Things I’m Afraid To Tell You

Yeah, I know.

What could possibly be left that you don’t know.

Well, plenty. Although not that I am afraid to tell you, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I mean sheesh, I’ve only been doing this blogging thing for four years and 11 months.  GIVE ME SOME TIME TO GET TO IT, PEOPLE.

Wait.  What?  Sorry.

Anyway, there’s sort of a “thing” going on that is pretty cool.  A movement of sorts. Jess from Makeunder My Life wrote a post called Things I’m Afraid To Tell You. Ez of Creature Comforts took the idea and ran with it (including designing the image you see below), and the Huffington Post thought it was such a good idea they published a piece about it.

Lisa of joycreation is determined to keep it going.

And since I’ve always been as honest as I know how here in Sluiter Nation, I am adding my own post in the mix.

So here goes…

1.  I have more gas than my husband does.  Most of the stink in this house?  Is me.

2. No one ever told me my chin was going to sprout hair someday.  I mean what the mess is up with CHIN HAIR?  And how in the WORLD can a manly thing like a BEARD be something that happens after doing something exclusively WOMANLY as giving birth?

3. I let my kid say “butt” because I think it’s funny.

4. Sometimes I tell people that Eddie is being a jerk.  Not in front of him (or at least I try not to in front of him), and I know it makes them uncomfortable.

5. My baby has ear fuzz.  like ON his ear.  On the top.  I thought it was fluff that would wear off, but it hasn’t.  Cort has offered to buzz it off, but I can’t do that.  But…eek!  Ear fuzz!  I am afraid he will be all hobbit-like.

6. I am positive I don’t brush my kid’s teeth enough.

7. I notice almost every. single. grammar error in someone else’s blog post.  But I get pissy when someone expects my posts to be perfect because I am an English teacher.

8. I have such intense social anxiety about taking my kids out in groups, that I didn’t do it for the first two summers of Eddie’s life.  This year I am determined to do it…not get over it necessarily, but get past it.   Tuesday’s zoo trip almost sent me over the edge.

9. The only time I look at my blog stats are when I have guest bloggers so I can tell them how their day was on my site.

10. We almost never listen to kid’s music in this house.  Not only are Lady Gaga and the Beastie Boys among Eddie’s favorite artists, I encourage him to love them.

There you go.  Ten things that while I am not necessarily NOT telling you (or anyone else), I don’t really brag  them up because I feel like they show my snotty, shallow, lazy sides.

But I have those sides.

I mean, don’t we all?  We all get hung up on stupid crap.

Crap we know is not important in the long run, that if we hear people say it out loud we are like, “really, dude?  Talk about a first-world problem!”

Those are the things I hate to admit out loud.

So tell me…whisper it even…what is ONE thing you are afraid to tell?

And then hop to some of these amazing blogs and read what they are confessing…

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