Year in Review

I still can’t add photos, so a bunch of words it is!

(Cortney has told me he is working on this though, so hopefully in 2020 we will have a fully functioning space here again).

Because I’ve been lame about getting over here and updating things, I thought I would write out a quick month-by-month review of 2019.


  • Cortney had jury duty. He didn’t mind it.
  • I finished radiation.
  • I started on tamoxifen to block estrogen to try to avoid a repeat of breast cancer. I get to take this for 10 years. Almost one down!
  • Eddie started basketball.
  • Charlie’s behavior at school required multiple meetings.
  • Cortney bowled in the State Bowling Tournament (he’s a bowler, did I ever mention that? Like a good one. With 300s and stuff)
  • I started my 3rd PhD class.


  • We had a Sluiter family reunion.
  • Ed finished his basketball season by earning the Most Improved Player award.
  • I met with a neuropsycologist about possibly having Charlie tested.
  • I had my port removed–no more treatment foreseen!
  • Eddie participated in the Pinewood Derby with Cub Scouts
  • Cortney bowled in the City Bowling Tournament


  • Alice turned four!
  • Charlie turned seven!
  • Eddie did a Saturday class called Theater Games.
  • I turned 41!
  • I had a mammogram that came back clean.
  • We saw Book of Mormon with friends for my birthday.
  • I saw Laurie Halse Anderson do an interview, reading, and book signing for Shout.
  • We continued to have meetings with school regarding Charlie.


  • Spring break!
  • Bowling is done!
  • Charlie went through testing for a variety of neuro-issues as well as mental health issues. The results came back later in the month letting us know he was on the autism spectrum by a fuzz and that he has pretty severe anxiety.
  • Swimming lessons started for all kids
  • Baseball started for Charlie.
  • Charlie’s testing at school wraps up and he gets and official IEP.


  • We go to the Tulip Time parade and eat a bunch of junk food.
  • Swimming Lessons wrap up.
  • I get a thumb’s up from my surgeon for all my great healing.
  • Mother’s Day was celebrated.
  • Memorial Day was celebrated.
  • My grandma died.
  • I finished the 2018/19 school year.


  • The boys finished up 1st and 4th grades.
  • My mom and I took Alice to Princess Day at the Zoo.
  • Baseball finished up.
  • Eddie advanced in cub scouts to his final year.
  • My nephew, Harry, was baptized.
  • We took the boys to a Whitecaps Baseball game (local minor league team)
  • Cortney and I celebrated 14 years of marriage.
  • Alice had two weeks of gymnastics.
  • Eddie turned 10!
  • The kids help me move from my classroom across the hall to a new, bigger classroom.


  • We celebrated the 4th of July
  • We swam in pools with friends.
  • I went to Nerd Camp.
  • The kids do more swimming lessons.
  • We saw friends from far away.
  • I made lots of homemade ice cream.
  • We played on the beach with cousins.
  • The kids all spent a night at “Granny Camp” with Cortney’s mom and stepdad.
  • We went to the cottage with my parents.


  • I get two thumbs up from my oncologist.
  • I start year 17 of teaching in my district.
  • Eddie starts 5th grade.
  • Charlie starts 2nd grade.
  • We go to preschool openhouse for Alice.
  • We take the kids to Chicago for Labor Day weekend and go to the Lincoln Park zoo.


  • Alice starts preschool.
  • I start my 4th PhD class.
  • Charlie starts soccer.
  • We start the month with a pool party with friends and end it with a fun family night with same friends.
  • There are scouts and soccer and bowling and grad class and ALL THE THINGS.


  • All of the things continue and we are super busy.
  • Charlie’s great start to the school year starts to crumble.
  • Soccer wraps up.
  • Eddie goes to Scout survival camp…and survives.
  • Alice does more gymnastics.
  • Cortney and I get to help our friends warm their new home.
  • Halloween is a mess.


  • 75% of our nieces and nephews have birthdays.
  • We warmed another friend’s new house and celebrate her strength.
  • Eddie did basketball camp.
  • Charlie did a pitching clinic.
  • I went to the NCTE and ALAN conferences
  • Charlie’s mental health plummetted.
  • Cortney’s uncle died.


  • Basketball camp wrapped up.
  • My grad class ended.
  • First semester of the 2019-20 school year wrapped up.
  • Charlie started medication.
  • Cortney turned 41!
  • The kids participated in the annual Children’s Advent Service at church: Eddie as a reader, Charlie carried the star, and Alice was an angel.
  • Alice and I participated in the 3rd annual Granny’s Girls Bake-a-thon with my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, and my nieces.
  • Cortney’s best friend was in town from Denver.
  • Christmas!

and tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.

Somehow typed out like that, it doesn’t seem as traumatic as it was. But man. We had some emotional poop this year in the middle of all that.

But look at all the fun we had too.

Here’s to more fun and less emotional stress in 2020.

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