that dang bear

You know that saying…

“Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you”?


Well that saying sort of summed up my weekend.

It started with a surprise snow day on Friday.

I teach in an urban school district that almost never closes due to inclement weather–which West Michigan is famous for this time of year.

The weather all week had been pretty terrible.

One day there were over 400 school closings.  But not mine.

So I was shocked Friday when mine closed so early…when Cort announced I could stay in bed.


I definitely ate the bear on Friday.

I stayed away from all the world until noon. I read, I dozed, I read some more.

I did not come out of my room…or my bed…until the clock said “p.m.”

It was the first time in probably two+ years (other than when I have been sick).


The afternoon brought nothing but great things.

New boots–for no other reason than because she thought they would look great with my skinny jeans–from a company  friend who exudes kindness and love.

My new book from BlogHer Book Club arrived just as I finished the Anne Lamont book I was reading.

The History Channel had a Modern Marvels marathon playing.

And I did nothing but enjoy it.


I was totally rested and ready for all the boys to get home from such a snowy day.

We had dinner as a family.

Laughed our way through family time.

The boys went to bed well.

And Cort and I were able to actually watch TV together.

On Friday, I ate that bear in one bite.

199And then Saturday arrived.

The bear, apparently, wanted revenge.

I got up around 8am to three happy boys.

But somewhere in all the “GET ALL THE THINGS DONE” of the day…

and the lack of nap from Eddie (oh yeah, we are experimenting with nap. Ugh)…

and Charlie not eating very well OR sleeping very well…

I lost it.

And the bear?

Well, he ate me.


I feel like I am in a constant battle of being eaten by the bear and then apologizing to everyone for it being my fault.

But that is another post.

Or something to talk about in therapy next week.



Can’t win ’em all, I s’pose.

Sunday the bear and I met in the middle.

It seemed that perhaps he was going to take a healthy bite again.

But I just took a nap.

It’s the whole theory of playing dead so that the bear will avoid you.

And he did.

I wouldn’t say I ate him, but he sure didn’t eat me.


I’m thankful for my family.

For Anne Lamont books that say exactly exactly what I need to read.

For the #SheReadsTruth Soul Detox plan.

For my SAD Lamp.

For friends who are lights in my darkness…even when they don’t know I have darkness.

Or that they are being a life-giving light.

Mostly, I am thankful for the three guys I am blessed to live with.

I know those days that the bear eats me are rough.

But on the days when I eat the bear?

Oh yeah.


I broke out my DSLR camera for the first time in months on Sunday.  Whatcha think? I feel rusty.