Got Some

It’s a very special Wednesday here in Sluiter Nation!  Today’s recruit is WAY special.  But first you probably need to know what a Recruit is, so go here.  I’ll wait.

So this week’s Recruit is so close to me that he actually sleeps with me.

That’s right.  This week I am bringing you the words of my sweet husband, Cortney.  Did you know he blogs?  Well, he sort of blogs. OK, he has really good intentions of blogging.  Alright, he started a blog.  It’s called Tasty Buttered Toast.  Sometimes he puts his thoughts there.  But not as often as I wish he would. Because people?  He is a damn fine writer when he wants to be.

He started his blog when he was unemployed, and now that he IS employed…and back to school…and bowling league…and a dad of a toddler…and husbanding a pregnant wife who is carrying his next son…well, he is a bit swamped.

Plus he was the one who encouraged my words.

And because I love his words (and his cute booty), he is here today.


I was asked to be a “recruit” over a month and a half ago… at first I thought I was a neat idea.  Write for the blog that I encouraged, nay, convinced Kate to write.  And here we are, how many hundred posts later, more readers than she could have ever imagined from parts of the world she’s never traveled.  Anxious to read those comments from so many of you, most of which she has never met in person, but talks about so often you’d swear she just got home from having lunch with them.

For me this blog is more than just an outlet to share the goings on of our little family, but it’s a chance for my darling wife to vent her frustrations, share her successes, and probably most importantly get support from her “fan base” to get her through those rough patches… and you all know we have had our share of those.  A HUGE thank you, and you know who you are, for being there when we needed that little extra something to get us through a rough spot.

So, back to this recruit thing… at first I thought it was a neat idea, not to mention a great way to give me a chance to put my mark on her little slice of the blogosphere pie.

It’s an interesting position to be in… I feel as though most of you already know so much about me already, what is there new to share?  What is there that I want to share?

Well, let’s see… I’ve hit a hole-in-one, bowled a 300 game.  I wonder why there is so much spitting in baseball, even by the players that don’t chew or eat sunflower seeds.  I don’t understand why some people with a NASCAR sticker in their back window choose to drive under the speed limit.

At one time in my life I was an avid pro-PC geek… back then, it was mostly just to antagonize my pro-Mac friends.  Truth be told I haven’t had enough time on a Mac to know that I don’t like it, I just know that the stuff I do on a PC would be different on a Mac; and change at this point isn’t a good choice.  I have a pretty good feeling that at some point, there will be an Apple product in this house (other than an iPod).

I’m not much of a cook, but I pride myself on putting out a solid spread at breakfast time… all credit to my late father for those skills.  He could grill just about anything, but breakfast, specifically omelets; were his specialty.

Well there you have it.  Not too shabby for my first post on the blog with my last name in the header.  I must say, I’m quite proud of the little space that Kate has created, built, and maintained on her own.  Thank you for your continued support of her writing and well-being.  Your comments and site visits make my heart smile.


He doesn’t have a ton of posts, but he has some that I really love.

When his Grandpa Sluiter passed on Christmas last year, he wrote this:  Parting Ways

His take on lullabies:  Squeeze Box

And every post he writes about his dad gets me.  This one is from last year:  And I Walk the Long Road

I know he hasn’t posted over there since August, but when he does write…man does he write.  I can’t wait until he writes about being a dad someday.  I know it will be fabulous since he is so wonderful at it.