Crossing Over

In February, Eddie had a major milestone: He crossed over from cub scouts!

Eddie asked to join cub scouts just before 1st grade. I remember because we had an outdoor church service that Sunday. A member of our church who happened to be the cub scout cub master at the time, stood up and talked about scouting a little (our church is the charter organization for the cub scout pack and the boy scout troop that Eddie became a part of). He mentioned the Pinewood Derby and had sample cars along.

Eddie was in. He begged to join.

So that fall we signed him up as a Tiger scout.

I took him to his first meeting and I remember thinking, “oh boy. Those kids have so much energy,” and “no way will Eddie stick with this.”

But stick with it he did!

In 2nd grade he became a wolf.

In third grade he became a bear.

In fourth grade it was a Webelos

This year he was an Arrow of Light working toward completing his time in cub scouts. The idea is that once you have completed your arrow of light, you can “cross over” to boy scouts.

Eddie has chosen not to move on to Boy Scouts for a few reasons, but the big one is that he admits that he is not super self-motivated and to achieve ranks and advancements in boy scouts, it’s pretty self-directed.

I am so proud of how he has stuck with scouts all through elementary school though. Most of the work he did outside of den and pack meetings was done with my dad.

He earned a bunch of outdoor things over the years with Grandpa including fishing and canoeing badges and some other environmental things.

He also created and raced every one of his pinewood derby cars with grandpa.

Together they took home a trophy all five years!

Cortney and I definitely had our doubts about whether Ed would stick with it. And I admit there are some things about BSA that clash with my own ideologies, but the pack that our church sponsors was welcoming and inclusive and ended up being an extremely positive place for Eddie.

We are all super proud of you, Eddie!!

Next year is 6th grade and new adventures.

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