Chicken Coops and Other Homes

I haven’t moved much in my life, but I can boast that I lived in a chicken coop…well, actually two.

If you hop over to my friend, Laura’s, you can see what I am talking about.

She has a lovely series right now called Writing Home since she is in the middle of a move, and I am honored that she chose me to be a guest writer.

Please follow me to her place, Mommy Miracles, for my post Chicken Coops and Other Homes.


Tripping Alone

We don’t travel much.

That is not to say we don’t go places and do fun things, but we stick pretty close to home taking mostly road trip vacations.  I think the farthest we have ever driven was out to Montana, and that was before having kids because I was in a wedding.

I have only been on an airplane three times in my life. The last time was two years ago, and I was alone.

I know tons of people travel alone all the time. In fact, lots of people I know travel alone all the time for business.  They go to conferences, work sites, meetings, trainings, workshops, and the list goes on.

Most people don’t think twice about booking the flights, the hotel, and the rental car.  They have a packing routine that is either very precise or totally last minute.  They know what to expect in airports and how to order room service.

I am not one of those people.

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The Mommy Survival Kit

Spring break starts this afternoon for me, and next week for my boys.  That means that I will putting on my Stay at Home Mom Pants to be home with the two of them for a week.

Every time we have break from school, I am reminded how much work it is to be a Stay at Home Mom.  There is a good reason why it is not my official “job”…it’s too hard!  But there are somethings that help me survive (besides the cuddles and kisses that my boys give me), so I compiled a list…

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my words

I have been so blessed with this little gift for the written word, and more than that, I have BEEN blessed by my gift with the written word.

I don’t always get it right. I don’t always say it just how it was wanting to come out of my head.  But I get it right enough.

This week I’ve had wonderful things going on.

I wrote a post about a book I liked.

I have a giveaway to CafePress going on (a site I LOVE!)

I was syndicated on BlogHer.

I wrote a letter to Marissa Mayer.

And this other little letter I wrote grew legs and ran across the internet.

But the big thing…the thing that made my tummy do flip flops and my feet tingle…the thing that made me send an ALL CAPS EMAIL to Cortney was this:  I got news this week that some of my words {and my picture!} will be included in the May 2013 copy of Baby Talk Magazine.

My first time in actual print.

So if you find yourself in a Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby or really any baby-related store in May, they will probably have some copies of Baby Talk on hand and if you want you can flip through and find me.



Good things.  Happy things.

No wonder I am so darn tired.

How about you? Tell me something good in YOUR life.

It’s about fear

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have been on a bit of a spiritual journey lately.

I’ve been writing some posts with some Bible verses.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen my daily journal shot from my #SheReadsTruth devotional.

I feel like I am coming full-circle with my faith, but personally this time…and not just what I was told as a kid.

Today the #SheReadsTruth blog has given me the very humbling opportunity to share one of my testimonies of how God has been working in my life.

I’d be honored if you would come read.

It’s about fear.

accepting the unacceptable

My name is Katie and after my first child I suffered from Postpartum Depression.

and anxiety.

and OCD.

and post traumatic stress disorder.

But I got pregnant again anyway.

I would like to say I am a “success” story and none of these “issues” showed their stupid faces again.

But that would not be true.

I suffered again.

I still suffer.

My friend, Diana, the beautiful heart and soul of Hormonal Imbalances, asked me to talk about what it’s like admitting to PPD…again.

So I am over at her place while she is on a Disney cruise with her daughter. A very VERY deserved vacation for her.

So right? I am totally the Debbie Downer talking about depression while she is having fun.

It’s ok, she asked me to do it.

She is no stranger to “tough” times and her faith and good heart have been an immense inspiration and comfort to me in my own times of trial.

So won’t you please join me over there today while I spill my hatred and embarrassment and fears about going through postpartum depression all again (or maybe it never went away)?


See you over there.

Quick Share

Other places you can find my writing from this week…

On Borderless News and Views, I wrote about how my being a teacher has nothing to do with politics: Politics Aside: I am a Teacher.

I also wrote about how I am proud to be a member of the teachers union and I tried to dispel some misconceptions about the need for unions: Union Proud.


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Look! Over There!

If you look to the East of the USA and squint really hard and listen with all your might you will hear this sound:


And if you close your eyes and really quiet yourself, you might be able to actually FEEL the hug of a bazillion women all at once.


BlogHer12 is happening right now in NYC.

And one of my favorite people, Emily of DesignHer Momma, is there.

Two years ago when she went to #BlogHer10, she asked me to fill in for her over at her blog and talk about what twitter has done for me.

Last year, she stayed home and I went.

This year, I am home again and she is there.

I swear to Sparklecorn we WILL get to a conference together.

But meanwhile, she has asked me to keep an eye on her place again this year and tell you what I learned last year as a newb.

So BYOB and come on over and meet me at her place today.

so you’re going to BlogHer…or not.

I went to this big blogging conference last year–you  may have heard of it?  It’s called BlogHer and it’s kind of a big deal.

Anywho, I went while I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with Charlie. I flew across the country, by myself, while popping zofran and tums like candy, on lots of medication to help me feel ok.

I still barfed during sessions.  I still needed to go back to my room every afternoon for a pregnant nap.  I still left all the parties by 11pm so I wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin could get some sleep for me and Charlie.

And I came back with a wicked case of antenatal depression.


I really did.  I met some of the most fantastic women; I solidified friendships; I hugged one of my best friends for the first time; and I was recognized by someone whom I was pretty sure had no idea I existed. Plus? San Diego is gorgeous.


I am not going this year.  Lots of reasons.  Not the point of this post.

I will be going next year.  I’ve already decided (please, BlogHer Goddesses, let it be more centrally located in the country for this midwestern bumpkin).

When I do go again, these are the things I think I will do differently…

>>>I will NOT stress out about what to wear.  Seriously.  Last year I think I wrote three posts panicking about clothes.  CLOTHES.  My BlogHer vet friends told me not to worry.  They told me over and over.  I worried.  Needlessly.  Most of the stuff I painstakingly picked out?  I never wore.  At the time I blamed pregnancy, but let’s be honest.  That is not how I roll in real life.  I put something on in the morning and willmaybe change up part of it to go out at night.  Not do a complete overhaul.  Also? NO ONE CARES.

>>>I will NOT bring 87 pairs of shoes.  I wore two.  TWO pairs.  flip-flops by day and ONE of the nights I wore a cute pair of red mary jane pumps I had.  Again, I was pregnant.  But I wasn’t THAT pregnant.  I’m a teacher.  I am used to being on my feet, but I also wear comfy shoes.

>>>I will NOT try to do ALL THE THINGS.  It’s not possible.  Well, maybe it is, but you go home with jet lag and antenatal depression and no desire to blog ever again.  I tried to go to sessions and speakers and the expo and all the parties I could possibly attend.  Man, I want to go to bed just reading that.  Next time I will maybe go to some sessions.  Or maybe I will just get an expo pass.  Or maybe even just a party pass.  Quality over quantity is a true statement.

>>>I will NOT care about parties.  I really didn’t care last year, but I rsvp-ed and went to them all because the crowd I was with went to them all.  I ended up underwhelmed at most of them.  I am sure part of it was my lack of drinking, but I am not a HUGE drinker, so I can’t really blame that.  I just think some of it is over-hyped.  Like prom.  Remember how you wait your whole life for prom and then you go…”meh. I guess it was fun.”  Yeah. That.  Don’t get me wrong, a few of the parties were off-the-chain-ALL CAPS-awesome, but that was mostly due to WHO was there, not WHAT was there.

>>>I will NOT worry about my impression.  I know last year there were people who were let down after meeting me.  But they didn’t know I had maybe just barfed, or just woken up from a nap, or was on my way to a nap, or was on a mission for water, or was amazed they knew me, or was still shell-shocked by the sheer number of people I knew, but didn’t know…but KNEW!  I know I came off as aloof, snobby, whatever to some people.  I am bad at showing emotion.  It’s why I talk to people IN MY COMPUTER.

>>>I will NOT just stare at someone I love, but go talk to them.  I wish I had gone up and said hi to so many people who I saw from afar.  So silly to not do it.

>>> I will NOT be a swaghole. Of all the free stuff I was giving/took, I left about 30% of it behind.  Of the stuff that came home with me (smashed in its own suitcase that I had to check/pay for), I probably only kept/used 10%. I gave another 10% of it away as gifts, and I chucked or donated the other 80%. I’m  a language teacher, and even I know that I played that game wrong.  No one needs 43573987 tubes of lip balm.

>>> I WILL make time to just sit and chat.  The best…and I mean HANDS DOWN THE BEST part of going to BlogHer was meeting IN REAL LIFE people I have been pouring my soul to in this space, whom I have been whining and venting to on twitter, whose words I read faithfully over my cup of coffee in the morning or my glass of wine in the evening.

Did you make it this far down my list?  You did?  AWESOME.

Want more tips?  I’m over at Daddy Runs A Lot today (the fool let me roam his place alone…unsupervised…oh the amok I will run…) giving him some tips too because he is going to BlogHer!

I figured that poor soul has visions of hot moms having pillow fights in his head and what he is in for is very, very…NOT THAT.

So follow me to his place for a big party…I mean…tips for Dad Bloggers at a Mom Blogger conference.  Weee!


Also, don’t forget that I am doing a super awesomely rad giveaway with Papersalt over here.

falling down

As  little kid, my dad was the one who taught me how to do a lot of things:  ride my bike, change a car tire, fish.

He also taught me to ice skate.

I remember being out on our frozen pond, bundled up in my winter coat and snow pants with my scarf covering my entire mouth so that when I talked…or breathed…it became moist and warm.

My dad had helped me lace up my mom’s old skates, took my mittened hand, and pulled me out to the open ice.

I don’t remember much of the logistics of the lesson, but I do remember falling down.

A lot.

Finally I got frustrated and whined that I was no good at skating and I didn’t want to do it anymore.

My dad pulled me up and said, “but every time you fall, you are learning. just think of how much more you know now than you did when we started.”

I gave him the hairy eyeball, assuming he meant I knew a lot more now because I had fallen so many zillions of times.

“No, really,” he continued. “Every time you fall, you learn what not to do next time.  Or at least you should.”

This lesson comes back to me every single time I “fall” in life.

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