Secret Mommy-hood Confessions Saturday

I really like that Kim does Secret Mommy-hood Confessions Saturdays.  I helps me vent out things that have been weighing on me all week.

So here is today’s:

I’m tired.

I know that is not a juicy one.  In fact, now you’re bored and will probably just move on, and that’s ok.

But I’m going to plunge ahead anyway, Ok?

This week totally exhausted me.  So much so that after getting out of bed this morning at 10:00 (thank you, Cort!), I played with Eddie for an hour and then passed out on the couch for THREE HOURS.

This week was hard on me even though it really wasn’t a bad week.  Ever have one of those?

I am tired of picking up after teenagers.

I am tired of students leaving things behind and then freaking out WEEKS later.

I am tired of having to say, “get back to work,” “let’s focus,” “talk while you work…WHILE you work,” among other things.

I am tired of giving a thousand chances to maybe get a D- instead of an F.

I”m tired of having to hound 18 year olds about graduation requirements.

I”m tired of doing more for less.

I also learned some exhausting lessons this week.

students never hear you the first time (this should not be knew, but in light of the week, it was frustrating).

adults can act every bit as immature as a 14 year old can.

adults can back stab you if they think it will get them in good with someone.

not many people can keep a secret.

massive week-long blog events that include a gazillion giveaways are incredibly rewarding…and exhausting.

I need to toot my own horn when I want to be recognized for something I am proud of.  Maybe others will pick up their horns for me too, but maybe not.  So I have to play LOUD–for myself.

It’s exhausting to be proud of yourself.  Many positive things happened to me this week–mostly in the blogging world–and keeping up with them left my head spinning.

But I will end this tired ramble with the things I am proud of, that I hope you will take the time to check out.

The first is huge.  HUGE.  I have a new button on my blog.  It looks like this:
I was syndicated on

That’s right!  I am on BlogHer with my post My Mother’s Hands.  Because of tons of encouragement from this lady, this lady, and of course this lady, AND with Cort rooting me on, I shoved all my fear of rejection down and submitted five of my babies posts to BlogHer.

Knowing the talent that they usually pick up, I really wasn’t expecting to hear back (I know, I know…lame of me), but when that email landed in my inbox?  I FREAKED OUT!

Cort was gone to class and I just scooped Eddie up and danced and cried with him.  He thought his momma had finally lost it.

So anyway, please go read my post over there…and leave me some love and sparkles if you like it.

I have also been adding this little guy to a couple of my posts lately:

 MommyofaMonster This post was featured!

That’s right, the sweet and talented Natalie has taken notice of me lately (which makes me blush), and has featured me two weeks in a ROW on her Monster Likes weekend round up of her fave posts.  This week my writing tips made the cut.  Go check out who else she likes this week (always good reads, by the way).

Third, in case you hadn’t heard, I am now on the team at The Red Dress Club

I am all sorts of honored and still blown away that Nichole and Cheryl–two writers I hugely look up to–would even consider me to be part of their team, let alone ask me!  To me, this is exactly the thing that has been missing from my writing life.  It pushes me to read more, contact other writers, and think outside of my own writing box.  I love it.

Speaking of The Red Dress Club, some of you may or may not know that I have this blog:

this is where I do my creative writing.  Right now there is a piece of fiction I just posted–and I almost never write fiction–that I feel pretty good about.  I’d love for you to give it a read and tell me what you think.  It’s called White Agony.

Since I am listing things I am proud of here, I also still have Katie’s Bookcase:

I haven’t posted here in a while since I am in the middle of reading books…as are many of my contributors.  If you have read a book that you would like to submit a review for, contact me, and we will set something up!

Lastly, if you haven’t entered all of mine and Miranda’s giveaways?   You can find a list of all the links here.

More than one person asked me this week asked how I do it all.  Even my therapist wanted to know.

And I just shake my head.

I don’t know.  I really don’t.  I all I can say is, if you really, REALLY love something, you will do it.  If something brings joy to you in spite of the challenges it causes, you will do it.

Or at least I will.

But?  It will still tire me out.

Who Needs BlogHer?

Monday we packed up and headed south.  South to Indianapolis.  There is much fun to share.  We went to the zoo (of course!) and to the Children’s Museum.  I will post about all that family fun when I get a chance to sort through the pictures.

Why Indy?  You may be asking.  We picked Indy as our first family vacation because I was bullied persuaded by some very wonderful ladies that Indy would be the perfect distance for our little family with lots of fun stuff to do.  And?  I would get to hang out with these VERY special chicas.

Emily, a fellow blogger and friend from ALL the way back in high school, was ridiculously crazy generous enough to invite a bunch of the most wonderful bloggers in Indy to her house for a cookout and some hang time.  Our babies/kids played.  Our husbands chatted.  And we?  We talked it up and giggled like we do this once a month.

After the initial introductions (which some of us didn’t really need because of the whole blog reading), we were hanging out and trying out make up and talking about schools as if we did this every Tuesday night.

Sigh…if only we did this every Tuesday night.

But…these girls (and more who are not pictured because they couldn’t come) are only four hours away by car.  and seconds away by computer.

The whole experience was surreal to me.  I know them, but I don’t.  But I do now.  Sort of.

I may not have been able to go to BlogHer10.  I may not have the cash to go to BlogHer11, but I did go to Indy10.  And it was wonderful.

Special thanks to Sarah, Emily, and Casey for making our trip so fun.  Next year?  The fair!  And fried butter!  Ok, maybe not fried butter.

Sluiter Nation is NOT Going to BlogHer ’10

Wait…some of you may be wondering what the ham sandwich BlogHer even is.

BlogHer is the BIGGEST blogger conference of the year.  This year it’s this coming weekend in New York City. There are all sorts of workshops and parties and networking opportunities and swag and sponsors and…and…and ALL MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS (well, a LOT of them).  In my head?  It is all glamorous and wonderful and there is talk and hugs and learning and love going on.

Sluiter Nation will not be there.

What?!?  Why not?  I can hear you gasping as you read that.  Yes, I know.  Sounds right up my alley.  Sounds like loads of fun.  Sounds like the ULTIMATE girls weekend away.

Yup, still not going.

Twitter is all a, well twitter, with #blogher talk.  Everyone is discussing what to pack, where to meet, who is rooming with whom.  It’s a big slumber party!

And I’m not going.


It’s not because I don’t want to!  And yes, I am hugely jealous of those going.  Every time someone new tweets about it?  I get a little sad I won’t be there.

But here is the thing…I found out about it WAY TOO LATE.

I know, I know..I’ve been blogging for three years.  But really?  I have just been in this world of blogging/twitter for just over two months. I was all unaware of this community of bloggers!  I didn’t even know BlogHer existed three months ago, and by that time?  It was all sold out.

Plus?  It is SUPER expensive.  I have decided if I want to go next year?  I need to start saving now. Or three months ago.  Anyway, I need to start saving.

So, that all being said…I hope everyone going has a super fabulous time…but to you ladies who are home with me this weekend?  Cheers to you!  Link up below and we can have our own pity wine party!