We Think You’re DINO-MITE!

About 2 weeks ago I went on a pinning spree on pinterest for Valentine ideas for Eddie to “make” for his friends at daycare.

I showed them all to Cort and asked him which one he liked best for Eddie and I to make.

Me:  Hey, babe.  Which of these do you like better?  I sort of like the Owl one, but getting a pencil is sort of boring.  But it’s cute.  What do you think?

Cort:  They’re all cute.  whatever.

Me:  Should I do this monster one?  That is cute.

Cort:  Do the bear one.  That looks easiest.  Plus we know the kids like Bear Grahams (what Eddie calls Teddy Grahams).

Me:  Ok.  Yeah.  The bear one.  Eddie can help me with that one.

Fast forward to this past Saturday morning.

Cort is going over the grocery list I made before he goes to the store to make sure he knows what I mean by everything.

Cort: Gummy Bears?

Me: Yeah, you know, for the Bear Valentine’s Eddie and I are going to make tomorrow?

Cort:  Oh. Right.  Ok.

And the boys leave me alone for a good hour to do the grocery shopping.

They get home and Eddie is all excited and sticky.


I get a wipe and Eddie starts telling me something about candy and dinosaurs.  Cort smiles and says, “oh yes.  There was a theme to our shopping today.”

Oh fun!  I was glad Eddie was a good boy for grocery shopping and they could have some daddy/son fun.

I start to empty the groceries: cereal, poptarts, gummy dinosaurs, broccoli…

wait. gummy DINOSAURS?

Me: Um, babe?  Were they out of gummy bears? (perhaps said with more than needed attitude)

Cort: No.  We had a discussion and decided the dinosaurs were cooler.  Why?  Did it need to be bears?

Me:  Um. sort of.  It’s a BEAR HUG Valentine.  Dinosaurs don’t make sense (again said with WAY too much attitude).

Cort:  Do you want me to go back to the store?  (said trying to hold back the frustration of the wife who is maybe making too big a deal out of all of this).

Me: No.  We will just use the teddy grahams.  No biggie.  Wait…you bought dinosaur graham crackers too??

Cort: Yeah.  I told you.  It was a theme.


And this, my friends, is where I lost all sight that my husband took my son out of the house for over an hour so his pregnant, uncomfortable wife could shower in peace and then read her book alone.

Where I snapped off his head for forgetting something I probably would have forgotten too if I was trying to make fun and happy out of a grocery trip with a 2-year old.

Cort: It’s not the end of the world.  I will just go back.

Me (suddenly realizing I have lost my mind over something dumb): No. It’s ok.  I’ll make it work.  I’m sorry.

And I did.  Because there was no way I was making Cort go back out to the store over seven Valentines for kids under the age of five who will just scarf down the treat and toss the Valentine anyway.

So instead of “Bear Hugs to _____ from Eddie,”

We have “I think you’re DINO-MITE!  RAWR! From Eddie” (attached to a baggie with Meijer brand Dinosaur graham crackers and gummy dinosaurs).

It’s really more his style anyway.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sluiter Nation!  We think YOU’RE Dino-mite!