One of the best pieces of advice someone gave me when Eddie was an infant was that nothing is permanent.  Everything is a stage.

This thought helped me get through the colic and the teething, but it also helped me cherish the crawling and the wobbly first steps, knowing that it was all fleeting.

I have learned that you can never get too comfortable with any stage.

Even though I know this, I was taken aback by a few new stages that have taken hold in Sluiter Nation.

Eddie is sure there are monsters in the dark.  I have no idea what sparked this idea, but he started mentioning it maybe a month ago.

He would announce when it was getting dark and give windows without blinds the side-eye.

He would beg Cort or me to come with him to his room if it was after dark and there was no light on in the hall.

And then Halloween happened.

Now he is sure there are monsters outside.  SURE of it.

Just last week this question I was told wouldn’t start until he was three, entered his vocabulary.

– Momma…monsters outside.

– No, Eddie.  There are not monsters outside.

– Why???

– Because there are no such thing as monsters.

– YES!

– Nope.

– Momma…monsters outside.

– No, Eddie.  There are not.

– Why?

Sigh.  This lovely new word generally shows up after we tell him “no” about something.

Last night I told him no more books.  He asked Why.

The other day we told him no more candy corn.  He asked Why.

And clearly, our reasons are never good enough.  So there is generally flailing and the gnashing of teeth.

Toys in the Bed
This started innocently enough.  He wanted an extra blanket or his baby doll in bed.

Then we heard that from time to time he was taking a small car to nap at daycare.  Again, not really a big deal.

Now he is into taking a board book to bed.

The other night after we both said goodnight to him and closed his door, we could hear him “reading” to Lamby.
Bown Bear, Bown Bear what YOU see?
I see Wed Burd wooking me.

It is cute, I’ll admit it.

But last night, he needed to take to bed a small wind up monkey that claps itty bitty cymbals together that his Granny gave him for Halloween.

This morning we could hear the little “tink tink tink” from his room long before he yelled to get up.

People?  This is getting ridiculous.

His bed is now packed with animals, pillows, blankets, books, and now random toys.

From time to time I take almost everything out except that actual “bed” stuff, but somehow it all finds it’s way back.

So tell me…is my child normal?  Have you gone through the monsters, the why, and the over-flowing bed with your toddler(s)?

I suppose these are just more things that will pass, right?  I should probably enjoy the innocence of them.  Well, except for the spazzy tantrums.  Those I guess I have to just wait out.  It will pass.  Right?  RIGHT?