The Back to School Post

School started a month ago, and I’m just getting around to writing about it, which should be all I have to say about that.

Four out of the five us are now in school. It’s as crazy as it seems when you throw in two full-time jobs, cub scouts, soccer, and a bowling league.

Eddie started 5th grade this year and I have feelings about it and it’s proven to be emotionally hard, but super fun at the same time.

He got the teacher he wanted–the one who is funny and outdoorsy and has done ALL. THE. EXCITING. THINGS. IN. LIFE. I love that he started his elementary years with a funny, great guy for his Kindergarten teacher and is ending them with a funny, great guy for 5th.

This doofus loves that their class will get to have a real sturgeon to take care of this year!

This year is off to a great start academically for Eddie, but dang if 10 isn’t the age of HORMONES SURGING because EVERYTHING is a big deal and OMG we are always making his life AWFUL.

But then the next minute he is arranging his sister’s breakfast in the shape of a heart for her.

I don’t know, but I do know he is almost as tall as me and his feet are bigger than mine.

Charlie started 2nd grade. I think I have been holding my breath for 4 weeks. My therapist told me this week to go ahead and exhale and live in this new normal of Charlie LOVING SCHOOL.

New Year,
New Bird

His teacher is the most perfect match. Eddie had her too, and she was great then, but she is made for Charlie. She is quite motherly and doting and she has the most even-keeled personality. It’s exactly what our little firecracker needs–calm encouragement.

He has come home and done his homework with no complaints, he is proud of how much his good choices are being recognized at school, and most importantly he feels happy and competent to do the school work.

His favorite parts of school remain recess, PE, and math, but this year he also gets to see his Grandma since she volunteers on Wednesdays. She may even slip him a Werther’s candy when she sees him. Allegedly.

My baby Alice started PRESCHOOL this year. Like Eddie I have feelings and excitement and whew. This year is brutal on my mom heart so far.

She was so ready it wasn’t even funny. Ok, it was a little funny.

We already knew we loved Alice’s teacher because she is the same teacher Charlie had and I graduated from high school with her. Alice was so excited to be a school kid. Backpack! Lunch box! Water bottle! YAY!

When Alice is super tired, she babbles non-stop. Every bedtime since school started has been a chat-fest. She has to tell me ALL THE THINGS about who did what and what songs and skipping and drawing and games and ALL THE THINGS that happened.

She still goes to her in-home daycare two days a week, which is good. She needs that “rest” and to see the friends she has grown up with. But dang if this girl isn’t ready to conquer the world! Makes me so proud while wondering where that little floor sleeping baby went.

Of course, I’m back to school too. As my job, yes, but my fall semester grad class started too. I’m taking Teaching Multi-cultural Literature this semester and it has a focus that is a bit sci-fi. If something was going to challenge me, this is it. Sci-fi is not my genre of choice, so reading Afro-futurism that past few weeks as been interesting.

I feel like with all the things going on, maybe we are hanging on by a fairly thin thread. I look around for ways we can “relax” our schedule, but there is nothing. We are all doing school/our jobs and we all have an extra thing too: scouts, soccer, grad class, bowing, and soon gymnastics for Alice.

This is just the chapter of life we are in: The Madness of School Kids

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