Santa! The Big Man! The Head Honcho!

Last year, this happened with Santa.

Thank GOODNESS Marvin wasn’t working the Santa gig last night.


Eddie was still wary.  It’s like he blanked.

don't bother me...I'm...thinking.

Like most kids, he is very excited about the idea of Santa.

But when faced with the Big Man himself?'s a football?

Alas, Eddie didn’t have much to say to Jolly Old Saint Nick.

But he was nice, and gave Eddie a candy cane and told us all to be good.

luckily Eddie was not told he would shoot his eye out.

And Eddie avoided eye contact the whole time.

Until we were out of Santa’s “lair”.

Then he was all talk about how much he likes Santa.

Go figure.

How are your kids with Santa?

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