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Ah, the first day of June…and it’s a Recruit day!  Don’t know what a Sluiter Nation Recruit is?  Check it out!

Today I give you Liz of A Belle, A Bean, and a Chicago Dog.

Liz has always been a blogger that I have looked up to.  Not only does she have an awesome blog about her cute little family (two girls, a small husband, and her dog), but she always has awesome side projects too.

Her current endeavor, Eli Rose Social Media, which she shares with her Blogging Partner in Crime, KLZ, is one of my favorite sites.  I have learned a TON about blogging and social media since they started it.

But Liz is also famous for creating the Chicago Hot Dog Award (which I strive to be awarded some day), and for spear-heading Bloggy Boycott Day (which I think I am still giving the side-eye to O_o)

Anyway…I am clearly honored that I could tempt her teeny self over to be Recruited for Sluiter Nation.


When I was little, I thought teachers were just that – teachers. As in, they didn’t have first names or husbands or kids or normal lives they went home to.

Weird, right?

You know what’s even weirder? The fact that my mom was a teacher, so I really should have known better.

Now to be fair to me, she did stay home with us until I was about 10, so that definitely affected my viewpoint on the whole situation.

My mom has told me many times how her years teaching, leading up to my grand entrance into this world, greatly affected her baby name choices. And she’s not the only teacher I know who admits to that same fact.

It’s a little known secret that hellion students can traumatize a teacher so deeply that they could never, ever give their own kids that same name.

And I can see that. If a name conjured up unpleasant thoughts in my head, I certainly wouldn’t want to give that name to my baby.

But what about the effects of being a teacher well beyond the Having Baby years? What about when a teacher’s kids are in high school and dating? THEN what is it like to be a teacher and in the same building as your kids?

My mom was an elementary school teacher, so her job hazards were limited to the front end of the school years. Truthfully, I don’t know that I could have dated someone if my mom taught in my school.

But apparently I was tough enough to date a guy who’s dad taught in the same school.

And who turned out to be my Honors Advanced Algebra teacher.

You know how you would have some tests that you went into thinking, “I really didn’t study like I needed to. I so hope I don’t bomb it.”

Believe me when I tell you that the pressure to excel on quizzes and exams increases tenfold when you have your boyfriend’s dad as your teacher.

As did the awkwardness of visiting his home on nights and weekends.

At least the break-up was smooth sailing for me.

His son decided to make out with a so-not-cute, super pushy chick, which ended our high school romance.

Did you ever date one of your teachers’ kids? Are you a teacher who had a hard time with naming your kids due to problem students you previously had? Are you a high school teacher like Katie, and dreading when your son or daughter is old enough to date?


Liz is the bee’s knees, people.

Since being recruited?  She may be Sluiter Nation’s secret weapon.  No one ever expects the tiny, cute one with glasses.


You want more Liz, yes?  You can follow her on twitter, and of course read her blogs here and here.

She writes a lovely, but heartbreaking account of her last months with her maternal grandmother in Through a Screen Door.

She quickly became someone I looked to for blogging advice and ideas after she penned Why It’s Ok To be a “Bad” Blogger.

And her post about deciding to have a second chile, Why Grandma Knows Best, brings tears to my eyes.


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