Give Back, Get Back

Dear interweb friends…

meet my dear friend, Missy…

also? meet my hair when it was awesome.

Missy is my wild and crazy sistah from anotha mistah who knows how to throw negativity and sadness on the ground and find the love that is in all of us.

She has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met.

If she could? She really WOULD buy the world a coke.  And then she would take their picture.

She is a gorgeous human who believes in visitors from another universe and world peace.

Last year she unknowingly started a tradition on her business’s fanpage, mL photography, called The MEGA pay it forward holiday giveaway.

Her idea was this: Each day she would post a new challenge for her fans to show some sort of act of giving or kindness toward others.  She through the gauntlet down and demanded love and wonder.  In return, those do-gooders would possibly win a prize from a few people she asked to donate their handmade or small biz goods/services.

It was meant to be a give some love back via her local love.

It grew and it grew and it grew.

It’s back this year by popular demand.

More sponsors.

Some items can be shipped worldwide.

More ways (and an easier way) to enter.

More love and charity to spread.

Check out her event page for more details.

Even if you don’t want to enter…you can still check out her challenges and ideas for spreading a little love to one another this holiday season…and all year long.

Let us love one another as we would hope to be loved.