using your words

twinkah, twinkah, wittah sta…
how I wondah what you ahh…
Uppah diamon inna sky…
twinkah, twinkah, wittah, sta…
how I wondah what you ahh!

My dear Eddie…

Just a year ago you had maybe five words.

One of those words was Da-Eee…which you used freely to call to your daddy all the time.

But you had no word for me.  At almost two years old.

Most people told me not to worry, while also telling me to ask my pediatrician why you were still only babbling.

But then one day toward the end of spring break…you called me Ma Ma.

And you haven’t stopped talking and singing since.

You make us laugh every day with your sayings and your descriptions of every day life.

We definitely have to pay attention to what we say, because you are listening,

You will exclaim, “Oh Heavens!” or “Oh my GOODNESS! (That would be from me.  Yes, I have turned you into an 80 year old woman).

The other day when the phone messed up and daddy told you our phone stinks, you said, “We tell mommy our phone is stinky.  PU!”

You don’t just have a word for me now, but you actually call me “mom”.  Like you’re a teenager or something.  Sometimes it’s “mommy,” but mostly, you will yell things like, “MOM!  CAN’T FIND MY PIPEY AND LAMBY!”  or “MOM, I POOP!”


“Mom?  I play Mario?”

“Mom? I help you make juice now?”

“Mom?  I play outside?”

“Mom?  I have snack?”

“Mom?  Mom?  Mommy?  Mom?  I sit by you and baby Cha-wee?”

You have so much to say and usually your brain works quicker than your mouth.  Daddy and I wait patiently while you find what you want to say.

“Mom?  Um…umm…I….Um…me….um…Mom?  Umm.  I ride my scooter at Nae’s today. And Mom?  um…um…Um…Mom?  I went super duper fast!”

You love to tell everyone about stuff you are proud of:

“I ride my bike all my own self!”

“Dats baby Ch-wee.  He is my own baby brudder.”

“You come see my own room? My Gwamma Swy-ter make my banket and pi-yo”.

And you fill my heart with your words:

“Bye Mom! I yuv you!”

“I yuv my baby Cha-wee.”

“Jack is my favorite boy.” (Jack is his 7 year old cousin)

“You read me book on your new book in my own bed?”  (my “new book” is my Nook.)

“Me a good boy, Mommy.  I not throw food on fwoor.”

And of course there is the way you talk to your baby brother:

When he is crying…”it’s ok, baby cha-wee.  shh shh shh…it’s ok.” (as you give him his pipey and kiss his head).

Or…”mommy’s makin you bott-ah, baby cha-wee.  it’s ok.  it’s coming.”

When he is laying on the floor…”Hi baby cha-wee!  Hi bro-ver!”

Being in the car with you is one constant stream of observation.  In fact, when I am alone, it’s almost too quiet.  No one is pointing out trucks and motorcycles.  No one is telling me about the piles of dirt or kids on bikes.

Oh Eddie…you are so innocent and observant.

Chatting with you is one of my most favorite things about being your mom.

Even yesterday, when I told you I was going to wear a hoodie just like you and you said, “ye-yo yike mine?”

No, mine is pink, I told you as I grabbed it and started to pull it over my also pink T-shirt.

“Oh.  pink like your boobs.”

I giggled and looked at my shirt and said, “Yes, pink like that.”

Eddie, I hope we never stop chatting.

It’s so fun.

Always use your words, my love.  They are wonderful.