we promise

For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free;
and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.”
~1 Corinthians 12:13

Sunday was a special day for our family.

Our whole family gathered in our little church to witness our promise that we would teach Charlie about the love of Jesus.

Picking a date was important.

I know some churches just tell you when “Baptism Sunday” is because they do a bunch at once, but our church is small.  Baptisms get scheduled as babies are born, so it was pretty much up to us when we wanted it to be.

Eddie’s baptism date is super meaningful, so I didn’t want Charlie’s to just be random.

Since Eddie was baptized on his namesakes’ birthday, we wanted to do the same for Charlie.  However “Charles” is not anyone’s name but his.  However “Thomas”, his middle name, is after my dad.  And my dad’s birthday was yesterday.

(I did give my dad the business for not having a Sunday birthday this year.  Stupid leap day messing up my perfect plans.  Sheesh.)

We settled for April 29 as the Baptism date because it was the day before Charlie’s namesake’s birthday.

To make it even more special, Charlie’s cousins, Kingston and Kyrie, were baptized alongside him.

i chose a safari shirt since he was getting baptized with his ethiopian cousins...can you see it?

Charlie never woke up. First baby in Pastor John's history to not at least squeek.

Eddie was very good, but so very done by the time pictures were taken.

And Kyrie was just plain tired.

The day was sunny and breezy.  Almost every member of our extended family could be there…including Charlie’s great grands.

I know it’s just a five minute part of a church service that otherwise is not about the baptism.

I know for some people the Baptism is just a formality and not something to throw a huge celebration about.

But it’s special to me…to us.

I guess I can’t speak for Cort, but for me, the ritual of standing before the congregation and our closest friends and family and promising to teach our son about God’s Son is important.  It’s a big deal.

Not so that those people can constantly point out our shortcomings in our teachings; we don’t need help knowing we fall short and are frequently hypocrites.

I know we don’t have the best attendance at church, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t teaching our boys about the love of Christ.  It doesn’t mean we aren’t teaching them to pray and sing to God.  It doesn’t mean it’s not talked about in our house. It doesn’t mean that Cort and I don’t try our hardest to show, not just our boys, but the world, the face of Jesus in everything we do.

We invite those we love to hear our promise so they too can be part of that promise.  So they can fill in where we fail.  So they can talk and sing and model for our boys the love and compassion of Christ.

And we are trying so hard to be in church more as a part of that modeling.

Because we promised we would bring the boys up in The Church.

And we keep our promises.


Incidentally, the sermon this day was about healing through Christ’s salvation.  The Pastor talked about Christ being all around us in the faces of each person we encounter each day.  Throughout the service, two tiny babies were on my mind, needing the healing hand of the Lord. And their mother needing strength.  If you are the praying sort, meet Diana and her boys…whom she almost lost…and is now fighting to save.