Twenty-Two Minutes


8:00 pm and no daddy tonight.

I suck in my breath and mentally put on my superwoman cape.

Or maybe it’s my lawyer pants.

Yeah. My lawyer pants. The negotiating kind of lawyer.

Katie Sluiter: Chief Bedtime Negotiating Specialist.

Specializes in keeping it cool and calm all the while totally prepared to bring out the BIG GUNS.

Books or Bedtime?  Always ready to go with bedtime if he calls my bluff.

Just one more book?  Always ready to stick with just that one.  Even if it’s short.

Micky Mouse Clubhouse?  Ooo.  Tough one.  But no.  Even through the tears, no.

Sleep in Momma’s Bed?  While tempting because the boy smells good and is cute, no.  HOLD FIRM. NO.

That last ditch meltdown?  This is where the years of talking restaurant patrons off ledges about their overdone steaks comes in handy.

What can I offer in exchange for the unappetizing fate?

when you wake up you…
get to go to ‘Nae’s house
Daddy will play ABC’s for you
momma will watch Micky
Yeah.  All the things he loves.

And just when he won’t budge off the couch?  Stage a race to the bedroom.

Wait for it…

He took the bait!

Bedtime is a win again.


8:22 pm.

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