baby steps

When Eddie was small like Charlie, I never once took a sick day to stay home with him if he felt under the weather.  Cort was unemployed, so he was home with him almost every day (we did keep him in once or twice a week daycare because he LOVED it).

When Eddie was born, I had the three months of summer off (aka my maternity leave), and then I ran back to work.

I was rarely alone with Eddie when he was little since Cort wasn’t working and we did everything as a family or they two of them were home alone.

Yesterday Charlie was home sick from daycare.

Monday we got the call that he had a fever of 102 and would need to stay home the next day.  Eddie could go because he had already had “The Sickness” (and I think his little friend–his daycare mom’s daughter–gets bored without him there).

Since it was my turn to take a day off, I put in for a sub and took a stack of work home with me.

First, Charlie slept until 8:30am.  Boom.

The patient

The patient

The rest of the day was unproductive, but awesome.

As I laid on the floor on my tummy pushing balls back to Charlie as he cheerfully picked them up and tossed them at me, I realized I have never ever done something like this with Eddie.

I never got the privilege to be his sole caregiver when he was this age.

Charlie and I spent 6 months nonstop together after his birth, the first three just the two of us most of the time.  Today we got a little of that back.  I ignored my piles of work and my household responsibilities to play peek-a-boo and watch as he learned to put objects in their correct places.  He practiced pulling up on me only to let go and show off his standing alone skills.

When he needed a little rest, he found my lap and lounged there as I watch the Today show.

When Cort came home for lunch, he was doing his “look at me stand by myself routine” and he TOOK TWO STEPS toward Cortney.

We showered him in praise and kisses.

He won’t do it again.  He just laughs at me and sits each time I try.

But Tuesday, February 26 was the day Charlie took his first steps.  To his daddy.  For both of us to see.

It didn’t happen at daycare when we were at work.

He is at daycare for over 40 hours a week.  But he took his first steps on a random day at home.

I don’t remember Eddie’s first steps.

I know I wrote them down somewhere, but I feel like they happened while I was working.  To Cortney.

And even though the little traitor Charlie walked to Cortney, I got to be there.

In the front row.