the taste of summer

We take summer quite seriously in Sluiter Nation. We live in West Michigan practically on Lake Michigan. This means our winters are hard and our summers are glorious. I mean, when you live somewhere that gives you THIS for winter?

You learn at a very young age that the hot days of summer are not to be squandered, but lived up to the fullest!

We try to do all the things when it comes to summer.

Zoo trips and parks and farmer’s markets and walks and ice cream trips and camping.

We spend a TON of time on the lake on a boat or on the beach.

We swim in Granny’s pool and eat cold, crisp watermelon.

We wash our cars by hand and play in the sandbox.

We have bonfires and kiddie pool parties with friends.

And we sit in our garage and drink beer in the evenings.

I know, I know. We have a deck, so why don’t we sit back there with our nightcap?

We have lots of friends who ask us this very same thing. They think it is totally weird and a little ghetto to grab a bag chair and a frosty cold one, and plant it in the garage.

I think it’s heaven.

Cort and I used to do it quite frequently before having kids. We would spend an entire Saturday doing yard work and house work and then treat ourselves to endless beers while watching the neighborhood wind down from our garage.

It’s like watching a show.

People would stroll by and wave. Kids would play in the street (we live on the deadend of a subdivision). Sometimes a storm would roll in and we would just enjoy it.

Usually we drink good old American light beer.

But to be honest, “beer” is not my favorite taste. In college I preferred cocktails to beers, but if six packs were being purchased, I requested some sort of hard cider.

Remember those bottles of Wood Chuck? Yeah, that was my first “beer” that I could drink. And it’s so not even beer.

I haven’t had a hard cider in probably 13 or so years.

Until this past weekend.

Memorial Day weekend is the official start of summer ’round these parts and so we do summer things.

This year we did a ton of yard work and car washing on Saturday. While Eddie was helping his dad, I sat on my butt in the garage and pulled out something new: a Michelob Ultra Light Cider.

my view from my cider-drinking spot in the garage.

When I bought it a couple days prior, the guy in the beer store asked me if I had ever had it since it was new. I told him no, and he told me it’s becoming pretty popular already. They had sold over two cases of it in the two or so weeks since it had been released.

This gave me hope.

I just never know when I am getting something that is supposedly “flavored.” But this said it was naturally flavored with crisp apples. mmm.

After my first sip, I smacked my lips and held the bottle out to stare at it.

“Well?” Cort asked me.

“Tastes like a green jolly rancher. That has been beer-ized.”

“Is that good?”

“You bet it’s good! Mmmm!”

Ok, so I wasn’t completely correct when I called it “beer-ized.”

Beer is apparently different than cider. The brewing process is the same, but rather than using barley and hops, cider uses apples. This is a win in my book since overall barely and hops are not my favorite taste in the whole world.

And Michelob naturally sweetens it’s light cider with stevia.

AND it’s naturally gluten-free.

AND it’s only 120 calories!

(why yes, this isa sponsored post, but I really was all sorts of amazed at these facts.)

Anyway, long story short, I liked it.

So I brought it along on Memorial Day when we spent the whole day with our very wonderful friends at their house. After dinner, a fire was lit outside and we dragged out the bag chairs. And I totally busted out the Michelob light cider. I was enjoying it so much, my friends asked me to taste. So I cracked them open and passed the around.

this guy is pretty happy he is friends with a blogger.

As you can see, they were well-received.

Next time I get it, I’m going to see how it tastes in a glass over ice. Because doesn’t that pretty much sound like a perfect drink for reading a book on the back deck?

Yeah it does.

So spill it (see what I did there? Punny), what is your favorite refreshment for the summer? What fave summer meal would you pair Michelob ULTRA light cider with?


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