The nude Bird and other Charlie facts

This picture says it all, Charlie.  You are four months old today and you like your sleep.

A boy after my own heart.

You are sleeping about 11 hours per night.  During the day you like to catch 30-45 minute naps here and there, but you generally take one big 2+ hour nap at some point (usually mid-morning as of late).

You are eating 30+ ounces of formula a day, so it’s no wonder you are so sleepy!  You always have a full tummy!

My favorite time of day with you is morning.  You wake up so dang happy…even though it’s been 11+ hours since you last ate, your diaper is full to the brim, and you have scooted yourself all the way down your sleep positioner.  It doesn’t matter.

When we hear that first shout of yours through the monitor, Eddie is off and running down the hall to greet you, “MOM!  My brofer is awake!  I hear Baby Cha-ee! C’mon!  Let’s go get he!”

And as Eddie and I peer over the edge of your crib? You give us the biggest grin ever.  So happy to see your family.

Remember when you were on the inside and I told everyone it felt like you were training for the Summer Olympics?


It’s hard to get a good photo of you these days.  There is always something blurred because you? LOVE TO MOVE!

Not only have you zeroed in on your hands?  But you are getting quite good with getting those mits to land where you want them.  On toys, your pipey, blankies (specifically your taggie blankies), and as of the last couple days…my face.

Today you grabbed my lips so tightly I thought perhaps you would rip them from my face.

Then you smiled.  BIG.

You are a sly one, son.

You also found your feet.

As in last week?  You had no idea they were down there.  Today?  You held on to them and laughed at them for an hour.

It’s the little things, isn’t it?

And when I pretend to eat your feet?  You fall apart with giggles.

Your giggles are the best.  I wish I could make you laugh as hard as daddy makes you.  He is so good at it.  He had your big brother giggling first too.  Must be a daddy trick.

We are slowly starting to put the infant items away:  the head piece for your bounce seat, all your 0-3 month clothes (and even some of your 3 month clothes), the baby sling for the baby tub.  And we have gotten out things like the bumbo seat and the baby toys.  You are wearing 6 month jammies and some onsies.

You love to play.  You love to do things yourself.

Even at bottle time, you try to hold it with me.

Growing and changing.


You love your brother.

I have to write that because someday you two will fight.  You’re brothers.  It’s what you do.  You’ll go through some serious “get the eff away from me and stop touching my stuff and MOM HE FLICKED MY LEG and…” anyway, some day the sibling thing will not be so cute.

But right now it is.

You light up when Eddie is around.

And he lives to make you smile.

Whenever you are showing off by “standing” or “sitting” or grabbing something, you look to him.  Is he watching? Is he seeing what you can do?

And most of the time, he sure is watching.  And announcing, “YOOK, MOM!  Cha-wee is sitting der! in he seat!”

Your gummy smile just gets bigger when your brother is around.

By the way, you love to be naked.

I know, I know…all boys (ok KIDS) do.  But you delight in it SO much I laugh EVERY TIME (by the way, in that picture up there?  You were laughing into the changing pad).

And you have already peed more on the wall next to your changing table in four months than Eddie did in the two YEARS he used it.  If I didn’t already call you my Charlie Bird, I think you would be nicknamed Free Willy.

Speaking of being my Bird, everyone says that you and Eddie are like carbon copies of each other, and when I look at pics of you two at the same age, I have to agree it looks like the same baby.

I know.  The only difference is that you have hair and Eddie was very much bald.

But daddy and I were talking about how unless pictures like this are in front of us?  You remind us NOTHING of Eddie at this age.  We don’t see it at all.

He was rolly and jolly and SO EXCITED ABOUT EVERYTHING!

He was (and is) my Eddie Bear.

You have finer features.  Ok, you have bird legs.  Sorry, but it’s true.  They are your dad’s legs.  You are my Charlie Bird.  You are funny too, but it such a different way.

You’re so…calm.

While Eddie was a mover and a shaker and always the center of attention, you like to sit and watch.  Oh, you like people to pay attention to you, but it’s not the same.

Eddie is a performer.  You are an observer.

Eddie is just like me.  You are exactly like your daddy.

So often you are watching me or your brother with a smirk and a twinkle in your eye.

Just like your dad does.But when you are tired and crabby and just need a cuddle and some love?

Your first choice is always me.

I love you, my Bird.


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