I Guess This is a Dog Blog now

I am not a dog person.

I have said many, many, MANY times: I DO NOT WANT TO BE A DOG OWNER.

The only dogs I ever had as a kid were 1) a mutt named Pepper who was crazy weird who my parents got before I was even a twinkle in my mom’s eye. The dog was old and they hired a hitman to take her out while we were on vacation when I was little. She barked and was crazy. and 2) my dad had a beagle dog named Belle, but she lived 100% outside in a dog house/pen situation. He breeder her once and we kept one of the puppies and named him Bo. Bo and Belle both lived outside. I had nothing to do with those dogs.

Cortney has had dogs around him all his life growing up. He has loved dogs as long as I’ve known him. When we were newlyweds, we considered never having kids. Cortney thought it would be great to have dogs. I gave this extreme side-eye because I do not love dogs.

In fact, I was 100% afraid of dogs when I was a kids. Belle and Bo were outside dogs who my dad and brothers mostly cared for. I did as little with those stink-bombs as possible. My aunt had a Doberman who stayed at my grandma’s house a lot (I think maybe my aunt was also living there at the time, but honestly, I was a little kid who didn’t keep track of these things). My cousin, who loved to tell me tall tales because I always believed her, told me that Doberman’s were killing machines. They actually were born with the instinct to kill people.

So, you know, I was traumatized.

The adults in my life didn’t understand why I would cry and freak out if I was left alone with Dexter (the Doberman). But I was terrified. It didn’t help that he ripped up my grandma’s carpet and left drool all over her shag carpeting and couches. I figured if I looked at him wrong, he would bite my face off.

Eventually, my cousin and her family would get a dog. Jake was a golden retriever who loved people. I was still afraid because he had teeth and claws and I figured if I did something wrong he would kill me.

This couldn’t have been farther from the truth. Jake was probably the nicest dog in the universe, but I was sure dogs were killers and I was wary of him.

I was just not a dog person.

And then I married a dog person.

I put it off as long as I could. And honestly, I probably could have put this dog thing off indefinitely if it wasn’t for Charlie.

The kids ALL wanted a pet. Eddie and Alice really were gunning for a cat–which you all know I totally could get on board with. Cortney was the one who was like, “No. No more cats in this house. Maybe in our next house.”

They all wanted a pet really badly. Eddie wrote many elementary school persuasive papers on the topic. But it wasn’t until Charlie wrote his 3rd grade persuasive essay that my icy attitude toward ever getting a dog started to thaw.

He was so SO proud of his paper, and to be 100% honest–it was maybe one of the only assignments he actually completely start to finish in 3rd grade. He even got his special education teacher to type and print it for him when he finished writing it.

He gave all the typical reasons: I will take care of it; it will teach me responsibility, etc. But then he wrote a paragraph about how he read that dogs help “kids like me stay calm” and I melted. He knew he needed a dog to listen to him and be there for him and love him no matter what. He read about how kids “like him” benefit from having a pet.

And that is when I said, “yes” to the dog.

We were thinking summer of 2022, but then friends of ours put us in touch with an English and French Bulldog breeder who was expecting a litter of English bulldogs early in December. Cortney’s dream dog was an English bulldog ever since he saw the bulldog on Looney Tunes when he was a kid. I gave the thumb’s up to reserve one of the little females from the litter.

Fast-forward to last weekend (January 29), and we are now the owners of a 9-week (as of Sunday, Feb 6) old English bulldog we have named Ruby SoHo.

We have been house shopping because our family has outgrown our 3-bedroom bi-level and we haven’t found anything yet. So you know, let’s add another living thing to this already crowded house! We are all learning how to teach her to play without biting, go potty and poopy outside (potty is going well; poopy not so much), and sleep in a crate when we are not home.

I initially said I would do what was minimally required of me, but of course…I have also fallen in love with this little goober.

I can’t stop shopping for her, and I keep reading up on English bulldogs and how to care for them and keep them healthy and happy. And despite my dislike of almost every dog on the planet, I let her lick me and cuddle up to me, and I have picked up her poop and cleaned up her pee and still maintained a love for her.


Anyway, owning a puppy is ridiculous and this is not something we should have taken on in the middle of wanting to find a new house and with all the stress of life…but here we are!

Ruby SoHo Sluiter

Maybe I will write more now that I have something to blog about…the antics of owning a dog!

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