perfect 10

My dearest Alice Katherine,

You turned ten months old this past week.  Double digits. Two hands. Ten.

If you're not moving, it's because you are sleeping.

If you’re not moving, it’s because you are sleeping.

Over Christmas break you decided to start checking milestones off your to do list. You were just starting to crawl and pull up to your knees last month. Now you are pulling to standing next to pretty much anything. You cruise along the furniture and the other night you crawled on top of your brothers’ humidifier to peek into Eddie’s bed at him!

To most people, you are just doing your baby thing not too differently from your brothers. Daddy and I see the little differences though. For one, you crawl with your feet up in the air. It’s so funny! Your brothers wore holes in socks and slippers because their feet dragged behind them when they crawled. You put your little feet up and crawl this way and that with your little booty wiggling behind you.

It is getting near to impossible to get a non-blurry photo of you...unless you are sleeping.

It is getting near to impossible to get a non-blurry photo of you…unless you are sleeping.

You play differently than your brothers too. Most times, you can sit in the same spot for quite a while playing with what is around you. You don’t need anyone to sit next to you constantly (like Eddie did) and you don’t pick things apart (like Charlie did). In fact, you seem to know what toys are for and play with them accordingly. For instance, you will spend thirty minutes putting the shapes in and out of the shape cookie jar thing we have. Your brothers just threw them.

using cups to put things in. over and over and over.

using cups to put things in. over and over and over.

You are finally starting to warm up to eating some food rather than just bottles. Baby food is still just sometimes, but you will eat graham crackers and townhouse crackers, the occasional pretzel stick, bananas, and apple pieces. You even had a french fry last night and was a fan. You also like chicken, but scrunch your nose at ham and broccoli. Tonight I’m going to see how you feel about meatloaf.

all the sass

all the sass

You are the happiest, smiley-est baby in the entire world. You wake up happy. You go to bed happy. You chuckle at your brothers and your daddy. The only time I hear whining is if you are tired and want to be cuddled or you are hungry. I say this every month, I know, but it amazes me how joyful you are. Always.

I have gone through some yucky days in the past month, my love. And one of the only things that keeps me going is your scrunchy smile. You’ve also started waving, clapping, and giving kisses. You love to cuddle, but you are a mover too. You are all the most wonderful things a baby can be all wrapped up into one sweet Alice.

2016-01-08 22.05.25

While you’ve always been “chatty”–making lots of sounds all the time–lately when you are sad or looking for cuddles you will repeat “mum mum mum mum” and when you are happy and looking for someone to see you doing a new “trick” like clapping or an old one like “so big”, you repeat “da da da da”. It’s beginning to seem like you are starting to differentiate between “mum mum” and “da da” as people too.

You are very into grabbing noses and looking at me until I say, “nose”. You got a few babies for Christmas and there is one in particular you like to hug and give kisses to.

2016-01-07 18.06.36

This first year is going so quickly. In just two short months we will be celebrating your very first birthday. I wish I knew why babies had to grow so fast–I already miss your fuzzy little newborn head. But you know what? Watching your scrunchy nosed smile and your discovering new things every day is such a joy.

2015-12-29 13.05.46

We love you so much, Miss Alice Beans–or “Beansy Girl” as your brothers call you. You bring smiles and love and happiness to our family every day.

Rock on, sweetie pie. Rock on.

Mum mum mum

Eight is Great!

Dear Alice Beans,

Or Beansy, or Beanzer, or Beezy….you have lots of little nicknames–mostly because of your daddy. He likes to call you Beezy best lately.

2015-11-07 12.15.17

At bedtime one night this past week, I read a book to your brothers called “How a Daddy Says I Love You” and one of the ways was by making up silly names for you. The boys started listing all the silly names your daddy calls all three of you. There were so many! They decided that daddy  must love you all a LOT to make up so many, and they are right! He loves you all to the MOON.

Speaking of daddy, I will tell you a secret, sweet Alice, you have your daddy wrapped around your finger. One smile from you and he can’t help but hug and kiss you and promise you the world. I’ve even heard him say, “what’s that? you want a pony? Ok!”

2015-11-07 12.15.31

This past month you’ve made some pretty big growing up jumps, little lady! Not only are you a sitter, you are starting to MOVE. You haven’t figured out crawling yet, but you recently found that rolling can get you places. As can scooting backward. In fact, Thursday night I set you next to the couch, and when I turned around you had traveled all the way to the kitchen table!

2015-11-07 12.16.04

You have also gotten two more teeth! One on the bottom (for a total of 4 down there), and one is just starting to poke through the top too! While you still prefer the bottle to get your nourishment, we have been feeding you baby food too. Although last month, you would eat it pretty well, this month you have gotten ridiculously picky. You purse your little lips and look at us like “nope”. Well, except for squash. You devour that.

I’ve been cutting up your fruits to let you feed yourself. You like that with the bananas, but you get mad at the peaches and pears since they are slippery. Crackers are your best friends, which is not surprising since your mother is also a carb-lover.

2015-11-07 12.15.38

You’ve also been sleeping a LOT lately, which makes us believe you are getting ready to learn to do new things like crawling.  Eek! The best part of this, though, is that you have made it a nightly ritual to fall asleep while playing on the floor. It’s usually while one of us is putting your brothers to bed. Then you wake up and want a bottle around 10pm. Then you zonk out in our arms, which means we can put you in your crib and not hear from you again until morning.

I’ve started posting these every night on Instagram. It’s so dang cute!

2015-11-06 20.25.15

You also nap like a dream. Just today I was cuddling you and noticed that you were putting things by your nose. That is one of your sleepy cues, so I just laid you in your crib. You smiled and kicked, but I was able to walk away. That was over an hour ago and you have not made a peep!

Alice you are SO MUCH FUN at this age!

Your giggles boarder on ridiculous–they are very deep and man-like. You also get stars in your eyes when your brothers play with you. As far as you are concerned, they hung the moon and set the world to spinning.

Your tiny life is just so happy right now, and that makes me happy. Your little face makes my day wonderful, even when it’s really been sort of terrible. You are my sunshine, my dear daughter.

I love you so much,