A Car Mouse

Today the boys and I had a few errands to run: my chiropractor appointment, taking my loads of new books to my classroom, and picking Alice up from daycare.

Easy, right? Just a couple hours round trip.

Just me, Eddie, and Charlie.

And a mouse.

Yes, you read that right. We took a mouse on our errands with us.

I mean, I didn’t mean to take a mouse with us. He totally hitched a ride.

I was driving down the road and all of a sudden, a small, white and brown face with a little pink nose peeked at me from behind my windshield wiper.

You would think I would have freaked out right then and there, but here’s the thing: this is not the first time this has happened.

Last fall, I also had a small rodent–probably his uncle–hitch a ride with me to school.

I wouldn’t say I was exactly calm, though. I really do not love mice. And I’ll admit that I first prayed that he would fly off the car. But I didn’t lose my mind and drive off the road or anything.

Instead, I texted Cortney from a stop light (I don’t text and drive because danger) and told him it was time to get out the traps for the garage again.

And then I watched that mouse like a hawk because my biggest fear was that it would find a way into the car, and then I really would freak out and drive off the road.

Little Dude was pretty nervous–my car hadn’t moved since Thursday, so he probably had no idea that what he thought was his new home was now moving. He kept pretty close to my windshield wipers, but tucked under the hood and out of the breeze.

When I got to the chiropractor, I parked near some grass and bushes hoping he would make a break for it. He did not. He peeked at me again once we were pulling out of the parking lot.

When I got to school, I parked near the dumpster hoping he would smell “food” and leave. He did not. He wiggled his body just enough that I could still see him hunched under the hood as I came to a four-way stop.

When we got to daycare to pick up Alice, I parked near some shrubbery and wood chips hoping he would move out. He did not. I could see his tiny face as he huddled just out of the reach of the cold air.

When I got home, I rushed the kids in the house and hoped he would leave. I am sure he has not.

But now I am handing this issue over to Cortney because I am sure he has friends. I just hope he does not have a bunch of babies under my car’s hood.

Because then we will just have to abandon my car somewhere and walk away.