Truths Only Until They Aren’t True Anymore… dispelling the idea that her life is perfect and lucky just because that is what she chooses to write about.  Not only did I giggle a lot, but I appreciated the fact that she gently reminds us that we can’t judge anyone based on their blog…because we don’t know the rest of the story.

Alison of Mama Wants This! wrote a post asking the simple question “why do you blog” in her post, This Is About Blogging. This is actually something that has been bumping around in my head ever since I wrote about how blogging is not my business a couple months ago.  And I have a draft that I have gone back to no less than a scazillion times about why I have this space.  The conversation in the comments is really heated in some places on this post, but it’s a really timely question for a lot of bloggers, in my opinion.

And lastly this week, I stumbled upon a link to a blog called AndersonFamilyZoo’s Blog by a woman by the name of Jen who is healing from cancer and has chemotherapy.  She is currently bald and wearing it proudly.  The post that was shared, Bald on the Run, is one where she asks for specific prayers and mentions that she reads comments during chemo.  How can you not go tell her you’re thinking of her?


Last week I forgot to tell you that I had a post at BNV about bullying: Bullying: Not Just A Lesson For Kids.

Today I have a post up about what I think about my 2-year old using my Nook and Cort’s tablet: Toddlers and Tablets

And I finished a book this week and then wrote about it:  American Salvage by Bonnie Jo Campbell


Posts That Made Me Go BOOM! {9}

I wrote some stuff this week, but I also was reading YOUR stuff.

Here are the super great things that hopefully you didn’t miss, but if you did, I’m giving you the links!

My beautiful friend, Nichole, has been dealing with secondary infertility for over a year and a half now.  It’s heartbreaking, but it’s even harder for her to explain to her children.  Read: Secondary Infertility: The Missing Sibling

It’s Autism Awareness Month, and one of the best posts I have read is by Aunt Becky where she explains to her son that he is not a label.  Read: Heart. Stop. Autism.

Lots of my friends have 2, 3, 4, and even more kids.  But some people, like Kristin, are “one and done.”  Her story of how she and her husband “knew” is touching and beautiful.  Read: The Road to One and Done.

And lastly, my lovely friend Julie wrote about a subject that is HUGE to me (no pun intended…ok, maybe a little intended)–the way clothes are labeled and how we see ourselves.  Read: Today Call Me Large.


And I wrote this on Tuesday at my other gig:  If You Read A Kid A Book…Can You Save Our Country?

Posts that Make Me Go BOOM {6}

This week sort of got away from me in terms of reading, well, anything.

But there were a few things around the web that totally stuck out to me.

I’m a fairly regular reader of The Curvy Girl Guide (fricking LOVE that site, by the way) and this week the post Why I’m Not a “Dirty Mom” in the “Be Heard” section blew up.  I read it because I wanted to know what a “Dirty Mom” was.  And then I got sucked in by all the comments.  I couldn’t believe how riled it up it made women that someone didn’t believe in going out in public looking like a slob.  Like there were women who threatened to never come back to the site again.  Over wearing yesterday’s sweatpants?  Amazing.  It’s a great read though, and there are some thought-provoking comments.  Throw your opinion into the ring.

My blogging bestie, Miranda of Not Super…Just Mom is all knocked up like I am and went through a C-section for her firstborn just like me, but unlike me, she is choosing a VBAC for her New Girl’s grand entrance.  This week she wrote and AMAZING post about choice and support about women’s choices with birthing options in her post No Man is and Island. People?  Her strong voice and unwavering stance about her beliefs is why she is my bestie, yo.

In case you missed it, this week I was involved in something pretty awesome.  Natalie of Mommy of a Monster and Twins and Gigi of Kludgy Mom organized a round table of sorts that included eight bloggers (I was one of them!) talking about the mysterious business of blogging for dinero.  We give you some honest answers to real questions.  Here was the line up:

Alex at Late Enough: Writers Teach, Why Can’t Bloggers?

Kristin at What She Said: I Want To Get Paid To Blog–Now What?

Gigi at Kludgy Mom: So You Want to be a Freelancer?  What You Need to Know.

Natalie at Mommy of a Monster and Twins: So You Wanna Make Money Blogging?  How to Get Sponsored Posts.

Tina at Life Without Pink: Tips for Building Successful Relationships with Brands and Scoring Paying Opportunities.

Devan at Accustomed Chaos: Monetizing Your Blog:  The Hows & Whys of Making Money.

Debi at The Truth About Motherhood: What to Charge for a Sponsored Post and Why you need a Media Kit

There you have it!

Oh wait!

I almost forgot!

My first post over at Borderless News and Views is up today!  My post is in the Lifestyle section and it’s about people who live without a TV.  Could you do it?  I am pretty sure, even after all the positive stuff I learned, I still couldn’t do it.  I would be honored if you all would come check me out over there today.

Posts that Make Me Go BOOM! {5}

As I type this it’s 15 degrees outside with ice and wind blown snow covering most of West Michigan.

People?  This is the winter we have been waiting months for.

Usually I hate winter, but this year it’s been so mild around here, I don’t mind the occasional day of feeling “snowed in”.

I mean…just more time to cuddle and play…and read blog posts!

Here are the Top Five that if you missed this week?  I most certainly recommend you take a few minutes to read:

I’ll start you with a serious one.  Katherine at Postpartum Progress took on the theory that postpartum depression is non-existent in other cultures outside the USA in her post Is Postpartum Depression Non-Existent in Other Cultures?  The Facts.  She gives a plethora of information to show that it does, in fact, happen elsewhere.  However other cultures may have better support systems in place to help new mothers through it.  As a postpartum depression/anxiety survivor, this one was informative and interesting.

Then there is this short, but poignant piece by Beth Ann of The Heir to Blair, Heart & Encouragement For The Mommas with Bottles. I solely bottle-fed Eddie and I am going to do it again with Charlie.  I’ve been struggling with how to write about it because I want to so that other bottle feeding mommas have a voice, but it’s hard to put yourself out there to such scrutiny from people who don’t know you and have such passionate opinions.  Bravo to Beth Ann for this.

Law Momma had a contributing piece on Liberating Working Moms this week about kids and TV called Coming Clean on TV that I could TOTALLY relate to. I totally had it in my mind that even though I worked, Eddie would not be a TV junkie.  And then real life happened and I realized I am not good at entertaining a small person for that many hours in a row.  Plus?  Elmo is clearly more educational than my tossing sheep at my sons head.  So there’s that.

I tend to read Mommy Shorts because it makes me giggle so much. This week wasn’t any different, but when Ilana posted this week about her question to Dr. B about her two-year old not listening, I not only giggled, but I learned, people. No really.  Her post Why Isn’t My Two-Year Old Listening To Me? nailed on the HEAD why Eddie’s listening ears don’t always work.  And guess what?  It might because of all the questions I constantly bombard him with.

And this week I leave you with a wonderful thoughtful post I ready by Missy of Wonder, FriendBoys and Books.  I have two boys.  I love books and reading.  At age two, Eddie loves books and reading.  But how do we keep that love alive?  As a high school teacher I see firsthand the love lost between boys and books.  But is it a phase?  Can we foster that love so deep it comes back after the years of “required reading”?  Come join the conversation.

Need some more awesome posts?  Go check out Natalie’s picks this week.

And let us know what YOU loved this week so we can check them out!

You Wrote it…I Read it…I Liked it…I Recommend it

You know what I love?  When bloggers use their weekend post to tell me some good stuff to read.

Because let’s face it, we can’t get everywhere during the busy week, and when I am hunkered down to read on Saturday or Sunday mornings with my cup of coffee, few bloggers are posting on weekends.

So I look forward to people like Natalie who give me something to read.

And with her blessing I am stealing sharing her idea and giving YOU some lovely things to go read.

One of the first things I read this week was on a blog I rarely read. I don’t usually read many of the “big” blogs, but when I saw this post by The Bloggess facebooked, I had to go read:  The fight goes on.  I rarely read, and I never comment because I feel like one in a faceless mob, but I actually commented on this since I have been dealing with both anxiety and depression and that night one of her readers contacted me to let me know my words spoke to her and that she is praying for me.  While a HUGE blogger, there is no doubt Jenny does amazing things.

On the flip side, I almost never miss a post by Natalie of Mommy of a Monster and Twins, and this week she wrote a really honest, open, and important post, Talking Taboo:  How Much Do You Make with Your Blog. I truly believe she is not just smart, but brave for starting this conversation.  Why does it all have to be so hush hush?  Go take a read and weigh in with your opinion!

I don’t really share my political views here at Sluiter Nation, but I have some pretty strong ones.  I also don’t read a lot of opinion pieces about politics because Cort says i get crazy.  Whatever.  So I choose a happy medium by following Alex from Late Enough and reading posts that I could have written if I was as smart and wordsmithy as she is.  Her post this week, My 2012 Presidential Election Motto Is No We Can’t (Have a Republican), hit home hard.  With the current mess Michigan is in because we kicked out a Democrat for a supposedly capable and smart Republican and the Loony Tunes they have fighting over the Republican Candidacy, I have become cynical.  And Alex put words to that.

I like to laugh once in a while too.  And Jen from Buried with Children makes my giggle so hard I might pee a little.  This week?  Not only did I get to chuckle, but I was blown away with an excellent idea:  Learning to Balance Video Games and Reading.  I just hope Hayden doesn’t follow through on the 10 hour marathon.

Lastly, I need you to meet Jennifer, The Kvetch Mom.  This week she wrote a post that touched my heart and made it both smile and cry at the same time:  Everything Possible.  I cannot tell you how many times I have sat with students who wish they had a mom like Jennifer.  Someone who would have sat with them and told them that they are awesome the way they are, and to go ahead and enjoy life as themselves. I can only hope I am being this parent to my boys.

So there you go.

Five posts this week that get the Nation’s Stamp of Approval!

(and I just realized THREE are by a Jennifer…so it is the week of Jennifers)

Now hop on over to Natalie’s, read her post about making money with your blog and then read the posts she recommends with her Monster Likes post.

teaching isn’t just my job, it’s my job.

Thanks to the makers of Pine-Sol® for sponsoring my writing. A study shows a clean smelling home can help children succeed, so Pine-Sol® is supporting Reading is Fundamental (RIF) this year. Click “Like” on Pine-Sol®’s Facebook page here and they will donate books to RIF!
I don’t remember books not being in my life.

Growing up, the bottom drawer of my dresser was so full of children’s books that the bottom eventually fell out from the weight.

My  mom always had a pile of books on top of the refrigerator from the library, and a few more on the front seat of her car waiting to be swapped out for new ones.

My dad was always reading the newspaper.

We had a set of encyclopedia and a set of childcraft encyclopedia.

Words were my life from early on.  In grade school I lived for scholastic book orders.  In middle school my mom brought me piles of books home from the library.  By high school?  I had decided that I wanted to read–and talk about those books–for the rest of my life.

And so I became an English teacher.

I have worked for over a decade encouraging kids to read…to entice them into becoming life-long readers.

The school I work in is filled with students who didn’t have their own books as kids.  They come to us behind…because they don’t know what it’s like to have books in their life for fun.

Not a couple years ago, after about 90% of one of my classes failed to do a short assigned reading assignment, I polled the class with this question: “How many of you had your own books as kids and were read to all the time.”

One girl raised her hand (she did the assignment, by the way).  I died a little inside.

That same year our school started doing RIF (reading is fundamental), a program that gives students free books.

I was suddenly aware of the gift my parents had given me.

Also that year I found out I was pregnant with my son.

Immediately, I gathered my favorite childhood books and piled them in the room that would be his.

I would sit in the middle of the room and read the books out loud to my dancing fetus.

A year later, I was reading Green Eggs and Ham to a squirmy infant.

Not long after that, we traded the “paper pages” for board books because he wanted to handle them and gnaw on the book clumsily turn the pages himself.

Now, as a 20-month old, he brings me book after book to read.  He points out the letters to me and says some of them.  He points out the kitties and the dogs and the moons and the balloons.

I burst with pride when his little finger points at the pictures as I read the words…as he examines each page before we turn it.

I know this is what my parents did.  And I know it is a large part of why I became a successful student…and teacher….and writer.

It is never ever too early to start reading with your children.  Each time you choose to put down your phone, or step away from your laptop (in my case) to read with your child, you are sending a message about what is important.

Each time your child sees you pick up a book or newspaper instead of watch a reality show?  You are showing your child where your priorities are and what you see as valuable.

Your child…and education are important.  Show this to your child.  Read with him/her.

Don’t forget to click over to Pine-Sol®’s Facebook page to support our children’s success. I was selected for this Pine-Sol® sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Today my post for The Red Dress Club is over at my other blog. Please click below to go there.

Top Ten Tuesdays: Favorite Children’s Books

It is not a secret that books are a big deal in our house.  A REALLY BIG DEAL! First of all, I am an English teacher, so…duh.

But it goes beyond that.  When I was a kid, I was surrounded by books.  My mom read like it nourished her.  Like books kept her as alive as eating and breathing.  I soaked this in and became the same way.

Most of the kid’s books in our house growing up lived in the bottom drawer of my dresser, but they quickly expanded to a HUGE pile next to my brothers’ bunk beds as well.

I don’t think I went a day without being read to or reading myself.

That is why this week’s Top Ten is so important!

I started reading to Eddie while he was in my tummy. Every book I had I would sit in the nursery and read aloud to him.

So together, Cortney, Eddie and I have compiled the Sluiter Nation Top Ten Favorite Children’s Books (in no particular order):

#10. The Belly Button Book.

This one was voted into the line up by Cortney.  He says, “I am starting to really enjoy reading The Belly Button Book lately.  I like the Naval Academy Hippo.”

This book is pointless and ridiculous.  Just the way we like our kids books around here.

And I don’t thin it is an accident that the first body part that Eddie could point to?  Was his belly button!  Boo-ya for this book.

#9 Where is the Green Sheep?

This is a book I picked up for Eddie when I was visiting my best friend in Chicago.  We went to her favorite little bookstore, The Book Cellar, and I found this little souvenir for my buddy.

I know it comes in just English, but I was stoked to find the bilingual version in a small board book.  I also teach Spanish and I would love for Eddie to at least know some vocabulary and phrases going into elementary school.

Plus this book?  Is cute and funny.  And Eddie kisses the “near sheep” every time.

#8. The Lorax

I have always liked this book, but it is the book Eddie’s cousin, Jack, gave him and he loves to listen to the rhymes and the rhythms this book has.

He is also a fan of pointing out the Lorax on every page.

The book is lengthy and rarely does Eddie sit through it all, but he is still little.  I think it’s great that he chooses this one and sits and listens and participates as long as he does.

#7. Go Dog Go

This was a Cort pick for sure.  He has always loved this book, or, as he says,

“I have always had a fondness for Go Dog Go”  This was the very first one he mentioned when I asked him which books he would want on the list.

The funny part?

We don’t own this book!

I am thinking this will have to be a stocking stuffer for Eddie for sure this year!

#6 Moo Ba La La La

This is one of Eddie’s current favorites.  He is getting really good at saying MOO and OINK and QUACK and MEOW.

The Baa?  Not so much yet.

But he does bring me this book a thousand times a day and point at the correct animals and make their sounds.  And if he can’t?  He points and looks at me until I make it.

#5 Mc Elligot’s Pool

This is one from my childhood.  It is the least known Dr. Seuss book that I am aware of.  Whenever I mention it to anyone, they have no idea what I am talking about.

But it’s one my grandma had in her cupboard.  And my brothers and I begged her to read it to use every time we were over at her house.

For Eddie’s first Christmas?  My brother, Chris, bought him this book.  I love it.

#4 The Monster at the End of this Book

This was another Cort pick.  Lately Eddie has been choosing this book for Daddy to read to him.

It is a hilarious book without a ton of text, but lots of emotion.  It definitely teaches Eddie about reading with emotion and having fun with a book.

Plus?  Grover is cute.

#3 Katy and the Big Snow

This book is one from my childhood. In fact, I took it right along when I moved out of my parents’s house.

I loved this book because it has my name in it…although it is spelled “wrong”.

My mom says this is one of the only books she can remember getting sick of reading to me…to the point that she had to hide it under a bunch of books so I would pick something else.

Hopefully we can get an Ed or Eddie or Edward book to read to our little guy!

#2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This one we have in board book form and in paperback.  Eddie has been obsessed lately with the board book…and it shows.  It has gnaw marks on it and the binding is slowly dying from all the folding and carrying he does with it.

He likes to make chomping noises with me as we count what the caterpillar eats each day.

We have even caught him sitting alone pointing at the holes making chomping noises to himself.  It is awesome!

#1 Goodnight, Moon

We read this one a LOT together as well.  Eddie is big into pointing out everything on the page and wanting us to say what it is.

These are the kinds of books that I love.  The ones that I know he likes because he is actively trying to learn new vocabulary.

Plus when we read the “goodnight” parts?  He waves at the book.  Because that is what you do when you say goodnight.  happy sigh…

Want to read more of Eddie’s book picks?  Sure you do!  They are listed here.

So that is it!  Sluiter Nation’s Top Ten Favorite Childrens Books!  Did you see any here that you love?  any new ones you need to check out?

Do you have your own Top Ten List this week?  Don’t be shy!  Grab a button and link up!

Also?  I have no idea why the text box looks like this.  it will be fixed before next week.  For now?  I sleep.

Top Ten Tuesday

A bloggy friend of mine, Grace of Arms Wide Open, asked me last week to write up a top ten of the blogs I love to read, “you know, when you have time,” she said, mostly joking–since I have ZERO free time.

But this comment of hers gave me and idea for a fun weekly Tuesday post, that may turn into a meme if you all want it too.

I call it Top Ten Tuesday.  Creative, I know. Don’t judge.

Anyway, in honor of Grace’s request, I decided to do my first Top Ten Tuesday on blogs.  The Ten I never miss.  Ever.  I might let them back up in my reader until I have a week’s worth to read, but I ALWAYS get to these.

So here they are in no real particular order.

10. The Heir to Blair – written by the lovely “Blair,” I love this blog because Blair is honest, open, and totally funny.  She has a curly blond-haired one-year old named Harrison (which may be a small reason I love her…she has a little twin of Eddie).  She is also one of the first PPD/A mommas I found out in the bloggy world.  She has given me undying support as well as a serious case of the giggles with her sardonic writing style.  Sassy and strong–I love her.

9. Arms Wide Open – by the lovely Grace.  Yes, Grace, you are in my top ten!  I can’t miss reading about Grace’s beautiful family!  She has a handsome little man she calls Solo-Boy.  Oh and did I mention they live in Guadalajara, Mexico?  The pictures she takes of their surroundings are breath-taking!  Plus Grace?  is also a PPD survivor!

8. DesignHERmomma – written by my “in real life” friend, Emily. Emily and I went to high school together.  In fact, she graduated with Cortney.  She and I were in the same Bible study group and had gone to summer camp together.  After graduation, I went to Western Michigan University and she went to a different university (Big Ten, Go Green!) and we lost touch.  Then one day because of the wonderful world of social media, we somehow reconnected.  We learned that while Cort and I stayed here in West Michigan, she and her beautiful family are living and loving in Indianapolis.  Because of our reconnection, our family took a little trip down to Indianapolis to meet and hang out with the rest of her family…and some bloggers that we both love.

7. All Work and No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something – written by the strong and hilarious, Kimberly. I swear Kim is my sister from another mister.  She is another PPD/A survivor who is totally honest and raw about her battle.  She never sugar-coats ANYTHING.  She is blunt and sarcastic and sweary and witty.  Oh and?  She is Canadian. I swear we would be friends in real life if she didn’t live hours away.  Someday…

6. in these small moments – written by the beautiful Nichole.  Nichole has one of the most caring, beautiful hearts I have ever witnessed.  Her writing exudes love, but she can also be pretty darn funny when she wants to.  She has two of the most gorgeous children, Katie and Matthew, and a wonderful husband.  Her Monday feature is called “Small Moments Mondays” and are written by wonderful guest posters about small moments they cherish that might otherwise be overlooked.  Nichole has given me unending support in my writing and my mothering.  She seems to always see the beauty in things–even things that most people would dismiss or even hate.  She is simply lovely.

5. moosh in indy – written by the phenomenal Casey.  Casey oozes emotion in her writing.  She can somehow put into words exactly what needs to be said, no matter what the topic. She also takes some of the most amazing photographs I have ever seen.  While her words drip with emotion, so do her photographs.  It is impossible for Casey’s feelings to not be out on her sleeve…er…her camera lens.  Her true-ness to her blog, her craft, her family, her friends, and most of all, her self, is a huge inspiration.  She has gone through hell and back to be here today.  But she is here.  And she is wonderful.

4. No Points For Style – written by the glorious Adrienne. I have mentioned before that Adrienne kicks my blogger butt.  She knows when my whining and complaining is real and when it is just BS and she is not afraid to call me on it.  Her blog is one of a kind for sure.  While I guess she is considered a “mom blogger”, her blog has a much different tone to it than the many “mom blogs” I have found.  Her family is blended together from her previous marriage and her husband’s previous marriage, however; they have one son together:  Carter.  Carter is all over special needs, and I dare you to read about him and his struggles and not fall in love with him and his mother.  She is feisty and passionate and everything I adore in a friend.

3. Not Super…Just Mom – written by my blogging bestie, Miranda. I am fairly certain Miranda and I were separated at birth.  We are all twinsy and what not.  We are both high school English teachers.  We are both band (um, COLORGUARD) nerds, we both had/have PPD, we both have one-year old blond curly-haired boys, we both have weight-issues right now (even though we are both beautiful!), we both have amazing husbands, and we both blog about it all.  Seriously, if you like me?  You will LOVE Miranda!

2. Pretty All True – written by the unflappable Kris. Pretty All True is both my guilty pleasure and my daily inspiration.  Some days she is witty and sweary and a tad bit naughty.  I can’t be sure that sipping coffee is a good idea when I click over to her blog.  On the other hand, some days I find myself becoming completely reflective and solemn because of the pictures she weaves of her childhood memories.  If I read PAT first thing in the morning, it tends to set the tone of my mood for the day.  It also serves to inspire my writing.  Kris is the ultimate word arsonist–blowing up moments and snippets of time so that her reader feels like what she has written about?  Has happened to them.

Pretty All True

1. Tasty Buttered Toast – written by the super fantastic Cortney.  Now, I may be biased, but I think Cort is a really awesome writer.  I love that he has his own blog.  He doesn’t post every day…in fact, he doesn’t even post every week.  But I love to get the little surprise notification that he has some new writing up to share.  His perspective on things that happen in our life together is invaluable to me.  Sometimes there are things that he can pound out on the keyboard that he has trouble saying out loud–mostly because he doesn’t get a word in edgewise around me.  Oops!  He is funny and sweet and thoughtful and wonderful.

So there you have it…my Top Ten Blogs.  There are so many more blogs that I read, but these are in my “Must Read” folder in my Google Reader.  What are your Top Ten reads?  Post about it and link up!

Garage Sales: Yay or Nay?

I’m over at the wonderful Tori’s blog:  Life with Riley today blogging about the controversial topic of GARAGE SALES!  You should go check it out and weigh in on the debate…To Garage Sale or Not To Garage Sale! Ok, maybe it’s not really a debate, but go find out what i think of them.  And then let me know what you think.

Oh, and be sure to follow Tori because she is cool.  AND she makes WAY cute accessories for little girls at her Etsy shop, On Top Baby Bows.  Seriously, go check her out!  You WON’T be disappointed!

In running news, I am not.  Yeah, that is right, I’ve had to take some time off.  Last week Tuesday I did something to my left knee and it has NOT been right since.  I thought I could “run it off” on Thursday, but my run turned into a walk which turned into a limp and I had to cut it short.  Then I skipped my weekend run because it’s been bugging me so badly.  I have a doctor’s appointment this morning and will keep you all updated.  Fear not!  I am DETERMINED to do the 5K even if I have to walk!

And I am almost to my donation goal!  Check it out!  I may have to raise my goal since our team goal is $3000 and we have a ways to go yet!  You all have been SO supportive!  It’s such a great cause and I feel so honored to be on Team Bell!

Now…go check out my guest post!

UPDATE: I just got back from the doctor and it seems that I have angered a tendon.  Apparently by running my knee doesn’t stay on it’s track correctly (which is more common in women because of our wide hips–lovely).  The good doc says i need to stay off of it and ice it (and take ibuprofen…lovely) for up to two weeks.  She also suggested physical therapy to speed it up and to prevent it from happening again since I am determined to keep running.  So, Thursday i start physical therapy.  Honestly?  I am in a dang doc office lately more times than I am not! 

Sluiter Nation Spin Off

You know how spin-off shows can either be a super great idea or a total flop?

For example, Cheers was a GREAT show.  When it went off the air, NBC created the spin-off Fraiser.  Another HUGE show.

More recently the wildly popular show Grey’s Anatomy had it’s own pretty successful spin off, The Practice.

Then you get the spin-off’s that just KEEP spinning off like All in the Family.  That spun-off shows like Maude and The Jeffersons which in turn created each of THEIR own spin-offs: Good Times (successful) and Checking in (not so much).*

Anyway, what I am trying to say with all this spinoff talk is that Sluiter Nation has sprung a spin off.  That’s right, Cortney has joined the blog-esphere with this tasty nugget:  Tasty Buttered Toast.

While Sluiter Nation concentrates on what our little family is up to and thinking about, Tasty Buttered Toast is more about what Cortney is going through lately:  being a laid off, stay at home new dad, while going back to school for an entirely new career.  I must say, he has wit coming out of his ears, and he definitely looks at things differently than I do, so it’s a great read.

Please feel free to add it to your blog roll or google reader or bookmark list.  You won’t be disappointed!

*Nerd Alert:  If you like to remember spin offs like Just the Ten of Us (spun off from Growing Pains), totally go here!

By the way, please take a moment to “follow” Sluiter Nation over on the left.  Thank you!