more sleep

It’s Sluiter Nation Recruit Wednesday again!  Yay!


This week I am super excited to bring you someone I have stalked read for quite awhile but lurked and never commented.  In fact, last May she was at a blogging conference with me, and I was so intimidated by her awesome, that I didn’t introduce myself.  I just stared and thought, “that is really her…like in PERSON!”

Sometime in the past few months she wrote a post that I couldn’t help but comment on.  And include in my weekly Saturday round up of awesome on the internet.  And I tweeted it.  And she tweeted me back.  And we chatted. And…she is AWESOME!  And approachable. And I am clearly a moron for not talking to her a year ago.

And can I use the word “and” again?

Jen has four children…but three of them came out at the same time.  We call those triplets ’round these parts.

She has been SUPER supportive while I navigate having a toddler and a newborn because she has done it.  With THREE infants.  But she never makes me feel dumb for being overwhelmed with only one.

That is why Jen is awesome, people.

Today she is here talking about those cutie pie triplets back when they were teeny tiny.


One of the best things that we did when the triplets were newborns was hire someone to come into our house and do the midnight feeding every other day.

This God-sent of a person would come to our house at 10:30pm. When she got there Jeff and I would go to bed. She would do the triplet’s midnight feeding, change their diapers, put them back to sleep and then leave. This meant that Jeff and I didn’t have to get up until about 3am for their next feeding.

Jeff and I would get to sleep for about 5 hours in a row!

I know that might not sounds like a lot of sleep but when you are dealing with infant triplets who need to be feed every three hours, 5 hours of sleep in a row is like heaven because on a normal night it is 2 or 3 hours of sleep.

It had been a particularly long day. Hayden showed me the full force of the terrible twos and the triplets were disgruntled and decided that they weren’t going to follow the nice schedule that had been set for them.

At one point in this day, all of us were in tears.

Thank God, that night was one of the nights our babysitter was supposed to come over. When she walked through the door, let’s just say I ran in bed yelling “Hi and thank you” as I went.

The day had beat me up and spit me out so I was asleep as my head hit the pillow.

The sleep was beautiful, deep,and dreamless. It was so good that I actually woke up on my own, totally, not normal for me. I never woke up on my own, it was always too babies crying or a toddler saying, “Mommy?!”

I smiled to myself and lay there in the peace but then I began to wonder…. what was wrong with the triplets? Could it be that they were actually sleeping through the night? Where they going to be miracle babies and at 8 weeks old sleep through the night?

I rolled over to check the baby monitor when I was greeted with the alarmed clock…


“HOLY SHIT!” I screamed smacking Jeff dangerously close to man parts. “It’s after 4am. We missed the triplets feeding.”

The baby monitor silently yelled at me. Some how the volume was off but the lights flashed, signaling that my babies were crying.

I threw the covers off and ran out of the room screaming, “Oh my God! My babies!”

I raced up the stairs and busted into the triplets bedroom to hear the hoarse cries and whimpers of my three tiny infants. I bounced back and forth between the three cribs like a chipmunk on crack trying to pat and sooth each baby.

As the baby cries began to ramp up again, I realized I didn’t have any bottles. In my hast, I had run up the stairs without what the kids really wanted… freaking food.

“Jeff! Jeff! Bottles. We need to feed them, we to….” I ran back downstairs almost knocking Jeff over as he climbed up the stairs with three bottles in his hands, warmed and ready to go. The man is nothing but level headed and thank God for that.

I turned around and ran back into their room. Jeff walked in behind me, set the bottles down and picked up Quinn. I scooped up Jake and then Claire and sat down ‘criss-cross applesauce’ on the floor with a baby in positioned on each leg.

With Jake, Quinn and Claire hastily sucking down bottles, my postpartum emotions took over and I began to sob.

“What?” Jeff asked and he began to burp Quinn.

“I am a horrible mother! I let my newborn baby triplets cry for God know how long. They cried so long they are hoarse. What kind of mother does that? Aren’t I suppose to have this 6th sense to hear them and just know? How can I be enough for three babies?” I sobbed as Jake finished his bottle and I lifted him to burp.

Jeff placed Quinn, who had drifted back to sleep, in his crib and took Jake from me to do the same. Claire finished her bottle and let a burp escape her lips so I stood up to place her in her crib.

“I am a horrible mother,” I repeated, tears rolling down my cheeks. “Why did God think it would be a good idea to give me triplets?”

“You are not a horrible, mother.” Jeff said coming up beside me and kissing me on the cheek. “So they cried for a little longer than usual. Crying never killed a baby. And look they are all now happily sleeping”

“But I didn’t sense them. I didn’t feel their need for me…” I cried.

“Yes, you did,” Jeff said, “Sure it was later and they had to cry but when you heard them you ran up here like your ass was on fire. You are a wonderful mother and you are the perfect mother for my children. They and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as I sniffed and wiped some snot on my sleeve.

“Positive.” Jeff said, “Now can we get a couple hours more sleep?”

I tried to process my emotions, my feelings of being inadequate, Jeff’s words but the only thing my exhausted brain could grab onto was…. more sleep.

Go read some more by Jen.  She rocks.