monday odds and ends

ok, so I left you all hanging yesterday by telling you we went to a gender reveal party that we guessed BOY for.  We were wrong.  Cort’s brother and his wife are having a baby GIRL!  Lilliana Marie.  She is due in November at Thanksgiving.  The first girl on the Sluiter side after four boys.

Yeah, Cort’s mom is pretty excited.

Speaking of baby girls, my brother and his wife are having their second child, a girl named Maria Mae, at the beginning of November.  This will be the first girl on my side of the family after three boys, so MY mom is excited too.

I might be bursting about throwing TWO girly baby showers.



Because I am still feeling random, and because this weekend was so busy, I was of COURSE playing on pinterest and looking at pictures.

Because how else do you avoid being productive?

Here…look what I found in the “vintage eddie” files:

Daddy and Eddie: fall 2009

Eddie was in the saucer by 4 months. WHAT?

Eddie was eating rice cereal at 4 months. we may skip this altogether with Charlie.


These pictures made me all “OH!  A boy and his daddy!”  So I took these pictures:

we call this: Pig Pile Daddy

oh my heart.


Ok before I sign off, I have ANOTHER giveaway going on!  This one is to Papersalt. Enter NOW!