soul warming

Sometimes when bad things happen and your heart hurts and your soul aches, you need to feel warm and comforted.

And while many things in my life are a comfort to me, few things can make me feel as safe and warm as food from my childhood.

One of the things my mom used to make was a crock pot full of homemade veggie beef soup.  I can remember her getting all the ingredients in as I was leaving for school in the morning, and then coming home to a house that smelled like…security and love.

She also used to make homemade cinnamon rolls to go with it, but I usually choose dinner rolls or cornbread when I make it now.

Coming home on Tuesday to the smell somehow reassured my soul that even when things change, I was still home.

Having some for lunch on Wednesday warmed my broken heart and gave me the energy I needed to get through the rest of the day.

Mmm…still hot.

Veggie Beef Soup

about 3/4 lb of stew beef, browned in oil and then put in crock pot

Then add to the crock pot…

1 can of corn
frozen peas
sliced carrots
1 can stewed tomatoes
2 large potatoes (washed, peeled, and cut up)

to make it soup and not just a pot o stuff add…

a box of beef broth
about 3 cans of tomato juice
around 3 tablespoons or so of Worcester sauce
shake in some salt (or I use seasoned salt)
shake in some chili powder
throw in a couple beef boullon cubes

mix it up and throw on the lid.

Set your crock pot on low for about 6-8 hours.

Serve with whatever you love with soup and feed your soul.

What are your most comforting foods?


Want to see me all maternity-ish?  I am over at A Bloggy Mom reviewing maternity clothes from Kiki’s FashionsCome tell me what you think.

meatloaf…smeatloaf…double beatloaf…i HATE meatloaf*

Last week I was informing the entire world few people that pay attention to me on twitter that I was cooking dinner.  Seems like there were quite a few of us making meatloaf that night.

I hate meatloaf.

Or…I USED TO hate meatloaf.

I mean, I hate my MOM’S meatloaf (it’s ok, she knows).  The meatloaf of my childhood was a loaf o’ burger with onion and green pepper chunks in it with ketchup baked on top.


So when Cort told me years ago that he wished I made meatloaf?  I cried a little was determined to find one that didn’t suck.  Ok, I wasn’t so much determined as I was skeptical that one could actually exist.

Enter Real Simple Magazine.

People?  If you do not know of this wonderful magazine you are missing out on some of the best tips, cutest decor ideas, and deliciously easy recipes EVER.

Anyway…what was this post about?

Oh yeah, meatloaf.

So one day as I am paging through the gloriousness that is Real Simple, I come across a meatloaf recipe.  I am about to blow it off as another disgusting concoction, when I notice there are no chunks of yuck in it.

I  have now made this meatloaf about 247982734927 times.  It’s that good.

It’s the perfect comfort food, although probably not the best “hey let’s lose a thousand pounds” food.

Anyway…here it is:

mmmm….the only yummy meatloaf in the WORLD.

You know what I think makes it yum?  There is not nasty Ketchup involved.  It’s BBQ sauce that you see right there.  And there are no chunks…but there IS shredded Italian cheese in there.  Oh yes, friends.  CHEESE.

Oh Sweet Baby Ray’s…how I love you.

I SUPPOSE you think I should share the recipe at this point, huh?  Well Ok. Because I like you.  You have such a nice face, and all.  Here it is:

1.5 pounds of ground beef

1 cup of shredded Italian blend cheese

1 envelope of dry onion soup mix

2 eggs

1.5 cups of Italian bread crumbs

1/3 cup of water

mix together and form a loaf.

Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

take out and top with BBQ sauce

Bake for 15 more minutes or until done all the way through

let me show you again…mmmmm….

I tend to serve comfort food with, yes, more comfort food.  Mashed potatoes.  Green bean casserole.  Anything that will make my tummy feel full and warm and my eyed drowsy.

why yes, those ARE premade mashed potatoes. I had to draw the line SOMEWHERE.

I whipped up this dinner in less than an hour’s time from start to finish after work one day.  And then I had leftovers for a few lunches to work.

Is there a more perfect meal?

The answer is no.  No there is not.

You’re welcome

*bonus friendy friend points if you can name where I stole borrowed the title from.

this is not about the Olive Garden

This weekend Cortney and I went out for a much needed date.

In fact I am pretty sure the last date we went on was for his birthday.  At the beginning of December. So to say this was much needed?  Is really kind of an understatement.


For Christmas two alumi of mine gave Cort and I gift cards to the Olive Garden–one of our favorite chain restaurants–and we figured it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we should go out.

Now considering we were going to the Olive Garden, I didn’t feel the need to put on a dress and strappy sandals and make an appointment to get my hair and nails done, but I did put in extra effort.

I took a shower AND dried my hair with a hairdryer AND curled it.

And for effect?  I stuck a cute flower in my hair.


oh hey!

We both wore our nice, dark wash jeans.  Cort wore a button down that I gave him for Christmas, and I wore a cute sweater from the Gap.

Nothing super fancy, but not my yoga pants.

I figured this is what people do when they go out for dinner to any place that has a hostess and serves wine.

I would be wrong.

People?  I am not saying that you need to wear your Sunday Best to a chain restaurant, but I did think that clean clothing was sort of a given.

Again, I would be wrong.

When we arrived at The Olive Garden, there was a 40-50 minute wait.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  And we were out for the night, so regardless of if we were sitting at a table or sitting in the lobby, we were still playing on our phones enjoying being alone together.

A 40-50 minute wait will give you a lot of people watching opportunities.

For instance, did you know that apparently wearing an old valour sweat suit with worn out patches at the knees and elbows is totally proper attire for dining at The Olive Garden?

Or that it is completely acceptable to wear tights (not leggings, people.  TIGHTS) as pants with a “dress” (um, SHIRT), is so short your cheeks are not covered…to the Olive Garden?

Perhaps you were aware that wearing hats (ball hats, stocking hats, cowboy hats…) are ok to wear INSIDE the Olive Garden…while you eat.

I was clearly ignorant of the fact that I could have come to the Olive Garden in my pajamas…slippers and all…for this dining experience because a couple times Cort had to give the shush and and tell me to get my jaw off the ground and quit staring.

When our little disc light up happily announcing it was our turn to be seated, I breathed a sigh of relief.  Maybe we would be put into a nice little romantic corner.  Away from…the fashion police rejects.

Or we would be eating at that table right there that is within reach of the lobby.

No problem.  I will sit with my back to them.  Cort is more tolerant.  He can stare at that herd.

We decide to sample a Riesling.

I settle into my chair.

Only to observe the table over Cort’s shoulder.

A mom wearing the largest pair of mom-jeans I have ever seen on such a skinny body tucked into the biggest moon boots ever topped with a massively huge Bon Jovi T-shirt.  Across from her was a dad with those dude jeans that are all tight around the ankles, but all “loose fit” everywhere else and a GIANT Red Wings jersey.  And a hat.

Their two kids?  Were totally cute.

I understand just wanting to get out of the house with clothes on.  Especially when you have two itty bitty kids.

But shouldn’t your look reflect where you are?

Or am I a snob?  Is it wrong that I was visually offended at the “going out” clothing people deem acceptable these days?

I mean I GET the “come as you are” at McDonalds or Wal-Mart or even Target.  I’ve been that girl getting groceries in my yoga pants and a hoodie.

But I feel like I’ve seen enough episodes of What Not To Wear to know that you need to dress for the occasion.

Yoga pants for home?  Ok.

But at the Olive Garden?


Or is that joint not as classy as I thought?

McFatty Monday

Here we are again.  Monday.

Last week I skipped McFatty in lieu of doing For the Love…Of Blogging.

No more skipping.  I’m back to laying it out there for you all.

This week I weighed in at 196.5–two pounds lighter than two weeks ago!  Yay!

I’m still struggling with this journey, to be honest with you.

Last week in my therapy session, I admitted that I knew I would feel better–healthier–if I could find time to exercise.  I miss going to the gym.

Before I got pregnant with Eddie in 2008, I was going to the gym regularly and eating much healthier meals.  I was losing weight and feeling really good about myself.

While pregnant with Eddie, I continued to work out and eat great.

Since starting this weight battle again, my eating habits have improved.  A typical day for me looks like this:

Breakfast: cereal with 2% milk and coffee

Lunch: a fruit, a cheese stick, a fiber one bar, water, and some sort of healthy meal (usually leftovers from dinner).

Afternoon: a diet coke or coffee

Dinner: a protein, a small portion of carbs, and a veggie (sometimes fruit too), and water

I have stopped eating snacks in the evening opting for more water.  I have also been being better about taking my multivitamin, my calcium, and my vitamin D sup.

But I can’t find time to move my booty.

So I asked my therapist if she thought I should give up the hour I spend blogging and writing each evening after Eddie goes to bed, and instead spend it on the treadmill.

She told me, “absolutely not.”

Her reasoning is that being here, on the blog, is the way I verbalize…it’s the way I work through my thoughts when I am not in her office.

It’s important to my MENTAL health.

We agreed that until my schedule allows me to do both blogging and exercising, blogging needs to be a priority–especially since I am eating and sleeping better (which is obviously having a positive effect already).

That doesn’t mean that I won’t still be looking for room in my schedule to occasionally walk or run or do yoga, but I am not allowed to stress out about not doing it.

As long as I am making good choices, the rest will follow.  Exercise will come when my schedule opens up.

You all can hold me to that.

Tomorrow’s Top Ten Tuesday will be my Top Ten Causes that I Support.  I hope you will join in and share the causes you believe in too.  Plus?  We have a snazzy new button!  Yay!

much ado about crock pots

This past weekend there was quite a bit of ruckus going on in the twitter world.  In fact, you could say that twitter?  Was all a’twitter about crock pots.

@thenextmartha (the lovely, Jen of The Martha Project), tweeted something along the lines of nothing good ever comes out of a crock pot.  You can read her post about that here.

There was sort of an uproar.  I mean, normally if you want to see twitter get so heated you tweet about breastfeeding vs bottle feeding or SAHM vs working mom or whatever, but who knew a household appliance could get so many panties in a bunch?

I’ll admit.  My panties were officially bunched over her blasphemous statement.

I really like my crock pot.

No.  I adore my crock pot.

I don’t even really know why I put it away.  From the minute the temperature dips below 70 degrees until sometime in March, we have a crock pot meal at LEAST once a week.

I was not the only one that felt this week.  We crock pot addicts came out in droves to defend our dinner machine.

In fact, a few of us (Miranda, Jen, and I) decided we had something to prove.  And?  This blog hop was born!  Miranda’s is the first post…and from what I’ve tried of her recipes?  They are going to be GOOOOD!!!!  So go check hers out.

As for me?  I am blessing you with THREE recipes: one for chicken, one for beef, and one for pork.

Ok so first is my crock pot recipe for chicken.  This thing is YUM!  I got it from my mom…from some little pamphlet she has.  This is too good for a pamphlet:

Chicken in a Pot:

2 carrots–sliced

2 small white onions–sliced

2 stalks of celery–cut into 1-inch pieces

1 whole broiler/fryer chicken (3-4 pounds-ish)

salt and pepper for taste

a can of no salt/low sodium chicken broth


put the veggies in the bottom of the crockpot and pour the can of chicken broth over them.  Throw in some salt and pepper for taste.  Put the chicken on top and add basil.

Plup (that is my mom’s term) in the crockpot on low for 8-10 hours.

Next up?  The soup that brings me back to my childhood…

Veggie Beef Soup:

about 3/4 pound of stew cut beef seared in a pan and then tossed in the crock pot

add (and I never measure this…just toss in to your liking):



corn (I used canned)

peas (I use frozen)

stewed tomatoes

beef broth (I usually use one of those boxes)

worchester sauce (just a couple tablespoons or so)

tomato juice (a couple cans)

a few beef boulion cubes

a few shakes of chili powder


Let this “plup” on low in the crock pot all day.  We like this with homemade cinnamon rolls. mmmm!

And last, but not least, a pork recipe my cousin, Rachel gave me.

Tangy Pork Ribs

You can use baby back or spare ribs for this, but I have also used a pork tenderloin and it was amazing, so choose some pork, sear it, throw it in a crock pot.

Then you want to create the magic sauce:

3/4 cups of white vinegar

1/2 cup of ketchup

2 tbs of sugar

2 tbs of worchester sauce

1 garlic clove minced

1/3 jar of your fave BBQ sauce (we use sweet baby rays)

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp salt

dash of pepper

3/4 cups water

mix this all together and pour over your pork.

Let plup on low for about 6-8 hours.

I cannot even begin to explain how yum this is.  You will want it for leftovers, but you will find yourself eating ALL of it.

So…crock pot heaven right there.  But if you still don’t believe in the loveliness of the crock pot or if you just can’t get enough crock pot recipes?  There are bunches more just below!  Click and gather, people!

And if you have a great one to share?  Post it and link up!  This hop will be up for a week!  A long, tasty week!

Superfudge and other Christmas Miracles

I polled the audience and it seems that you would all like to see my ridiculousness try to make fudge.

And of course I had to name this post “Superfudge” because Lisa told me to, and she and I share a love of Judy Blume, She-ra, and side ponytails (which I am rocking in this vlog, by the way).

So.  Here is my vlog on my attempt at making my dad’s fudge.

Oh…wait.  first I should set it up for you.

This was what happened last year (in case you forgot):

fudgey turd pile

in years before that?  It hasn’t even set up.  We have used it as chocolate syrup for ice cream.  Last year?  It overly set up.  Sigh…

On to this year! Ok, first I prepped everything:

gathered my supplies

propped up my camera precariously on popcorn tin, Eddie's blocks, and Sandra Boynton books

and then?  the vlog:

Eddie and me sampling the goods

yeah, it actually turned out.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was containing my excitement about this on camera for fear I would look even sillier, but I was way excited.

Also?  This post is titled “and other Christmas Miracles” because guess what…BONUS VIDEO FOR YOU!

If my fudge turning out for the first time in EVER wasn’t the best thing?  We got a package today from one Miranda.  It had a cute Christmas card and a little something she just “whipped” up to give Eddie from her Joshua.

What a great day!!!  Fudge and crayons!!!  Seriously…how does it get better than this?

You asked, I deliver

What’s that?  You would like the recipes from this post?  Well OK!

I already gave you the caramel corn recipe in that post.

But here are the rest:

Peanut Butter Balls:

I don’t use the paraffin wax.  And this NEVER makes 70-80 balls.

Buffalo Chicken Dip:

Once I have everything ready, I usually “bake” it in the crock pot, not in the oven.

Also, serve with tortilla chips

Hot Crab Dip:

I serve with Townhouse Crackers.

Cream Puffs:

I don’t have a picture of this recipe so here it goes…

To make the puffs you need: 1/2 cup of butter, 1 cup of flour, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and 4 eggs.

Melt the butter in 1 cup of boiling water.

Add flour and salt all at once and stir vigorously.

Cook and stir until mixture forms a ball that doesn’t seperate.

Remove from heat and let cool just slightly.

Add eggs one at a time, beating the mixture after each one until smooth.

Drop heaping tablespoons about 3 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes.  NO PEEKING!  They will be flat if you open the oven!

Cool on a rack.

For the filling you need:  1 package (3.4 oz) of french vanilla pudding (use the directions on the back) and cool whip

after making the pudding, mix with the cool whip.

To serve:  slice open a puff (don’t cut all the way through) and fill with the pudding/cool whip mixture.  We like to add chocolate to the top.  You can use chocolate syrup, or, if you’re like me and your fudge never turns out?  You can drizzle that on top.

That’s it!  I hope you all have fun with these recipes!  The are a HUGE part of our holiday tradition around here.

Oh, and remember how I say I make banket every year?

Well, my mom bought some from the ladies at church.  This is what banket is SUPPOSED to look like:

And this is what mine looked like when it was done yesterday:

I’m pretty sure I either have too much almost paste or not enough corn starch because the middle is WAY too runny.

Either way, Cort still says it’s delicious and since I am not the one eating it, that is what matters!

Happy baking!

Tune in for Top Ten Tuesdays this week where I will be listing my Top Ten Wishes (for my family and friends).  Join in if you want, of course!  The linky will be up Monday night!

Top Ten Tuesdays: Holiday Food

Family, friends, decorations, peace on earth, blah , blah, BLAH!

We all know that from Thanksgiving through New Year’s it’s really all about FOOD!  I really don’t want to know how much sugar, butter, chocolate, and cream cheese I got through in that month’s time.  It’s pretty obscene.  And it makes it VERY clear why most people throw their diet out the window this time of the year.  I mean, who can say no to these yummies?

That is why this week Sluiter Nation is counting down our Top Ten favorite holiday foods.

#10 Homemade Caramel Corn

Oh my…YUM!  This is the most buttery, yummy caramel corn I have ever had in my life!  Each year my mom would make at LEAST two batches of this treat for us.  And now that I have my own little house and family, I make it too…and boy is it a hit!

And just because I love you all so much, here is the recipe:

2 cups (or a little less) of popcorn (not microwave)

pop the popcorn and set aside in large bowls for later.

In a saucepan on the stove bring the following ingredients to a boil:

2 cups of brown sugar

1 cup of butter (or margarine)

1/2 cup of light corn syrup

1 teaspoon of salt

boil for 5 minutes while continuously stirring.

After five minutes remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

mix until fluffy

pour mixture over popcorn and mix

spread mixed popcorn on REALLY greased pans and bake for one hour at 250 degrees.  Stir every 15 minutes

cool on waxed paper and then enjoy!

#9 Christmas Cookies

I already told you guys about our Christmas cookie making extravaganza here.  It’s a great tradition we have.

#8 Banket

First of all?  I don’t like almond-flavored things, but Cort LOVES it.  Banket is a Dutch treat that my Grandmas both used to make.  In fact, I have to use my Dutch cookbook.   Mine never turns out very pretty, but Cort always says it’s yum.

#7 Peanut Butter Balls

This one is another fan favorite at our house.  Every year I hand roll the peanut butter balls and then hand dip them in chocolate and then hand shove them into my mouth.  Nom nom nom.

#6 Puppy Chow

I make about three batches of this every holiday season.  People LOVE it.  My sister-in-law could live on it, and I have seen my friend Trisha eat it until she felt sick.  It’s that delicious.  For anyone who has never had this?  I feel VERY sorry for you.  It’s yum.

#5 Tortilla Roll-ups

This one isn’t a sweet treat and I don’t have a picture since I am making them Friday for a holiday party, but they make a yummy little appetizer plus?  they are the easiest thing EVER to make.  All you do is spread a mixture of veggie cream cheese and relish on a tortilla, add dry beef, roll it up, slice it so they look like little pinwheels and stick a tooth pick in for easy eat-ability.  Yum on a stick.

#4 Buffalo Chicken Dip

Again, I don’t have a picture of this, but it’s such a great dip to bring along to your holiday parties this year.  Not only is it addictive (which means you won’t have to take leftovers home), but it makes people want to drink…um…refreshments (which means the party will be super fun and entertaining).  And yes, it has cream cheese in it.  Duh.

#3 Cream Puffs

This one was my father-in-law’s favorite treat.  I used to make them for our holiday get together with him every year upon his request.  After he passed, I didn’t make them for a couple year because I just couldn’t bring myself too.  But last year, my sis-in-law and bro-in-law requested I bring back the tradition.  So again, I busted out the Dutch cookbook and made some yummy cream puffs.

#2 Crab Dip

This one is hot demand whenever we are invited to a holiday party too.  I got this recipe from my almost-sister-in-law’s mom about six years ago.  It melts faces it’s so good.  Seriously.  It’s a warm dip (and does NOT have cream cheese in it…ok, yes it does.)  It is served with crackers and usually I don’t get any of it because it goes so fast.  Yum.

#1 My dad’s fudge

my confession here is that I have never made this correctly (clearly, by the picture of fudge poo you can tell this fact).  I have tried EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR to make this, but I always rush it and it either turns out like a nasty syrup, or it is all crumbly and crystallized and disgusting.  But my dad?  mmmm.  he makes the BEST fudge.  It is the messiest process I have ever seen, but it’s so tasty.  It just melts in your mouth.  So yes, I will be trying again this year.  Stay tuned.  I might vlog it…if you’re lucky.

Want any of the recipes I talked about here?  Let me know in the comments and maybe I will put them up on the blog if there is enough interest.

What are your favorite foods during the holiday season?  Have a Top Ten?  Link up!

ps.  all pictures were taken last year…when we could put presents and decorations on a lower level.  This can’t happen anymore.  you know, because of the toddler.

pssst.  I have also linked MY link up with my girl, Lish over at A Beautiful Mess.  Since today IS Tasty Tuesday and these treats are all quite tasty.  Click over to see more food!!!

Milk and Cookies

nothing better on a cold, snowy Saturday.

the year I didn’t make pie

Before 2007, every Thanksgiving was exactly the same for me: Thanksgiving with Cort’s side for lunch, hang out, my grandma’s house for dinner, end up hanging with our high school/college buddies.

We were always running around.  We were always too full.  We were maybe a wee bit grumpy.

In 2007, we decided that maybe keeping things exactly how they always have been wasn’t working.  In 2008, while I was pregnant with Eddie, we had Thanksgiving with friends who didn’t have any family around to celebrate with.  I made lots of pie.

Once Eddie was born, we decided that instead of running all over and getting overly full, we would visit one side and have our big dinner with the other, and switch each year.

Last year we had Eddie’s first Thanksgiving at Cort’s mom and stepdad’s house. (go ahead and click that link…vintage Eddie is always fun to see).  I made lots of pie.

This year, we stopped in at Granny and Grampy’s house for cocktails, but we did our mega-meal with my side this year.

my sweet Grandma

My Grandma and Grandpa Riemersma have hosted Thanksgiving dinner ever since I can remember, but in recent years, it’s become too much for them to have it at their house, so my aunt has found places for our family to gather the past couple years.  This year we were in the basement of a church.

what can I do to help, grandma?

when we got there, Grandma was in the kitchen getting the coffee ready.  something about her bustling around in a church kitchen reminded me of all the years that she did Lady’s Aid in our church.

Everyone brought something–of course.  My mom, slick lady that she is, signed me up for green bean casserole.

the greenbean casserole was my doing...the squash? never.

The spread was ALMOST as good as if we were all sitting around Grandpa and Grandma’s dining room table.

the spread. and it was good.

There were three tables set up for all of us…which was a little sad because it was just like having dinner at my parents’ house since Cort and Eddie and I ate with my parents.  I didn’t get to talk to everyone all that much during dinner.

Everything was quite scrumptious though no matter where you were sitting.  And Eddie? He was a fan of his grandma’s squash.

yes, I took his sweater off. it was a cute sweater, but it wouldn't have been post squash.

And after all that food?  There was of course coffee and dessert.  And what kind of dessert do you have on Thanksgiving?


I made no pies this year.  It was weird.  I muddled around the house all day on Wednesday questioning what I should be doing with my day.  I mean, why else would schools have Wednesday off if it wasn’t for pie-making?  I felt all lost.

But I thought for SURE after I had some yummy pumpkin pie, my holiday would feel complete and I wouldn’t be sad about not making pie.

and then?  wait for it…THERE WAS NO PUMPKIN PIE!

Cort and I just looked at each other.  No pumpkin pie?  Were we dreaming?  Was this not really Thanksgiving?  We had JUST had the conversation the night before with our friends (who had all decided to NOT have pumpkin pie since it’s not the biggest hit at their family party) that it was just plain weird to not have pumpkin pie.

And now here we stood…pumpkin pie-less.

sadness washed over the Sluiters.

But then?  Grandma brought out the traditional Thanksgiving Bingo.  Grandma knows how to distract sad Sluiters.

yes, that is WD-40. travel size.

There are “prizes” involved in our family game.  It’s not dirty bingo, so you get what you get or you get nothing if that is how the card rolls.  These prizes involve anything from candy, to Christmas decor, to duct tape.  This is real competitive stuff, people.

Michael Riemersma: Caller II

Traditionally, at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, my brother, Chris calls bingo.  He has been the Caller for years.  I actually can’t remember Thanksgiving before bingo and since bingo started?  Chris called.

But last year he wasn’t there, so our youngest brother, who has been in training for this office for years.  He has faithfully sat next to Chris and learned the technique of Caller.

The key, apparently, is to hold the letter/number token close to your mouth–like a microphone–and use your most booming voice possible to announce: B-10!!

not even close to a stinking bingo

And since as Caller you can’t win bingo?  Grandma always rewards the Caller for a job well-done with a king size butterfinger (this year was Reece’s PB cups since she couldn’t find a king sized butterfinger).

no bingo for those under 5

Since Eddie couldn’t play bingo, he monstered around the room until he ended up on Grandma’s lap.

By the time we left, it was past Eddie’s bedtime and everyone had such full tummy’s they had to waddle out to their cars with their bingo spoils.

All in all, a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Next year?  We are back to Granny and Grampy’s house.

And hopefully I will get to make pie again.  And you better BET I will be making a pumpkin pie.

This post is linked with Not Super…Just Mom’s Super Sunday Link up of our best day of the week.  While I had many great days this week, this is the one I chose to link up!  Now hop over to her place and read about some more super days!

Not Super...Just Mom