God and avocados

On the drive home from daycare yesterday…

“Mom? Did you have a great day?”

“I sure did, Bud. Did you?”

“yeah I did.  me and Cha-ee had a great day!”

“Well great!”

“Mom? Who put dat twee dare?” (Who put that tree there?)

“Well I suppose maybe someone planted it there.  Or maybe God put it there.”

“God puts da twees pwaces?” (God puts the trees places?)

“He does.  And he made the grass and the flowers and the bugs and the animals…”

“And wood? God make wood?”


“And God made mailboxes?”

“Sure, bud.”

“Wow.  God is…a pweeeety busy guy, mom.” (a preeeeetty busy guy)

“He sure is Ed. He sure is.”


“yeah, bud?”

“Does God have a back pack for he lunch?”


And if that conversation wasn’t enough, less than an hour later I gave the baby avocado for the first time.

not my most shining solo-parenting decision.

Things are going well so far.

Extremely exhausting and different, but good.

Thank you for believing in me.