Back To School Bonanza Giveaway Recap

Whew!  That?  Was a WHOLE bunch of giveaways!  While I sat in school and worked on syllabi and lesson plans, and classroom organization?  My blog was posting FIVE awesome giveaways!

Just a few reminders:

  • Each giveaway will run until Thursday, August 26 at 1:00pm est
  • I will draw ONE winner for each using
  • Make sure you check back on Friday, August 27 to see the winners…each will have 48 hours to claim his/her prize before I draw someone new.

That is all!  Oh, and here is a recap of the giveaways in case you missed them and want to still enter:
Tie A Little Ribbon: $15 store credit
JSanken Photography: two 5×7 prints of the nature shots in the post
Gussy: $30 store credit (not including baby blankets)
Bird E Studios:  bib, paci clip, and diaper clutch bundle (your choice of fabric)
The Vintage Pearl: $25 store credit

Next week I will have my very first guest post up for Back to School!  You won’t want to miss it!

Back To School Bonanza!

I’m going back to school.  There.  I said it.  The time is coming.  My first official meeting is next Thursday evening–a week from today– and then the week after that I am in meetings for my high school teaching job, and Grand Rapids Community College actually starts class, so I will be teaching there.

The summer has gone so dang fast.  I feel that way every year, but this year it’s different somehow.

Usually by this time, although I hate to see the summer go?  I am ready to get back on a schedule and get to the business of being productive.

But this year, I don’t really feel that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job!  But I fell in love with being a mom this summer.  Even though Cort’s being unemployed has been a strain on the family budget, it has been such a blessing being home as a family of three this summer–especially after our tumultuous spring with my PPD .  We have had so much fun together these past couple months!  We have really bonded as a family and I am forever grateful for that.

However, I am DETERMINED to have a super start to the school year!  I have a new teaching assignment this year:  Full time Spanish teacher at WPHS instead of English.  I switched classrooms and am starting completely fresh!  I also am teaching at GRCC again this fall.

So to kick off all this excitement?  Next Monday Sluiter Nation is bringing you FIVE great giveaways!

And because I know homecoming and lesson planning and just the whole back to schoolness of it all will suck up a TON of my time, taking me away from you all?  I have NINE guest bloggers lined up for the month of September!  They are my VERY FAVORITE bloggers of all time and I get to share them with you right here!  They will all be writing on the theme of school…so get ready!

Is your mind blown yet?  Good.

Stay tuned!