Blogging Friends are Real

Woot to Wednesday!  In a few hours I will be climbing on a plane all by myself for the first time ever and jetting off to BlogHer.

While I am gone, you can read about my childhood travel memories at Kludgy Mom’s place.  And of course you should stick around here and meet my newest Sluiter Nation Recruit!

Wait.  You don’t know what a Recruit is?  Well start here!

Today’s Recruit is Jessica from Four Plus an Angel. I met Jessica through The Red Dress Club.  I remember the first time I read her writing my jaw hit the floor.  She write so beautifully about the wonderful things in her life…but also about the stuff that is hard. 

Jessica became a mom when she was just a teenager to a beautiful daughter with autism.  She also gave birth to triplets, but lost one.  And then she had a handsome little rainbow baby.  She has so much that has been hard in her life, yet her writing has hope surging through it.

Jessica is one of the most beautiful souls I have met here on the interwebs, which is why her post today is so perfect.

Enjoy.  I know you will.


I have heard it said that blogging is like high school but I don’t see it.

I have seen cliques here and there and competition and bloggers jealous of the amount of friends another blogger may have.

But I have also seen support and honesty and lifting each other up instead of putting each other down.

In high school, I never quite found my place. As much as I tried, I was always at the edge of one crowd or another but never in the center.

I was not the first one to be called when plans were being made and I’m sure there was plenty of talk about my monstrous glasses and clothes that were not always name brand.

But in blogging I have found my place, I have trusted the blogosphere with the most fragile details of my life and I have always been handled with care.

I have found women who so closely relate to my life that I wish they lived next door and women who are my complete opposite but can keep me laughing or tweeting for hours.

I have put myself out there and socialized with big bloggers and have been welcomed with writing tips and nods in the world of social media.

I have poured my heart out on my own site only to find virtual hugs and the most beautiful words I have ever read, all just for me.

This week so many of you are heading to Blogher. I won’t lie and say that I do not feel like I am missing the biggest party of the year but I will say that I am okay with staying home.

There is not a single part of me that is worried my blogging friends will be discussing what I wore during my last vlog or whether my header and my sidebar coordinate because blogging is about so much more than that. It is about sharing and relationships and finding people who you see yourself in and putting yourself out there in hopes that someone sees themselves in you too.

Now I know when you all return you will be talking about the good times that were had, the bottles of wine that were consumed and the last one to leave the dance floor but I also know that I have made true friends in this blogging world. And when I ask you how much fun you had you will say that you wish I was there too.

and you will mean it.

Because I’ve made life long friends around here.


You are right, Jessica.  We DO wish you were going.

You need more Jessica in your life.  You so do.  First go follow her on twitter and add her blog to your reader.

Then try this sampling of Jessica’s work.  You will be hooked!

Not just another baby bump post…In a Heartbeat (waring:  read with a tissue)

Her oldest, beautiful daughter–who happens to have autism…My One (warning: don’t throw the tissue away)

And to end in a pile of cute, a vlog…My First Vlog

Thank you, Jessica for coming to be a part of Sluiter Nation!  I will drink a lemonade for you at BlogHer!