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Today’s post is from the lovely CDG who writes her lovely words at Move Over Mary Poppins.  I met this lovely lady via The Red Dress Club.  She writes some of the only online fiction I can read…it is that good.  And it’s a romance series!  I usually HATE romance!  So yes, she rocks my face.  But she is also a boy mom and someone who I am pretty sure would be a great friend in real life.

We love to chat it up on twitter and we share a love of the men of SNL.  You can’t beat that with a stick.

She lifts me up when I feel bad about myself and she makes me laugh when I don’t want to.  She is exactly what I need in a friend.  I can’t wait to someday share a beer and some yummy East Coast seafood with her.


 My internet is a city.

My blog is a walk-up. The sidewalks are cobbled like Beacon Hill, but the heartbeat of the neighborhood is more like Greenwich Village. Here I have my own space. I choose the art on the walls and the words I put out for my guests. I come and go as I please.

Most mornings, I sit with my breakfast and dip into the conversation on Twitter. It’s a little coffee shop–the one with the green striped awning and the wrought iron chairs outside, the one with really good muffins. There’s a regular crowd, and we catch up, we laugh, we tease and play ad confide and move along with our days. If I need to pop back in for a refill on my coffee? Someone is always there to chat with.

I go visiting. In between the necessary things–banking, shopping, researching, and of course, creating!–I visit my favorite blogs. As I make the rounds, leaving little notes to say hello, I am reminded of the vibrant diversity of my community. And it fuels my desire to write, to connect, to give friends a reason to come back to my house.

There are neighborhoods in this city, and as I wander from one to another, I see familiar faces, common threads and gathering places. I walk in this city knowing who I am and comfortable in my skin.

A little over a year ago, after more than four years of blogging, I really started delving into Twitter, reaching out of a long, dark winter, seeking something. I don’t know that I could have said at the time what exactly that something was.

What I was looking for was a community.

It happened in a flash, as Twitter does. I followed the right person, and suddenly there were conversations, discoveries, new blogs and voices in my solitude. And these voices heard me and identified with me.

I had been so lonely. My friendships were in flux, my best friends scattered far and wide, in some cases lost for good, and I had turned inward.

From the safety of my laptop, I forged new connections. They introduced me around, helped me find my voice after a lot of uncertainty and silence .And they began to matter.

I began to offer up more of myself, to take chances and risks in my writing. And instead of doubt, there was interest and feedback and encouragement. My little walk-up got some new paint, a few new houseplants, and it’s inspiration back.

For a long time, I worried that I was only setting myself up for more loneliness. After all, real and rewarding friendships with people based on a tiny avatar photo and a typing style? Unlikely.

Not so much, because here I am.

Here we all are.

A community, woven by comments and tweets and email. My friends, my neighborhood. My home.

The internet is my city.


See?  Beautiful words.  Gorgeous in fact.

So go follow CDG on twitter and chat with her about Boston, SNL, and beer.

Then go read this sampling of lovey.  It will make you instantly follow her blog, Move Over, Mary Poppins.

She does stuff like this…this is why I love her:  This is Crazy

She writes sentimental stuff like this…this is why I want to hug her…and then go on a road trip with her:  He’s Totally Cheat at Car Bingo

She writes mad awesome fiction that makes me feel her characters as if they are real…this is why I will say, “I knew her when…”:  Adjusting the Phrasing

She is a boy mom who says the things I don’t know how to say…this is what we bond over:  Penny For My Heart

So go forth and love my East Coast friend.  I can share.

Shut up, I can.