comfort and joy

students with kind words and hearts

a mother’s reassuring email that crying is ok

a huge pickle from Jimmy Johns with my sandwich

my hand being held as I fall asleep

a little brother who comes over just to love on an old cat

funny stories about said old cat

a diet coke with a lot of ice

the smell of pumpkin and spice through the house

a crock pot full of warm veggie soup

a gentle squeeze from my very favorite co-worker who gets it

a softly sleeping furry friend in my lap

warm coffee in the morning

the cool side of the pillow

an open window at night

a scotcharoo before bed

the people in my computer

orange, red, and yellow leaves

deep dimples and shiny blue and hazel eyes

the lingering smell of cologne in our bedroom

a dad who wishes he could be there

a calendar with more open days then penned on days

the word VISELS on the calendar for Friday

a brother and new sister-in-law who got home safely

homemade cornbread

random pieces of happy in my snail mail

a life on the inside

great things happening for great people

sweet messages

90’s on nine on Sirius Satellite Radio always bringing me to my happy place.

etsy and other handmade shops

pony tail holders


blond curly head on my shoulder at night

Dr. Seuss in a comfy chair

sunny days…chasing the clouds away

people in my real life

the kindness of strangers

sharp pencils

fist bumps

sour patch kids

a great book on a rainy day

clean, crisp sheets

a fresh piece of lined paper and a new pen

a freshly shaved face close to my face

poop jokes

casual Friday

“uv oo, momma”

“Love you, Kate.”



are you on twitter?

do you like wine?

do you hate stroke?

then you should join me and a bunch of other crazy cool bloggers for a twitter party tomorrow, Wednesday, September 28 at 9:00pm est.

We will be raising money for charity, drinking wine…er…grape juice, and giving out prizes!

Want to know more?  Go visit Lori here where she talks all about it including the what you could win by participating.