August 9th is one of the most bittersweet days on our calendar.

One hundred and two years ago, Cort’s great grandfather, Edward, was born on this day.

Fifty-five years ago, Cort’s dad, Steven, was born on this day.

These great men had a special bond.  Steve shared something with his Grandpa that none of his other seven siblings did.  They worked the farm together, and  had the most special grandfather/grandson connection.

Both of these men are now celebrating their birthdays in heaven.

Each year, Grandma Sluiter and whoever is around get together and have lunch to celebrate her father’s and her son’s birthday.

We laugh and we smile at the lives of these great men.

And two years ago on this day, we dressed Eddie in his Papa Steve’s baptismal outfit and had him baptized on his namesakes’ birthday.


Edward Steven Sluiter's Baptism Day

Grandma Sluiter also gave us a copy of her father (Edward Koops)’s baptism certificate.

We are so very lucky to have Eddie.  He is a constant reminder to us of his Papa Steve both in looks and personality.  He is a blessing to our family in ways I don’t know if he will ever understand.

But it’s for those very reasons that this day is so sad.

As special as it has become, sometimes I wish this was just another day.  Just another parent with a birthday that we go to see.  Another card and gift to run out and get like we do for my parents and Cort’s remaining parents.

I see now the blessings Steve gives us from heaven, but I would much rather him be here with us.  Maybe I am selfish.

Happy birthday, Pops.  I can’t begin to tell you how much we miss you.