All Saints

For all the saints who’ve shown your love
In how they live and where they move,
For mindful women, caring men,
Accept our gratitude again.

For all the saints who love your name,
Whose faith increased the Savior’s fame,
Who sang your songs and shared your word,
Accept our gratitude, good Lord.

For all the saints who named your will,
And showed the kingdom coming still
Through selfless protest, prayer, and praise,
Accept the gratitude we raise.

Bless all whose will or name or love
Reflects the grace of heav’n above.
Though unacclaimed by earhly pow’rs,
Your life through theirs has hallowed ours.

Today two saints stand out to me as being normal, every day people, who God used for the extraordinary, though I doubt either of them ever knew the impact of their lives on the lives of others.

My Grandma Jo and my Father-in-Law Steve.

Their strong faith and selfless nature created something in me that was unable to NOT believe. Because of their unwavering faith until the end, my faith never quite died out…even when I tried to extinguish the flame out of anger and grief.

“The Lord will rescue his servants; no one who takes refuge in him will be condemned.”  ~Psalm 34:22

“‘and God will wipe away every tear from their eye’.” ~Revelation 7:17b