Friday Flip-offs #4

Aw..yeah…you know what day it is today!  FRIDAY!  And Friday means?  Friday Flip-offs courtesy of my girl, Gigi over at Kludgy Mom.She is the brain child behind this wonderfully therapeutic Friday blog meme, and I am forever grateful to her.  So you really should go check out what she is flipping off too!

Ok…let’s get started, shall we?

First, I would like to flip off entering month 10 of Cort’s unemployment.  While we are thankful for the few (stress FEW) interview opportunities?  A little recognition of his awesome enjoyability skills and then a JOB would be nice.  So FLIP OFF!

Also?  I would like to flip off tantrums.  I really thought we had at LEAST until 18 months before those started, but no.  Eddie arches his back, sits down, and flip the crap right out.  sigh…

I also need to flip off people who do not return emails.  This?  Is incredibly frustrating.  Now you’re all wondering and scouring your inboxes to see if you missed an email by me, but in all reality?  I am probably not talking about anyone who reads this little ole blog.  But for those people who have no idea that I am passively aggressively cranky at them?  Flip off!

And lastly?  To the nail polish that chipped off in one giant chunk from my big toe less than TWO WEEKS after getting a pedicure and just days before I have to go to a wedding.  Seriously?  What the ham sandwich?  Now my toe is all ugly.  Bah.  FLIP OFF!

Whew!!!  That feels so much better!  I am all cleansed and zen and stuff now.  Do you want to flip something off?  You can leave a comment or you can head over to Kludgy Mom and link up your own (and read a ton of other blogs who are flipping stuff off too!)

Oh and also?  I am over at Beloved Mama today talking about fun stuff to do in the summer.  You should really head over there and check it out…I mean, there ARE cute pictures of Eddie involved.  See you there!

Friday Flip-offs #3

Good morning, everyone!  As is my new Friday tradition, I am linking up with my girl, Kludgy Mom and flipping off all the things that made me crabby this week.

But if you want to read MORE Sluiter Nation today?  I am over at my partner in running, Loving the Burn, talking about my fitness journey.  Be warned:  there is more talk about how I HATE fitness then how much I love it.  So go check her out and leave some commenty love over there!

And now?  Here they are….

First up this week are all the poopy diapers Eddie has had.  Seriously?  We have been up two hours and I’ve already changed two.  And he thinks it’s hilarious.  It is not.  Flip off.

Also?  That pesky molar that has been giving Eddie trouble sleeping?  While I appreciate that you are now through?  You still bug him.  So flip off to you my pearly white friend.

The 18 mosquito bites that I had on my legs that somehow multiplied to 28 bites and make my legs look like I shoot up heroin all over the place?  Um, yes.  I WAS going to wear a skirt to a wedding tomorrow and now I am considering pants because of you.  Big massive flip off!

And lastly to the weight that has decided to settle around my midsection and make me too fat for all the cute dresses I bought last year for weddings.  I just wanted to be cute again this year for weddings and you are making me feel all self-conscious and round.  uncool, belly fat.  uncool.  FLIPPITY FLIP OFF!

It’s your turn!!! Head over to Kludgy Mom’s and read some more or link up your own!

And then head over to Loving the Burn and read about how I wish I could still eat pizza and LOSE weight.

Friday Flip-offs #2

Last week I tried Friday Flip-offs for the first time here in Sluiter Nation.  It felt great!  I love that KludgyMom does this link up every week.  It’s hilarious and cathartic to flip off all the shiz in life.  So here I go…

First of all, to Eddie’s fever and roseola rash?  Um, you made my little boy all tired and sad and clingy and not his usual fun self this week.  That sucks.  FLIP OFF!

To those storms last night…while I appreciate a great storm every now and then?  I do NOT love super severe weather that makes me feel like I need to watch that idiot Kyle on WoodTv8 for hours to make sure a tornado is not going to take my deck off.  Storms?  You get a double-fisted flip-off.

Speaking of last night, whatever it is that was making Eddie not sleep and need to constantly be held, but not really want to be held, but was preventing him from sleeping soundly?  Flip-offs from both me AND Cort! (that is four middle fingers, by the way).  Do NOT do that for Grandma this weekend!

To my dry, itchy skin and cracked feet…seriously, where did you COME FROM?  You make me feel all icky and gross and ugg-o.  cut it out.  Oh and FLIP OFF!

And finally, to my bad attitude about camping and canoeing this weekend.  Yes, Cort and I are dropping off our little Eddie Bear to my parents’ house and going tent-camping/canoeing with Cort’s side of the family.  We will have LOADS of fun, but I am having separation anxiety about leaving my on the mend little guy.  I have been trying to find all the reasons why this will be a sucky weekend, but in reality?  I love this side of the family SO much!  They bring the fun like no other and we will have a RIOT.  So flip-off to the attitude.  You are not welcome anymore!

So there you go.   Whew.  That actually feels much better.  And now that that is done and I have a venti starbucks coffee in my system, I can handle this day!  Now excuse me while I find my camping gear!

Oh, and to read more Friday Flip-offs, be sure to go visit Kludgy Mom!!

Friday Flip-offs!

One of my favorite things to read on Friday are all the Friday Flip-offs that are going on out there in the bloggy world.  I keep meaning to link up to Kludgy Mom and do my own flip-offs…I mean, I flip stuff off for real on a daily basis, why wouldn’t I give you guys the complied list? So here it goes….

To this ridiculous humidity…you make me wear a ridiculous “bun” in my hair every day and I sweat just going to the mailbox.  It’s gross.  I’m sick of having perma-swass.  Flip off!

To Nickelodeon…why in the mess is your programming wrong?  The Tivo says, “Dora the Explorer” at 9:00 and 9:30.  Then you play Spongebob instead?  Eddie is fuming.  Flip off.

To itunes…how much of Cort’s time are you going to suck?  Why can’t you just nicely keep all one million hours of our music on our machines?  All I want is to create a new work out mix for my shuffle.  You suck so hard.  Flip off times a million.

To the never ending pile of dishes in my sink.  How are you possible?  We run the dishwasher almost once a day?  Why are we STILL washing dishes by hand too?  One constant, never-ending flip off.

And finally, I can’t end this post without flipping off PPD.  You are annoying and stupid and a thief.  While I am getting a handle on you, you are pissing me off by making my friends sad, depressed, and angry.  You bring pain and hurt to good, beautiful people.  And for that I not just flip you off, but I give you a good, hard kick in your behind too.

So that is all…for this week, anyway.  Want more flip off’s?  Or possibly to enter your own?  Hit up the blog-hop below…

Oh, and have a super, flip-off free weekend!