8 months gone by

Dear Charlie Bird,

8months ago I walked into the OR to have you removed from my tummy parts.  Since your arrival was planned, you never had the chance to “drop” like your brother did, so you were lodged high in my rib cage.  In fact, there was much use of…leverage…to de-wedge you.

I cuddled you and swooned all over you all day…and for the next six months.

In the past couple months, we have spent most of our time apart.

I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy.

You are developing a sense of independence…and a strong attachment to your daddy.

I’m proud, but my heart gets sad that I miss so much of your day and then you would rather laugh and play with daddy than cuddle with me.

In fact, your days of cuddling seem to be gone.

You and I were inseparable in your infant stage, but now–when you are ready to sleep–you want to be put in bed rather than roll into me and slow your breathing until your asleep.

It’s easy…but it’s sad too.

It’s getting harder and harder to get a clear picture of you since you are constantly moving.  Although you are not crawling yet.

You have discovered that rolling will get you anywhere you need to be, and that you can move your body around in circles with your arms when you are on your tummy.  You have no used for being on your knees.  In fact, if we put you there, you just launch yourself forward and back onto your belly.

Looking back, I see that Eddie wasn’t full on crawling until just a couple days before 8 months, and daddy thinks you will just get up and do it at any minute.  I really hope it’s at home with us and not at daycare.  But if it is, it is.

You have mad upper body strength though.  Your grabbing skills are second to none.  Really, I don’t remember Eddie grabbing stuff like this.  You are crazy about snatching things and PULLING.  I think if you grabbed the couch and pulled?  You could move it across the room.  That is how strong you are.  Many times you have grabbed my pant leg and pulled so hard I thought I would tumble!

You are hilarious.  There are no two ways around it.

When daddy is around you flap your arms and start doing this little growling thing since daddy always buries his face in your neck and growls at you.

Your laugh is…it’s just so you.  Sometimes you have a breathy sort of giggle like when Eddie is dancing around or when you see me first thing in the morning over daddy’s shoulder.

Other times your laugh comes from deep in your belly.  Like when you are being tickled or bounced around.  You LOVED to be bounced and flown through the air…you just love rough-housing!

You have been clapping for awhile now…especially when we say “YAY!” to you.  And just this week you re-discovered looking at your hands.  You get very intent and you start to practice opening and closing them.  You even wave your arm sometimes.  Soon you will be waving hi and bye, I think.

Some days…ok most days…I can’t believe you ever got the nickname Bird because you were tiny.

You are so not tiny.

You have put on weight like a trooper, big guy.  You are mowing down puffs and sucking on banana and melon in your nubby.  You suck down a couple tubs of baby food a day along with a bit of cereal.  And just for good measure you are still packing away about 28 or so ounces of formula a day.  You are comfortably fitting in 9 month clothes.  In fact, we just switched out all the remaining 6 month clothes.

It’s a weird thing to put away items that I am not sure will ever see another Sluiter Boy.  In fact, I try very hard not to think about that.

Currently you have five teeth (one on top, three on the bottom) through, but two more (one more top and one more bottom) are definitely working their way out.

You are pretty good about all this teething.  We keep your amber necklace on and other than a little fussing at night, we don’t get much crabbing out of you on the subject…although you do get a little fever,  less of an appetite, and a touch of the butt rash when a new one is about to break through.

My favorite thing about this phase is that you lunge for us.  When you want to be held, you will put your arms out and rock back and forth as if you just can’t stand to sit alone anymore.

And while you don’t need me to cuddle you in my arms in order for you to fall asleep, you definitely know that being in mommy or daddy’s arms when you are tired, hungry, or just sad is WAY better than being on the floor or in your saucer by yourself.

When you are tired, you put our hands up and bury your face in our chests.  You don’t want a cuddle, but to be fed and put down.  But you convey that with a quick cuddle and an eye rub or ear tug.

As much time as we spend apart now, I can still read your signs like a book.

You seem to be hanging on to your “baby” longer than Eddie did.  And I am totally Ok with that.

But I hope you know I will be your front-row biggest fan for every single milestone you achieve too.

I love you, my sweet Birdie Bird.


Ps. I didn’t forget the compare shot of you at 8 months with your brother at 8 months.  So much the same…yet so much different.  Which really means you are both exactly perfect.