Five Things

I was in band/colorguard in high school.

I didn’t play any sports. None. When I was a kid, my parents made me do T-ball and then one year of pitching machine until they finally agreed that I had no coordination–or motivation–to play sports. In 6th grade I started playing the trumpet. I didn’t love it or the instructor, but I did love band. I stuck with it through middle school because I wanted to march with the high school band. My freshman year of high school welcomed a new band director to the district who changed everything. I was in love with band, although I still didn’t love my trumpet. I found colorguard and became a full on band nerd.  I even almost tried out for my University’s colorguard, but realized at the last minute that I needed a job more than I needed to be in band and I didn’t have time for both.

I thought I wanted to be a lawyer when I was 16.

I can’t even tell you why I thought this other than I thought it would be cool to argue in a courtroom in front of people. I may enjoy the attention of a crowd. I quickly realized I didn’t have the stones to be in such a harsh profession. So I chose teaching instead. Yes, I see the ridiculousness of that last statement.

I’ve been to over 100 concerts.

I went to my first concert when I was 15 years old. My mom and dad (because they are delightfully naive) let me drive across the state with my boyfriend to see Aerosmith (because he has fun music and doesn’t swear!–according to my mom. HA!) at the Palace in Auburn Hills (near Detroit). The opening band was Collective Soul (remember them? Probably not). I was hooked. I’ve seen everyone from Tom Petty to Metallica, Dave Matthews to Type O Negative. Rock n Roll, yo.

I’ve never done drugs.

For some reason, people find this hard to believe. But it’s true! I’ve never smoked weed or taken anything mind altering. And I didn’t drink until college.

I’ve never been outside the US.

Well, I guess if you count the couple times I went over the boarder to Canada, I have been. I’ve never needed a passport for any travel. Considering I have a degree in Spanish and am certified to teach it, that is sad. I would LOVE to go to Mexico (or Spain or any Spanish-speaking country). I would love to go somewhere warm. I would love to see France, England, Germany, and all the other European countries from the literature I have taught. I would love to visit the Netherlands and see where my ancestors are from.


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Old School Like Old School

I have about half a zillion things I should be doing, BUT Elaine from The Miss Elaine-ous Life (click that and check out her new digs, yo.) has brought back Old School Blogging with her co-host Brittany from That’s Vandy. And it’s a good one all the way from 2008!  You remember those surveys, yes?
Yay!  Me too! So here is a bunch of useless information about me that you never cared to know:
Where is your cell phone?  Next to me on the arm of the chair. It’s almost never out of arm-reach except at night when it’s on the charger. I feel like maybe that is a bit of an addiction problem.
Your significant other?  That would be Cortney. He’s downstairs putting Eddie to bed. Actually, he’s probably asleep in Eddie’s bed by now.
Your hair?  We covered this yesterday. Although I also just got it cut and colored on Friday, including getting bangs, so I’m feeling pretty young and hip right now.
Your mother?  Is the best. We email each other every week. When we don’t, we worry about each other.
Your father?  Also the best. He’s deer hunting right now.
Your favorite thing?  Watching all three of my boys be happy. Their laughter cures so many ills.
Your dream last night?  I really don’t remember, although Saturday night I had a dream that our house’s floor plan was different. That was all sorts of awesome. Although I was trying to fit painting the bathroom in about 10 minutes before the floor guys showed up and Cort was yelling at me to just let it go.  Huh.
Your favorite drink?  My  newest obsession is hot green tea. I love it.
Your dream/goal?  To build the house we will grow old in.
The room you are in?  In my chair in the living room. Which means if I stretch my right arm out far enough I am in the kitchen, and if I lean back I’m in the dining area (yeah, not room…area).  Did I say I would like a new house someday?
Your fear?  Failure as a parent. Failure as a wife. Failure as a friend. Failure as a…pretty much any role I am to anyone. I don’t want to let people down. I am also afraid of drowning.  Actually death in general.
Where do you want to be in six years?  In my 40’s, done having babies, and in the process of building a house/moving (or done with it if things get really good in the next year or so).
Where were you last night?  My favorite place: home.
What are you not?  punctual, calm, good at social events
Muffins?  Of course.  Muffin Top? I’d rather not.
One of your wish list items? I think we’ve established I want a new house, so other than that I want a good book to read once the snow starts to blow around here.
Where you grew up?  Less than five miles from where I am typing this: Zeeland, Michigan. I’m a small-town girl by birth and by choice.
The last thing you did?  Put Charlie to bed. I like putting my boys to bed…both of them. It’s special for different reasons. When I put Charlie to bed he snuggle-kisses me before I lay him down, and then I get to listen to him laugh and play with his stuffies before he falls asleep. It’s sweetness.
What are you wearing? This seems like sort of a dirty question for some reason, but I’ll bite: I have on my jammies, my robe, and socks.
Your TV?  Gets way too much action, mostly from the kids. Our TiVo is over-run with kids shows.
Your pets?  Not anymore. We had a cat named Louis. He died two years ago at age seventeen and a half. Then we had a series of fish. Let’s just say they didn’t work out.  No more pets are on the horizon.
Your computer? Which one? Oh man that sounds bad. But when you’re married to a tech geek you tend to accidentally live in a computer lab/graveyard. Once I mentioned my printer at school died and that they weren’t providing them to us anymore. A printer materialized. We have a desk top, each have a lap top, we have an old lap top that Eddie uses for games, and I have a Chromebook from work. Plus my desk top at work, Cort’s tablet, and my Nook Color. And I am sure there are computer parts waiting to be Frankensteined somewhere.
Your life?  Boom.
Your mood?  Chronically tired, but happy.
Missing someone?  I miss my best friend, Tonya. I wish I had more time to go visit her.
Your car? 2007 Saturn Vue. And it’s red and shiny.
Something you are not wearing?  Since I’m ready for bed I’m not wearing make-up…or a bra.
Favorite store? Barnes & Noble
Your summer?  is gone with the wind…wait, that’s Tuesday.  Summer is always bittersweet. We try to do ALL THE FUN THINGS and end up being sad about being so busy. We are homebodies, and we wish for more carefree time in our summers.
Like someone?  Does this mean DO I like someone or AM I like someone? I like lots of people. I’m just like Eddie. Or rather, he is just like me.
Your favorite color?  orange
When was the last time you laughed?  Just now when Cortney came upstairs. Not much time passes when we are in the same room and laughter doesn’t happen.
Last time you cried?  This morning I got all sniffly watching the Today Show’s coverage of the damage and destruction of Sunday’s storms.
What is one thing on your to-do list?  Grading and Planning. Those things are perpetually on my To Do List until June.

Your turn! Just copy and past this survey into a new blog post and fill in your own answers…and don’t forget to link up over at Elaine’s!