the least

I fear that I’m ordinary, just like everyone*

I excel at mediocrity.

I am incredibly average.

My life is extraordinarily ordinary.

To lie here and die among the sorrows

Most of my life I have been searching for my gift.

In my head?  I am a rock star, an actress, a best-selling writer.

In reality?  I am an average wife, a mediocre mom, an amateur writer.

Time heals but I’m forever broken

We’ve had joys, but others have enjoyed more.

We’ve had sorrows, but others have experienced worse.

At least you have Eddie.

At least you have your home.

At least Cort has a job now.

At least you have your summers off.

At least you have each other…your family.

At least your sorrows aren’t as great as others.

At least there are perks in your life.

At least you are…ordinary.  typical.


Really, Katie…you are so lucky.  Quit being so sad and frustrated.  Other people have it way worse than you.

At least you don’t have their problems.


My love story with Cort?  Is not ordinary.  And I have a post about it up at  Studio30 Plus .

Also up today?  Another giveaway on the sponsor page.  awesome?  yes.  yes, it is.


*lyrics from Muzzle by The Smashing Pumpkins